MTV Mix – Volume 5

I’ve been watching these MTV shows and reviewing them for over a month now and it seems that the trend is that half of the shows will be interesting to watch, while the other half will be either boring or not that interesting at all. It’s never the same shows either. Every MTV show has episodes that are interesting to watch and then some that are boring to watch. It just depends on the week.

And looking at the schedule, it seems we will be in for some changes in the next few weeks. ‘Fast Inc.’ is scheduled to end next Monday. ‘The Hills’ and ‘Cheyenne’ end in two weeks. The same goes for ‘Making the Band 3’, ‘Run’s House’, and ‘Pimp My Ride. ‘The Real World’ ends in three weeks. That would just leave ‘The Challenge’. So lots of changes. There are some new shows to replace these, though. Will I cover them? I don’t know yet. A show called ‘Juvies’ will take over Tuesday nights after ‘The Real World’ is done. I have no clue what that show is about. Maybe it has to do with juvenile delinquents. That would be sweet! The new season of ‘Laguna Beach’ is coming in four weeks as well. I will definitely be doing that. And I pray that Lauren’s little sister can fill her shoes. But I don’t think that will happen. So yeah..a lot of changes coming for this column.

But for now it’s the same old thing! Time to mix things up on MTV once again!


‘Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat’

The recap for this week’s episode is here.

So the challenge with sharks was hard, but really it wasn’t because of the sharks. The teams that didn’t finish couldn’t swim that well. At least one member of the team couldn’t swim fast enough. And since it was a relay challenge, both members of the team had to swim fast to win. The sharks played some part in that, but you still had to dive under the water.

And if you don’t know who the top teams are in this game by now, then you got a clear image of it tonight. Shane and Linette, Theo and Chanda, and Darrell and Aviv were the only teams to finish this challenge under the time limit. They are obviously the top teams to beat. But what about Coral and Evan? They are still #1 in my rankings, since they won so many challenges in the beginning and kept near the top in all of them. They tied for last in this one, though, since they didn’t finish. Evan didn’t hold them back with his injury. It was more Coral and her swimming ability this time. But the injury to Evan is getting worse and I fear that they won’t make it to the “final four”.

A small surprise that Wes and Casey are not going into exile this time around. Shane and Linette decided to send Katie and Eric in there since they have been consistently the weakest team in this challenge. Wes and Casey are not that good at challenges either, but I agree with that decision. The fact that EVERYONE decided to send Kenny and Tina in there instead of Wes and Casey confirms that Wes and Casey are just another team now. They are no longer a member of the “Austin” alliance. That’s a good thing.

There are only 8 teams left and we need to get to the “final four” to compete in the finals for the money. The “top three” teams in Shane and Linette, Theo and Chanda, AND Darrell and Aviv are absolute locks in getting there. Coral and Evan SHOULD be the 4th team, but it doesn’t look good for them. They probably still will make it there to add to the drama of the show. But if not, then Derrick and Diem or Wes and Casey will fill their spot. I’m leaning more towards Wes and Casey. But really it will come down to the girls. Who is better Diem or Casey? Flip a coin!

‘Fast Inc.’

Todd sits down with porn star, Tera Patrick, and her husband/photographer, Evan Seinfeld. They are shooting a calendar for her and a few other girls. It’s tasteful. They need a few cars for the calendar shoot. Tera especially wants a “pink panther” muscle car.

Meanwhile, Christian has an acting job to attend to. He is off to New York for an extended length of time. It’s in the hands of Todd and Tater. Christian calls back to Todd in a few days and says that “The Count” needs another car.

Tater enjoys this search for the pink muscle car, since it’s for a porn star. However, it’s not as easy you might think to find a muscle car that is pink. I know what you are about painting a muscle car pink? That would be too expensive says Tater. They just want to rent one for a day for the photo shoot. He does eventually find an early 1970’s pink Challenger muscle car. And it appears to be good to go. But Tera doesn’t like the color. It’s an original Panther color, but it’s not the “pink panther” color Tera wanted! My god!

You may remember that they lost their only car so far on this show to “The Count”. They want to make it up to him now. He is one of their best clients. And this time he is looking for a 2005 Ford GT. It has to be like new, but still used. Todd says this could be hard. And “The Count” knows that they are hard to find as well. Ford only made a few of these cars. Todd figures
“The Count” wants to impress a girl or two with this car and he would be correct! Todd gets to work, but all of his findings are too expensive.

Back to the photo shoot. Tera threatens to leave the photo shoot. Why? Well the color of the car clashes with her bikinis! Arrgh! Women! Anyways Dodge only made that “pink panther” car for the movie. The only “panther” color they made is the one they have right now. Evan tells Todd to talk to Tera when she gets back. After some looking at it, Tera says the car will work. They just have to “photoshop” the right color into the pictures. So Tera is mostly happy with that car. The photo shoot was quite lovely as well.

As far as Todd’s search for the Ford GT, well it goes okay. The car they find is owned by a guy in a bathrobe and a hat. It’s too fast for him. He has a bunch of speeding tickets. Todd finally gets the car from him by offering him $2,000 AND a CASE of tequila! “The Count” can’t believe it, but they found it. And he’s happy with it! So I would say that they went 1 3/4 for 2 this week. Other than the color, it was perfect!


‘The Real World’

The “Mystic Tan” store is reopened. EVeryone is excited about that. However, business has gone downhill. So Tyler plans this “meet-and-greet” with Amanda Beard, the famous swimmer from the Summer Olympics.

The other big thing in this episode is the car situation. There is one car for 7 people. They all have different schedules that needs the use of the car. Tyler has family in town and Zach does as well. The plan is for Tyler to go downtown and have dinner with his family. Zach will have the car at the house after that. He will go down to have dinner with his parents. Tyler will then take the car and pick up Jose from the gym. But once everyone meets up, Tyler doesn’t want to leave. John gets mad and goes to pick up Jose. Well..Jose started walking after he had been waiting for 30 minutes. John sees him and picks him up along the way.

John and Tyler have an argument in the house. Why? Well..John thinks Tyler is inconsiderate and doesn’t care about anyone else, especially what he did to Jose. Some of the other people feel that way to. Tyler attempted to do the special event with Amanda Beard on his own. But it doesn’t work out that well. Only about 10 people show up. Janelle feels that if Tyler asked for help, it could have gone better. Jose finally talks to Tyler and tells him that he has been acting like a “diva” in the past few days. Tyler takes this to heart, since he likes Jose the most and Jose tells things like they are.

As a result, Tyler talks to John and apologizes to him and stuff. John says the reason he got mad at Tyler is because that he cares about Tyler. Tyler says that John yelling at him, brought up bad memories of his family from the past. So John apologizes for being a part of the all the negativity. They are cool now. Tyler appreciates being with them as a big “family” instead of just being “gay Tyler”. As an added bonus, they get a second car from Ford. They like that a lot. That will relieve a lot of stress.


‘The Hills’

Is it just me or does every episode of this show have some kind of party celebration going on in it? Like’s Lauren’s birthday. It seems like they fast forward through parts of the year to get to holidays and birthdays. Oh well..time for another party! The girls all go look at wedding dresses for fun as Lauren looks for a “party” dress. Strangely, I know lots of girls that do this.

Lauren and Whitney have an assignment at their job. They have to set up a photo shoot. Not just any photo shoot, but a boys swimsuit photo shoot. So they have to look at pictures of boys from 17 to 20 in their swimsuits! Yep..they like this job. Of course, Lauren doesn’t tell Jason that it’s boys in their swimsuits. She says that it’s only girls. Heidi thinks Jason will get mad at Lauren for this.

The photo shoot happens to be at the studios that Audrina works at. So Whitney and Lauren are all happy about that. It’s time to get to work, though. Here comes all the guys without their shirts on. Whitney is drooling everywhere! Lauren gets to photograph the guys. Audrina and Whitney even try to set up some dates for later. Audrina succeeds. And Whitney is a little too giddy with all of this.

Jordan, Brian, and Jason are all sitting around their house and Jordan basically tells Jason that there were male models at the photo shoot. Jason doesn’t take that news well. Jordan knows he made a mistake. Heidi then tells Lauren that Jordan told Jason. And soon afterwards Jason calls Lauren. But surprise..surprise..Jason is NOT that mad at Lauren for it. He just wanted her to tell him the truth. That’s all.

Now it’s time for Lauren’s birthday. Jason does all the right things. He gets a limo and takes Lauren to a hotel. They have a romantic dinner and everything goes good until Jason wants to know what Lauren wants to do tonight. Should they hang out with Heidi or Jordan or do something else. Lauren doesn’t care, but she just wants to be with Jason. She asks him why he can’t just be with her. They don’t have to always be doing something. So they just sit there and they don’t look that happy.

This episode was so-so. Nothing too interesting happened. The male model photo shoot was interesting only to see the girls react the way they did. Lauren has the best facial expressions ever! A small surprise that Jason didn’t get mad at Lauren about the photo shoot. But I knew something would cause friction. And it seems that Jason always wants to be doing something. That’s understandable since Los Angeles is a “doing” place, but Lauren just wants to be with Jason..that’s it. As you can see, though, when they aren’t doing anything they have nothing interesting to talk about. That’s always a bad sign.


Cheyenne gets a look at her first music video. She is all happy about that. She also gets to perform on MTV’s ‘TRL’ for the first time. Another big thing for her. And there is Stephen from ‘Laguna Beach’. I FINALLY got my cameo. Too bad it’s on the wrong show.

Oh my comes the crying! They all get her first cd and Cheyenne cries when she sees the inside of her album with her artwork. And I just threw up in my mouth a little. Anyways Cheyenne and Brittany go to the beach to walk around and stuff. They also get to swing! Yay..I like to swing! Especially late at night, but that’s a different story.

The big news on this episode is that Cheyenne got the chance to perform with Sheryl Crow. A pretty big thing really. They do a duet of “If It Makes You Happy” during Crow’s concert in Atlanta. Cheyenne also gets a visit from Jason as well to make her even more happy.

And that’s about all for this episode. I understand that if I was a singer and I got my first cd, I would be excited. But the crying is a little too much. Maybe when that check came in the mail, then I might cry. But the album artwork inside? I don’t think so. But she’s a 15-year-old girl, so there you go. That says it all right there! The Sheryl Crow thing was cool. though.


‘Making the Band 3’

We get lots of shots of the girls in bikinis to start off with. That starts the episode on a positive note! More with Aubrey in little clothes, which is a good thing. However, she doesn’t like just being the “sexy” one. I bet she also doesn’t like those dumb dudes dancing up on her and stuff. Aundrea misses her boyfriend, Rudy. Rudy doesn’t understand what she is going through. It doesn’t help that Rudy doesn’t want to seem to talk to her that much anyways. He’s too busy doing his own thing. He’s an idiot, obviously. She can do better!

Time to go to the studio to work with producer, Brian Cox. He has worked with Usher and Alicia Keys among others. They are all singing a ballad first called “Ride For You”. It’s not that bad really. Aundrea, Shannon, Dawn, and Wanita all do a fantastic job on their parts. But when Aubrey gets up there, Brian doesn’t like it at all. Here comes Diddy and he gets to hear now. He says that Aubrey is “trying to sing” and she can’t do that. Some of the girls can’t be on every song. Only the best can be on a song.

And just like that Aubrey is off of “Ride For You”. The girls are shocked that she is off of the song and Aubrey is hurt. But it’s time to move on. They have to make another song with Brian Cox called “Handle Me”. Aubrey looks and sees that she really doesn’t have a part on this song either. She is frustrated.

Dawn has Aubrey’s back and goes to talk to manager, Johnny Wright, about it. Johnny says that on the first album it’s really up to the producers on who songs on their songs. And he tells Aubrey that she is not singing bad. It just is probably her tone of voice on this song is not right. There will be other songs that will have the right vibe for her voice. It’s not that big of a deal right now. They shouldn’t make it one. Diddy has them here for a reason!

To make Aubrey feel better, Pooh Bear comes back to drag Aubrey and Wanita to the studio. Diddy wants some more added to the Scott Storch song they did last week. Aubrey provides a different feel to that song and Pooh Bear likes it. So there you go kids..a lesson for you. Just because you sing a certain way that is not right for a certain song..doesn’t mean you can’t sing. If Diddy says you can sing, you can sing! So learn that when ‘Making the Band 4’ comes around!

‘Run’s House’

Should I be mad that a 10-year-old has 20 times more clothes than I do? I mean Diggy has like 7 suits and I have 0! That needs to change..I know. But it would help if Run was my father. He’s not, though.

Anyways the first lesson of the night is that Diggy is always late for church. He’s cool-looking, but he’s not on time. Run says that’s not cool. The line of the night goes to Diggy talking to Run. Run comes up to see how many suits this kid has and pulls out a bunch of clothes from the closet. After Run makes his point, Diddy asks “do I have to hang all that stuff back up?!” Hehehe.

Run tells Justine to write out a list of things that make her mad at him. This comes after Run argues with Justine in public. Justine makes out the list and tells Run. Run is on the treadmill, though, so he doesn’t take it seriously. Run thought it was funny actually. Angela also doesn’t know who Ricky and Lucy are? From the ‘I Love Lucy Show’. And Russy doesn’t like ice cream! Unbelievable. These kids are crazy!

So Run and Justine take Diggy shopping for suits. And yes..Run does talk loud and laugh at the saleswoman for the $4,000 suit for his son. Second line of the night goes to Run, who is talking to his hat (you heard me!), when he calls Diggy “P. Diggy” because of his need for more suits. That was funny. Later Justine and Run go out to dinner and Justine orders a BUNCH of food. Since Justine told Run that he couldn’t complain about what she eats anymore, Run thinks she did it on purpose. But Run eventually comes to the conclusion that every time you judge someone else, you are really judging yourself!

And the ending message is…“Do you strive for perfection in your family members? Remember that what we think is helpful can sometimes be hurtful. Learn to accept your loved ones, faults and all, because love isn’t about being perfect, it’s all about respect!”.

‘Pimp My Ride’

Xzibit decides to help Joe, who has a 1988 Cadillac Sedan Deville Limo. It could be nice, except that there is no middle door on the thing and the paint is chipped. The bumper is off. The inside is filled with trash. You know..the usual stuff.

And to add to it, the parts that he is missing from his car..he decides to fill with plastic and then spray paint to look like the actually parts! That’s funny! Oh..and there’s a seatbelt strapped across the hood to keep it from flying off. Awesome. Joe also has to use a wrench to start his car. His boss helped him wire it, though. It’s okay to steal if your employer helps you. That’s the lesson for today kids.

The GAS crew gets to work. Mad Mike is putting the usual stuff in this limo like TVs, DVD players, Playstations, surround sound, and lasers. In addition, he also is putting in a tube of some kind to send information from the front to the back of the limo. Plus, a rumble seat in the trunk will be installed with a flip-up monitor for people in the back to watch. The color has three tones to it that include burgundy candy, black diamond, and a silver streak down the middle. There is also a 50″ plasma monitor acting as the limo divider. Real leather seats inside as well. There are rubies in the wheels also.

The best thing about this limo is the rumble seat in the back with the monitor. The big TV to divide the limo and best of all, a virtual keyboard connected to the 50″ TV via a mini PC in the back. The color looks okay and the tires are sweet! Xzibit also hooks Joe up with some new tools as well. Overall, another funny episode.

And that ends the fifth volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next week when we mix things up a bit!