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I’m Less Than Happy – I haven’t watched Deadwood, Saved or Rescue Me yet this week, and through no fault of my own. Y’see my roommate has been doing her own thing this week, and I’ve patiently not nagged her about watching our show.

But I’m about at my breaking point.

Live On Mars – I’m looking forward to this show. I’m greatly intrigued by the time travel concept, but I’m also in the mood for a nice BBC production. The show premieres this week, so I’m really trying to catch it.

What I Watched Last Week

Psych (USA) – Eh, the show as pretty good. I liked how the characters were developed more, but the mystery seemed kind of mundane, like enough development didn’t go into the bad guys. Like if the villains had really been set on having a great life in America, I would have bought it. Still the show is pretty fun.

Monk (USA) – What a great situation to place the character in. This was a really funny episode. I loved how he shipped his garbage. I loved how the pileup threw him off his game.

I really don’t mind that the actual crime is secondary because I love seeing Monk react to stimuli. He’s such a great character. I don’t know if it’s possible, but I wouldn’t mind having Monk spin off from Monk.

Eureka (Sci Fi) – I only “half watched” this show, because I was writing a column at the time, but it looked interesting. I dig the idea of a kooky town filled with wacky characters. It’s like a family friendly version of Twin Peaks.

I am worried that Joe Morton is firmly in Sci Fi mode. He did his think in Brother from Another Planet, but lately he’s been the nutty scientist dude (see his appearance on Smallville). But the show looks promising. I think I’m down for some zany sci fi right about now.

Entourage (HBO) – I’m really digging the development going on in this show. I like the way that Vince is toying with his power, even though it’s disastrous in it’s results. I didn’t dig E’s ménage, I realize that it was to set up the dilemma, but it shouldn’t be dragged out into it’s own storyline.

I’m really feeling bad for poor Ari. He’s trying to establish his own business, and Vince is being a prick. But I also understand Vince’s point of view, and even the studio’s point of view. But poor Ari is caught in the middle. Ari as sympathetic? Sounds like solid writing.

Lucky Louie (HBO) – Ouch, this show was tough to watch. I’m not a huge fan of “that word” so to hear Louie use it so much was torture. However the episode was good for showing how something small can escalate into something huge that ruins great plans.

The show as real in that regard. I really felt Louie’s frustration, as I think every guy has been in that situation. And when he vented, I felt him, but I knew he’d just dug himself deeper. This show is really growing on me.

Brotherhood (Showtime) – This show is such a suitable way to satisfy my craving for The Wire and to a lesser extent The Shield. I love the way the show makes you actually care about political dealings. Who would have thought that backdoor political deals would make for interesting television?

Of course the criminal element is equally riveting. When Michael made “Slow Charlie” play Russian Roulette I was slayed by his ruthlessness. He’s no joke. I can’t wait to see him finally face off with his boss. This is a very good show.

Hustle (AMC) – Once again, the crew comes up short, but for a good cause. The “bad guy realizes the errors of his ways” plot isn’t a new one, but it’s used rather uniquely this time out, and I liked that.

I loved how the mark was such an evil bastard, but I also enjoyed how once the amnesia hit he was intelligent enough to recognize that he wasn’t a nice person before. It was a nice twist.

Greatest Show Ever…this week – City of Men (Sundance)

Two kids from Rio got to deliver a letter to the President from a prison inmate. What a simple story, yet it was great. It illuminated the plight of prisoners and their families, yet allowed two kids to have a road trip.

I really think that this might be the best looking show on TV. From the collage effect on some scenes to interview portions, to the actual film, this show always looks great. It’s just such a visual treat to check out.

I dig how Acerola is such a romantic, and he’s always sprung over a girl. Seeing how he envisioned the trip would go was a fun exercise in imagination. I loved how Laranjinha and Acerola were essentially kids on a field trip, once they got to Brasilia, even though they carried a letter from an aged prisoner, who despite having served his sentence, was still jailed.

I also appreciated the “real life” interview segments with the mothers, wives and girlfriends of men who are really imprisoned. It was a sobering portrait of devotion and showed the far-reaching effects of crime.

So when you’ve got a show that balances the realty of prison with the joyfulness of youth, you’ve clearly got a great show.

Lost is a Drug

I’ve got a cousin. He’s as bright as can be, but he’s really into Cartoon Network’s anime programming and Adult Swim line up. That’s all fine and dandy, but it’s also equally geeky. I want more for my cousin than that.

So I’ve decided to hook him on Lost. Lost is intellectually stimulating enough to capture his attention (he’s way bright.) yet it’s mainstream enough to, well not be geeky. It’s hit show that’s got a devoted following, but it’s got a mainstream fanbase, and that’s what I’m going for.

Y’see he’s going off to college and I want the guy to fit in, as best he can. And I figure that Lost is a good way to do that. It’s very much a “water cooler” show, so it’ll make a great way into conversations.

I picked up the first season on DVD and am about to sent it his way. I’ll keep you updated on my personal Lost Experience. (And I promise to do better than I did with “Mathan Introduces his Mother to Oz.”)

The Cool Kids

Last week I posed the following scenario;

Good news; you’re back in high school. Bad news; you’re not back in you’re old high school. Good news; you get to make a fresh start. Bad news; and by “fresh start” I mean freshmen year fresh start. Maybe there’s some anomaly in the space-time continuum. Maybe Doc Brown was pissed that you didn’t feed his dog. Who knows how you got there, the point is you’re back in high school. Good news; the school is full of a quirky cast of characters. Bad news; you’re the “new kid.”

So, would you rather be “the new kid” on Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, Ferris Bueller or Saved By the Bell?

Captain Spaulding break it down;

I mean think about it. If you were with Ferris, no-one much else besides Ferris, Cameron, and Sloan were “cool.” Parker Lewis, would you really want to hang around with Corin Nemic…ever?

SBTB had it’s strict clique of cool kids, but how often did you see the nerds…the black guy with glasses and froggy voice, the curly haired dork, and that really skinny one? So even if you happened not to make it into their little circle, you would still ALWAYS be around the cool kids. Not to mention you’d get to stare at Kelly, Jesse, and Lisa all day…and then for a short time period paradox, Tori too!

Talowolf disagrees;

I’d definitely go Parker Lewis Can’t Lose. It was like a comic book school, where everyone had sound effects for their movements and freaky powers and gadgets. Plus Ms. Musso (or was it Russo?) was, IMO, the hottest TV principle ever. Why she didn’t get more play was always beyond me. It was a geeks’ dream school.

Never been a fan of Ferris Buller sorry…
I watched SBTB but I could never imagine myself in that world.

Thomasina (and I actually went to the same high school) said this;

I’d rather be on Saved By The Bell because everyone seemed so happy. Sure they had their “special episodes” but otherwise it was pretty tame. I would just go back to my real high school for drama and getting my ass kicked.

Colin really thinks it through;

My first instinct would be to go to Bayside, because who wouldn’t want to go to school with Kelly Kopowski? That argument doesn’t hold up though, as she looks downright plain compared to her later years on 90210 and such.

The real school to go to would be Bueller’s, as he was down with everybody, and could really help a guy out. Plus, Shermer, Ill-inois was the place to be in the 80s.

While Colin makes a good point for Ferris, his show was too short lived, plus (if I’m not mistaken) it featured a pre nose job Jennifer Aniston, so it’s out.

Bayside might have been interesting, but I’d have killed Screech or Lisa long before I graduated. Hell, Zack probably would have caught one in the face, for all the times he pull his smug attitude out.

Thus I’m picking Santo Domingo, home of Parker Lewis. Parker was the coolest of all the high school kids. He had Mikey and Jerry. Plus he had Kubiak. And that’s not even counting my love for meta-humor. This show rocked, and I’d give anything to be part of the cast.

Of course this brings us to…

Good News/Bad News/Question of the Week

Good news; you’ve got a date. Bad news; you’ve got limited funds. Good news; your date could be “the one.” Bad news; you’re worried about making a good impression. Maybe it’s because your fragile ego has been shattered in your last break up. Maybe your date has notoriously fickle taste. Maybe you’re biological clock is ticking and you really want a kid. Who knows? The point is that you’ve got a date and you want it to go right. Good news; your date is tonight. Bad news; only two places are in your budget.

So, would you rather go to Mel’s Diner (Alice) or try to skip a few steps and go to Cheers?


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And yeah, that’s going to do it for me. I’ll catch you next week.

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