[SD] Taping Results from Tuesday Night (Spoilers)


Smackdown spoilers for tomorrow’s show, according to Justin Hedrick:

The arena was packed. If not sold out, then very close to it. I didn’t see any empty seats. I didn’t catch any of the dark matches so here we go.

The show opened with Teddy Long announcing it is gonna be Mr. Kennedy facing Batista at GAB. Kennedy comes out and cuts a little promo which brings out Batista to confront him.

Kid Kash vs. Brian Kendrick. Nice back and forth match pretty similar to last week’s match between their respective partners. Kid Kash wins after some outside help from Jamie Noble.

Chavo is shown in the back with Rey. Non title match is set up between Rey and King Booker tonight in the Main Event.

Gregory Helms comes out for commentary. Super Crazy vs. Psicosis have a match for title shot at GAB. Good competitive match that got good pops from crowd. Psicosis wins and has words with Helms afterwards.

Ashley and Jillian def. Kristal and Michelle McCool. Typical diva match which went better than expected.

Great Khali and Daivari come out and cut promo saying the same generic spiel they have the past few weeks. We still don’t know what a Punjabi Prison match is exactly.

Lashley vs. Finlay. Finlay comes down with Regal. Good match that was similar to their other outings. Little Bastard came out from under the ring to attack Lashley. Then Regal and Lashley end up fighting which caused the DQ win for Lashley.

Next out are the Divas and Miz. It was a dance contest that got pretty good pops. Most could dance but a few were clueless. I can’t remember who wins but does it really matter?

Rey Mysterio vs. King Booker. Decent match that had its moments. The end had Chavo distracting Booker to help Rey get the win.

After Smackdown ended, they set up the ECW ring and the show started at 9:00cst. So the show was on an hour time shift.

Biggest pops:
1. Rey Mysterio
2. Batista
3. Undertaker

Biggest Heat:
1. King Booker
2. Girl in Diva contest that couldn’t dance
3. girl in front of me holding up a big ass sign that blocked everyone from seeing

Overall it was a fun show but it wasn’t as good as I expected. The pacing was slow and got some crowd heat for taking so long in between the matches. The crowd was mostly Hispanic so Rey Mysterio, Psicosis, & Super Crazy got good pops. Lots of children were in the audience so the expected faces/heels got their heat.

Credit: PWInsider

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