Deep South Wrestling TV Report for July 16, 2006

Deep South Wrestling
July 16, 2006 on Comcast Sports South
Taped on April 20, 2006 at the DSW Arena in McDonough, Ga
By Larry Goodman

LAST WEEK…The Gymini brain Bill DeMott, not once, but twice with a VCR, as Nigel Sherrod lost it on commentary. DeMott’s face was digitized to hide the blood.

Sherrod introduced Michele McCool as his broadcast partner for the evening. She was a vision of loveliness in white. She probably looks pretty great in just about any color though.

LAST WEEK…Palmer Canon defeated Damien Steel with the help of a giant headbutt from Great Kahli. Canon called out Freakin Deacon to make a human sacrifice out of Steel. Once again, Deacon stayed in the office talking to his tarantula…Cut to Deacon’s match. Canon came out with Kahli and kidnapped Willow. Canon said the spider was property of DSW and furthermore, Deacon was fired…Postmatch, Deacon stormed into Canon’s office. Canon warned Deacon about taking Willow. Deacon did it anyway. Kahli had a staredown with Deacon.

Sherrod and McCool said Deacon and Kahli were eye-to-eye (eye-to-chin actually). Sherrod said the cameras had caught up to DeMott earlier in the day.

Dr. Jekyl had turned into Mr. Hyde. DeMott giggled uncontrollably as he explained that for two months he didn’t answer the Gymini’s challenge, but the DeMott guy had snapped like that VCR.
DeMott said the Gymini had called down the thunder, and his partner was the lightning.

Gymini, I know who you are. Do you remember who I am? (giggles like a madman) It’s not about revenge, boys. It’s not about household appliances. Who. Who. Who? (turns his back to the camera to show that his t-shirt read “Hugh”)

(1) Eric Perez & Montel Vontavious Porter (with Quentin Michaels) beat Ebony and Ivory (Ray Gordy & Damien Steel) in 5:23. When Steele did a dropdown, Perez hooked the ropes and beat him silly with the “Puerto Rican mugging.” MVP pounded Steele’s gut with left and rights and choked him on the mat. Steele kicked out at one. Steele tried to trade but didn’t have enough firepower. MVP choked Steele with his towel. The heels drilled Steele with a double back elbow. Perez dropped an elbow and hooked the leg. Steele kicked out at one again. Perez stayed on the attack with high impact moves, but couldn’t keep Steele’s shoulders on the mat. MVP socked Steele in the ribs. As Steele struggled to an upright position, MVP caught him with a high kneelift. Steele was in a world of hurt. Steele crawled towards his corner. MVP cut off Steele’s escape and cranked away on his neck. Steele fired up, connected with a dropkick, and rolled to his corner for a tag. Gordy cleaned house. Four-way action broke out. Gordy hit the ATL legdrop, while keeping a firm grasp on his groin area. MVP kicked out of it. Cut to a shot of Steele chasing Michaels around at ringside. Perez made a bind tag. Gordy hit the R.G. Spot on MVP, but Perez cut him off with the Annexation of Puerto Rico for the three count.

McCool went to ringside to get comments from the winners. Perez spoke Spanish. MVP translated that they didn’t give a rat’s ass about the fans, but the fans were looking at the next DSW tag team champions. Perez propositioned McCool.

Tonight, mommy, the most bestest tag team in Deep South are going to celebrate. And we want you, mommy. Si, you are going to celebrate with us.

McCool looked like she had indigestion. MVP said it was OK if she didn’t want to come tonight, because when they won the tag titles, every women in the building would want to party with them.

A new music video featuring Derrick Neikirk aired.

Angel Williams was backstage with Danny Gimondo. Williams said Gimondo was in a roll in DSW. Gimondo said he didn’t see eye-to-eye with Frankie Ciatso, because he was from New Jersey and Ciatso was from New York. Gimondo said that one thing they agreed on was the importance of winning matches in DSW, because that meant getting one step closer to the title. Gimondo said Ciatso was all about respect. “

(2) Danny Gimondo pinned Francisco Ciatso with the New Jersey Turnpike at 5:52. Gimondo show more fire and got his best pop so far in DSW. Ciatso pie-faced him. Gimondo issued a receipt. Ciatso went for an up and over, and Gimondo deposited his groin on the top rope. Gimondo reversed a hiptoss. Ciatso worked on the neck of Gimondo. Gimondo fired back with chops. McCool said that would leave a mark. Ciatso tried to cut off Gimondo’s air supply with a Nirvana Strangle. Gimondo rammed Ciatso into the buckles to break it, but Ciatso was able to reapply the hold. Gimondo powered out. Gimondo peppered Ciatso with a left jabs and decked him with a haymaker. Gimondo hit a bulldog, and it was time for the Garvin Stomp. Gimondo hit his finisher, a driving half nelson faceplant.

(3) Ryan O’Reilly beat Biohazard in 4:13. Stranding ovation for O’Reilly’s return after a seven week absence. Biohazard attacked before he got his jacket off. Not that it made any difference. O’Reilly flew through the air with the greatest of ease and connected with a flying lariat. O’Reilly’s attack left Biohazard begging for mercy. O’Reilly applied a snug cranking headlock. O’Reilly took Biohazard to the mat and worked the shoulder. O’Reilly applied a hold that twisted Biohazard’s shoulders at a sick angle. Biohazard reversed O’Reilly with a high angle back suplex. O’Reilly appeared to be in a world of hurt. Biohazard went to work on the neck. O’Reilly regained his vertical base, so Biohazard jumped on his back to try for a sleeper. O’Reilly powered out. O’Reilly made the comeback and whipped the crowd into a frenzy. Sherrod said the O’Reilly effects were coming into play. O’Reilly made a mad dash for a corner clothesline. Biohazard ducked out of the way and O’Reilly slammed into the turnbuckles. Biohazard picked O’Reilly up for a powerslam. O’Reilly escaped and hit the Roughshot for the 1-2-3.

Michelle McCool did in inring interview with O’Reilly. McCool said the fans had missed the opportunity to chant “O-RYE-LEE.” Right on cue, the fans picked it up. O’Reilly said “the Jody Hamilton Arena” was his home. It had been seven weeks since he got his hands on somebody, and tonight he prevailed. O’Reilly said he and the fans had introduced the viewers to The Rough House. The crowd popped like crazy again.

(4) Kenny Omega beat Heath Miller with the Omega Driver at 7:23. A babyface vs. babyface dark match from June 22, 2006 with MVP and Gimondo on commentary. They opened with chain wrestling including some nicely executed mirror image sequences. They squared off and the fans gave them props. A flashy acrobatic exchange ensued. MVP and Gimondo agreed that they preferred to grind it out. MVP said Omega’s dropkick must have been lightweight because Miller popped right up from it. Miller came up lame after a leapfrog. MVP criticized Omega for giving Miller time. Omega went to work on the bum leg. Miller rallied with a one-legged hiptoss. Omega got back on the leg. Miller came back while selling the gimpy leg and hit the Miller’s Crossing neckbreaker. Omega kicked out at two. The crowd got behind Miller, who looked to be in great pain. Miller went for a suplex and the leg went out again. But Miller rolled away from Omega’s moonsault, and caught him with a flying lariat. Miller mounted some gimpy offense. Omega reversed a whip and hit his finisher, which is something like a figure four suplex. Omega helped Miller to the back. MVP was disgusted by the show of good sportsmanship.

Angel Williams said she was with two of the baddest men in Deep South, “The Monster of the Midway” Bradley Jay and “Mister Number One” Sonny Siaki. Jay said they were the most lethal combo in DSW — brutality defined. Siaki kept it short and sweet. “Tonight, we are going to beat you down where you stand, and that’s a message to all of Deep South. So watch out. We. We’re coming atchya. BOO-YAH.”

(5) Sonny Siaki & Bradley Jay beat Kevin Matthews & Russell Simpson in 4:49. McCool said Siaki was deluded about being a ladies man. Sherrod speculated on the identity of DeMott’s partner. The heels used their size and power advantage to good effect, as they totally abused Simpson. At four minutes in, Simpson moved and Siaki speared the post. Simpson used the ropes to claw his way to the corner for the tag. Matthews came in firing dropkicks that didn’t fully connect. Jay caught Matthews with the barrel roll, but he was able to make a tag. Siaki made short work of Simpson with an elevated Samoan drop.

Sherrod and McCool did a stand up segment in which they played guessing games about the identity of DeMott’s partner.

Williams was backstage with Gymini. She said Gymini had earned huge earning brownie points with Palmer Canon last week. Jake said he knew DeMott was stupid, but he might have brain damage from those shots with the VCR. He laughed about the blood. Jesse said they rubbed DeMott’s blood on their face like war paint. Jesse said there was nobody in the dressing room stupid enough to be DeMott’s partner. Jesse promised no mercy. If DeMott stepped in the ring, he was in for the beating of his life.

The building exploded when DeMott appeared on the ramp. Sherrod noted that the evil smirk on DeMott’s face had turned into a blank stare. DeMott said to his partner’s music. Deacon entered through the front door to another monster pop.

(6) Bill DeMott and Freakin Deacon beat Gymini via countout in 1:28. With Deacon as the sole focus of the Gymini’s attention, DeMott sneaked into the ring behind them. Gymini turned around just in time to eat fists from DeMott. Deacon and DeMott pounded away with punches until Gymini bailed out to lock their wounds. DeMott and Deacon refused to let Gymini back in the ring without taking a beating. Gymini gave up the ghost and got counted out by ref Mike Posey. Fans booed when the bell rang. Sherrod said Gymini didn’t want to lock horns with DeMott on a level playing field, and said this was far from over. DeMott eyeballed Deacon in the ring. Deacon did his ritual of self abuse and stomped out the front door. Cut to a closing shot of DeMott.

Closing Thoughts: No Canon on this week show and most likely, never again. At the time of this taping, Canon had embarked on the ill-fated Smackdown tour of Europe that ultimately lead to his decision to ask for his release…DeMott cut a classic Hugh Morrus promo…Perez is showing a lot more of that sleazy Latin charisma. His pitch for McCool’s company was hilarious. She looks great in white. She probably looks pretty great in just about any color though. Steele sold his ass off in that match…The pop for O’Reilly’s return was pretty amazing. The segments on previous episodes where O’Reilly appeared to Canon almost as a vision were a great way to build anticipation for his return. He’s made tremendous strides in his chain wresting and his ability to sell. We will never know where that storyline was going…Gimondo showed more babyface fire this time out. Nice finisher too…Omega and Miller had a really nice match. It was more of a TNA style deal with two smaller guys working a crisp, fast-paced match but they told a story. I liked Gimondo and MVP on commentary here. They were better than McCool and Sherrod, who seemed to be struggling to find interesting things to say… McCool is fine on the stand ups. However, her match commentary was delivered in a flat tone of voice and was mostly clichés…Simpson is an all-star job guy. Made the heels looks invincible. Matthews’ dropkicks looked bad, and they looked even worse after seeing Steele’s earlier in the show…The main event was a hot tease rather than a match. Gyminis looked like total chicken####s. Fans were dying to see DeMott beat their muscle-bound asses.