Big Brother 7 Recap – Week 3 Episode 3

Things ended up being even more hectic today than they were last Thursday so the recap’s a bit rushed tonight. As I’m writing this intro after I’ve finished with the rest of the recap however, I can assure you that all the important (and semi-important) stuff has been included (and oddly, despite my attempt at rushing, I seemed to go into more and more detail the later into the episode I went.

Next week, everything will be back to normal stuff going on-wise and the level of detail should be more consistent throughout. Now on to the actual recap.

As usual the show opens with a little pre-amble from Julie. After discussing some of the unusual bonding that has gone on in the house, she segues to Diane and Nakomis. Both of the women refused to campaign against the other but apparently one of them changed their minds on that.

We see Nakomis and Diane shortly after Erika opted not to use the veto. Diane says she’s not surprised that Erika didn’t use but Nakomis seems rather upset about it. Both of them are rather annoyed when Erika comes into the room they’re in and kind of apologizes, saying that while she could have saved one of them, she would have had no control over who went up in their place.

Diane reiterates that she has no wish to campaign against Nakomis but she says she is fine with Nakomis campaigning to save herself. Nakomis assures Diane that she does not want to campaign either.

A short while later, Nakomis approaches the season 6 people in the HoH room and tries to persuade them to keep her in the game. She tells them she wants to get rid of Will and Boogie. This is intercut with some footage of Diane talking to some people outside. She says that she doesn’t want to campaign to stay in the house but if she is still her, she’ll be gunning for season six next week.

As we had to commercial we get our first bunch of DR voting deliberations. Mike’s vote is revealed as one to evict Nakomis. We don’t learn Danielle or Howie’s votes just yet but Danielle’s seems pro-Diane while Howie is much less positive in his Diane related comments.

Julie then introduces a short segment on Kaysar and his beliefs. There’s some stuff from his sister saying how proud the whole family is of him, then some stuff with another woman who talks about how Kaysar is helping to portray the Muslim faith positively each and every day he is in the house. Then some more stuff with Kaysar’s sister, most notably her laughing at the Erika/Kaysar situation and being quite sure nothing will ever come of it.

Julie then talks to Kaysar in the HoH room. When prompted, he defends his strategy of going after Diane and Nakomis. He wanted to make the season 6 alliance less of a target and says he’s learned from last year. He also assures Julie that the season 6 alliance is an incredibly strong one.

We then get additional DR deliberations. Will doesn’t care who stays in the house but he’s casting his vote to evict Diane. George is kind of ambitious in his comments while the only part of Erika’s comments we get have her discussing how she doesn’t trust Diane because she reminds her of Alison.

Next there’s a segment on the supposed ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ alliance of Jase and Diane. Danielle’s the first one to voice suspicions of an alliance between them and also comes up with the name (basing it on Jase’s love of Brad Pitt). The theory seems to become pretty popular amongst the houseguests. At the close of the segment we get a brief conversation between Jase and Diane suggesting that they do have an alliance. Being stuck living in dial-up land (at least until someone gets ambitious enough to expand some high speed coverage) and thus lacking the live feed, I’m not sure if they really have an alliance or if they are merely joking around about their supposed alliance.

Then it’s time for the final round of DR deliberations. Janelle votes to keep Nakomis around because she makes other people uneasy and Janelle isn’t worried about being targeted by Nakomis. Jase thinks Nakomis is overrated and that he can beat her in a competition. James says he’s voting what is best for himself and Howie and what should be best for Kaysar and Janelle. He votes to evict Nakomis.

After a commercial break, Julie reveals the results of the vote. And by a vote of 8 to 2, Nakomis is evicted.

There’s the standard goodbyes and hugging segment and then Nakomis talks with Julie. She says that people seemed to hook up and form alliances very quickly this year and that kind of left her in a bad place. Kaysar’s reasons for nominating her were very ‘wishy-washy’ so she figured she was going to be evicted, whether she campaigned to stay or not. Nakomis also tells Julie that she thinks Kaysar made a horrible mistake in not putting Will and Boogie up on the block.

And that’s the segment. I guess there weren’t any taped messages that were deemed noteworthy enough for them to waste any airtime on them this week.

Julie speaks to the houseguests again and introduces the rather ‘creatively’ named veto competition, “Pay Attention”. At some previous point in the day, everyone looked at some pictures from competitions earlier in the season and now they get to watch them again in video form. Julie then orders them outside to begin the competition.

Once we get back from commercial we find that this will be another A/B competition using the standard booths.

Question 1: When Will rode the meteor what did the sign behind Diane say?
A) Big Brother All Stars, B) HoH
Answer: B
Howie and George, apparently not feeling the force today, are the only ones to get this one wrong and they’re eliminated from the competition.

Question 2: In the Falling Stars competition how many points were on the star at the center of the turn table?
A) 7, B) 5
Answer: A
Jase, Erika, Will, Boogie and Diane all got this one wrong.

Question 3: When Danielle gets dumped on, what color was the bucket delivering the mixture of chum, mud and ice clam Sunday?
A) red, b) blue
Answer: B
The only one to get this one wrong is Marcellas.

Question 4: When George searched the dumpster with the hockey stick what Big Brother object was on the metal cage?
A) Devil Duck, B) Gnome
Answer: B
Janelle, James and Danielle all get this one right.

Question 5: When Mike Boogie fell during the meteor competition how many players on the pedestals were topless?
A) 3, B) 4
Answer: A
And Janelle is eliminated leaving only James and Danielle to vie for HoH.

Question 6: When Nakomis fell in the meteor competition, which foot was last to leave the pedestal?
A) Left, B) Right
Answer: A
And even though they presumably both just took a wild guess, both are correct and we move on to the tiebreaker.

Tiebreaker (As always, one who gets closest without going over wins; if both go over, closest wins): How many seconds did it take for Janelle to win the Big Brother Dump veto competition?
James – 421
Danielle – 480
Answer: 379

Julie first announces the correct answer of 379 and then announces James as the winner. From the look on his face, he obviously wasn’t expecting to win once he realized he had gone over.

The show closes with the standard tune in to the next 3 episodes spiel from Julie and a brief eavesdropping on the house.