InsidePULSE’s Live WWE Great American Bash Coverage

Welcome to IP’s Live Coverage of WWE’s Great American Bash. Keep it here for match by match updates, with the latest in ITALICS.

Paul London & Brian Kendrick (c) vs. The Pit Bulls – WWE Tag Team Titles
London and Kash start. Back and forth action, London with and atomic drop, tags in Spanky, and then launches Spanky off the top on Kash for a 2 count. Kash gets to Noble, and Noble mauls Spanky. London in, mule kick on Noble, tags Spanky back in, drop kick, tags London back in, hits an armbreaker. London with a sleeper on Noble, and Noble drives London head first into the turnbuckle. London up quick, tags in Spanky, and the hit a double hiptoss, then a double dropkick on Kash. Kash and Noble roll to the outside, and Spanky and London hit suicide dives. Back in the ring, Spanky goes to dive on Kash, but Noble grabs Spanky’s ankle, and drops him in the ring. Kash and Noble start the ground and pound offense on London. London clotheslines Kash over the top rope, and when he tries to skin the cat, Noble drops kicks him and he falls to the floor upside down! London continues to get beaten down by Noble and Kash, until Spanky gets the hot tag. Spanky with a top rope sunset flip on Kash, but Kash isn’t flipping, until London hits a drop-sault, and Spanky hits the 1-2-3.
Winners and Still Champions – London & Spanky

Khali is going nuts, he wants to get The Undertaker now, but Daivari stops him.

Theodore Long comes down to the ring, and informs us of Lashley’s liver problems. Lashley comes out and says that he still wants to compete. Long will not let him, and Lashley goes to the back. Finley and Regal come out together then, and Finley wants Long to declare him the winner by forfeit, but Long says that Finley and Regal will go one-on-one, and it starts right now.

Finlay (c) vs. William Regal – US Title
Finlay and Regal don’t really want to fight each other. Finlay cold cocks Regal though, and they start brawling. They fall to the outside, and they tie up, and get back in the ring, while in a tie up. Finlay is dominating, sends Regal to the outside, and Little Bastard pops out, and nails Regal with the cane. Finlay traps Regal in the ring apron, with Regal’s right leg being under the ring. When Finlay puts Regal back in the ring, his right boot was off. Regal levels Finlay, and goes for Finlay’s cane, the ref grabs the cane, and Little Bastard hands Finlay Regal’s boot, and Finlay hits Regal with his own boot, rolls him up and puts his feet on the rope for the pinfall.
Winner – Finlay

Chavo pep talks Mysterio.

Gregory Helms (c) vs. Matt Hardy – WWE Cruiserweight Title
I wonder if Matt had to cut weight for this match. Back and forth to start. Matt leapfrogs Helms, and does a Hurricane pose, mocking Helms. The go to the top rope, and Helms hits a SUPER Swinging Neckbreaker. Hardy fights back, goes for the ToF, but Helms turns it into a DDT for 2. Back up the to turnbuckle, Matt tosses Helms off, and hits a moonsault for 2. Matt does the 10 count of doom but Helms pulls him off, and drops him in a snake eyes, and rolls Matt up, holding his pants for the pinfall.
Winner and Still Champion – Gregory Helms

Khali is looking for Undertaker, Daivari is trying to stop him. Undertaker comes up behind Daivari, and tosses him. Khali lures Undertaker, and Big Show jumps UT from behind.

Recap of Khali/Undertaker feud.

Long catches up with Khali, Daivari, and Big Show. Long tells Khali that he is out of the match, and Big Show is in.

Punjabi Prison Match rules:
There is a bamboo cage around the ring, and a 2nd one around the whole ringside area. You have to call for one of the 4 doors on the first cage, and it will stay open for 60 seconds. After it closes, the door will be shut for the rest of the match. Then you have to escape the other cage, but there are no doors, and there are sharp pointed bamboo rods at the top of the cage.

The Big Show vs. The Undertaker – Punjabi Prison Match
This is a very slow, sloppy and terrible match. Two doors get opened and are shut without anyone going through. The 3rd one opens, and Undertaker makes it though, after reversing a Choke Slam into a DDT. Big Show gets out the 4th door, and tosses Undertaker through a table that was set up, then shoves him back in the 4th door before it closes. Undertaker climbs over the top of the inside cage, and walks over right on the outer cage, and pulls Big Show down. Khali and Daivari make their way down through the crowd, and they climb the outside of the outer cage. Undertaker climbs the outside of the inner cage, and then drops down on Show, and they both fall back into the outer cage. The cage breaks, and the Undertaker falls through the outside to win.
Winner – The Undertaker

Booker says that he will win tonight, and become the King of the World.

Ashley vs. Kristal vs. Jillian vs. Michelle – Bra & Panties Match
The first one that pulls off the last article of clothing on one of the others wins the match. Jillian puts an already skirtless Kristal in Boston Crab, and Ashley pulls Kristal’s shirt off to win.
Winner – Ashley

Ashley and Jillian get naked too.

The Miz with Kennedy. Kennedy says that he is worried that he’ll hurt Batista too badly.

Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy – #1 Contender’s Match
Batista destroys Kennedy early, and Kennedy is busted open very early. Kennedy starts to walk away, and when Batista’s back is turned, Kennedy tries to run back in to jump Kennedy, but Batista hits a spear. Batista continues to maul Kennedy, who is gushing blood. Batista is holding Kennedy in the ropes, and the refs tries to get him to break it, but Batista won’t do it, and the ref DQ’s Batista.
Winner via DQ – Kennedy

Batista snaps, hits a few spinebusters, then a Demon Bomb.

Recap of Booker/Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio (c) vs. King Booker T (w/ Sharmell T) – World Heavyweight Title
Booker dominates the early going. He chops away in the corner, but Mysterio escapes it, and they tie up again. Mysterio off the ropes, and Booker hits a back elbow. Booker with a arm lock, but Mysterio snap mares out of it. Booker rolls to the outside, and Mysterio hits a seated senton to the outside. Mysterio rolls Booker back in the ring, but Booker takes over. Mysterio gets Booker on the ropes, and goes for a 619, but Booker dodges it, and Mysterio hits a dropkick to the back of Booker’s head for 2. Booker set up with a 619 again, but Sharmell trips him up. The ref kicks Sharmell to the back. Mysterio hits a springboard crossbody for 2, then a huge DDT for 2. Mysterio leaps a Booker again, but Booker catches him, and tosses him, but he flies right into the ref. Mysterio finally hits a 619, and then hits a Frog Splash, but the ref is out. Booker is up, nails the Book End, and he goes to get a chair. Mysterio dodges a chair shot, and then hits a Van Daminator in Booker’s face, but still no ref. Chavo comes down, grabs the chair, and looks at Booker, but drills Mysterio. Booker makes the pin, as the ref gets back in the ring.
Winner and New Champion – King Booker

Show Over.