Big Brother 7: All-Stars – Recap – Episode 7 (7/23/06)

James is the new “Head of Household” and that means an interesting week. Will he stay true to his “BB6” roots or switch things up a bit? It will be very interesting to see who he nominates as well, as I have a feeling it may upset one of the other “BB6” people. It’s time to find out, though! So lets go now!

‘Big Brother 7: All-Stars’ – Episode 7 (7/23/06)

We take a look a Nakomis going home. Diane says she will fight and play this game for her now. It sucks that she is gone now. Again..Jase doesn’t say goodbye to her. Mike says he liked Nakomis and wanted her to stay, but Diane is hott so he is glad she is staying. Will can’t believe that everyone else voted her out. Will says he wants to stir the pot a little bit. Jase says that Nakomis won’t be in the “jury”, so why kiss her butt when she leaves. He still holds a grudge against her from Season 5 for “backdooring” him out of that game.

Diane can’t believe she is still here. But she is ready to play now. Will says that there were two votes for Nakomis and he was one. They wonder who the other vote was from. Janelle informs us that she and Nakomis smoked together! Nasty! So she is sad that she lost her “cancer stick” buddy! Oh..snap..we learn that it WAS Janelle who voted for Nakomis to stay. The other “BB6” people voted for Diane to stay. Interesting. I guess smoking is that addictive! Will suspects the other vote was from someone from “BB6”. He thinks their alliance already has cracks in it. James says that he and Howie voted for Nakomis to go since she was more of a threat than Diane. Basically, James says the way they voted this time was best for him and Howie and not Janelle and Kaysar.

Now we get clips of James winning the “HOH” competition. Mike gives “BB6” props for winning 3 “HOH” competitions in a row! Howie says that if everyone else doesn’t like him celebrating that much when they win, they can kiss his big booty! Danielle says she will continue to kiss “BB6” ass this week. James is happy to be “HOH” for the first time and be safe. Danielle wonders if she is safe for another week? Howie tells Kaysar that James winning “HOH” was HUGE! Kaysar says they are a force to be reckon with. Will thinks that him and Mike are going up, but Mike doesn’t think so. He thinks that James was mad at Kaysar for Kaysar’s nominations. They really don’t know who James will put up, but they think it could shake up the entire house. I agree.

Now we see George cleaning up the house like Alice from the ‘Brady Bunch’. Mike says that George is the “house mother”. He cooks, cleans, takes out the garbage, and everything else. Kaysar calls George a “maniac” at cleaning. Howie knows what George is really doing. He listens to everyone else and what they have to say. Howie calls him “dangerous”.

We take a look at James’ “HOH” bedroom. It’s in red and black colors. I like it! Marcellas loves that the room changes each week. We also get a picture of Sarah and James kissing. She was on ‘BB6’ with James and they are still dating and living together in Chicago. And that’s why James is a lucky man! Howie loves Sarah, of course. Jase only cares about his own family and friends.

Time for some more celebrating from Kaysar, Janelle, Howie, and James. James says he needs to figure out who are their allies and who aren’t their allies. It seems that everyone is scared of Jase the most. George’s names comes up as being taken out this week. He’s not a threat, but it will make a point. It will force the “floaters” in Danielle, Marcellas, Erika, and Diane to choose a side or be taken out. That’s smart really. James wants to talk to everyone by himself to figure things out. But before we take our first break..they all give a shout of..“FINAL FOUR!”

Commercial Break…

We come back and Mike is working out. He’s getting buff! He says that Jase, James, and Kaysar were already ripped coming into the house and he needed to catch up! He’s “half man..half not amazing!”

Meanwhile, Will is bored! Danielle doesn’t know why Will complains so much about this show. He complains about the cabinets in the air, the pictures on the wall, the lights, the workout equipment, etc. Will says this is part of his strategy. Kaysar knows this. Diane asks Marcellas if that is Will’s strategy and Marcellas says it is.

Will comes to talk to James now. James wants to know if Will REALLY wants to go home right now? Because if James puts up George and Will, there could be a chance that Will could get sent home. Will doesn’t care really. He says there is “BB6” vs. “Chill Town II” and then the “floaters”. James says he is the “odd” man out of “BB6”. When they need James, he is there, but when they don’t need James, they don’t want him. James says that this won’t happen to him again. Will and James both agree that no one wants “floaters” to be in the final two. James then says that he wants to stick with Will, Mike, and Danielle until the end. James is not a part of “Chill Town” yet, but they do have a lot in common. Will likes this.

Jase practices his “zany commercial shoots” with a pink innertube. Jase just made up this entire commercial with rhymes in like 5 seconds! That’s why I like him! Howie calls him “crazy”, which is just NUTS coming from Howie!

Erika talks to James and tells him that she would target George next. Marcellas talks to James and George is again brought up. Marcellas says it could be a “free week” in the house if George is going home. Danielle thinks James should target his biggest threat. Danielle doesn’t think it’s George, though. James says if he doesn’t do this now, then George slips through until the end. Danielle wants to target Jase. But if James is going for personal reasons, then it’s George. Danielle thinks that if James put up Will, then Will is gone! It will backfire! Time for another break!

Commercial Break…

We are back and Danielle, Janelle, Howie, and James are all eating “slop”. They keep stirring it to see if it turns into pudding or something. James says he can’t get the taste from your mouth. Danielle says that “slop” will never replace real food! And you know what is next!

It’s now time for the next “Food Competition”! Everyone will pair up and attempt to earn food for each day of the week. They have to use a stick and roll a bowling ball up the ramp using a stick that each person has a handle on each side. There are holes everywhere on the ramp. If a pair make it all the way to the top, then they get to eat all kinds of food for that a catered meal for everyone! There are four “danger zones” on the board. If the ball falls through one of these holes, then they have to eat whatever it says on the board. The food gets better, the higher you go up the board as you might imagine. There are also a few holes where if you hit that, you have to eat “slop”!

James and Erika are up first to play for Mondays’ food. Danielle says they were focused as they move up the board. James says it was 120 degrees outside. They have to keep the bowling ball steady on the stick as they move up the board. They make it near the top. James is in charge of everything and they make it all the way to the top! They get a feast! Monday feast for everyone!

Mike and Diane, of course, are partners and they go for Tuesday. Mike directs Diane. Mike is going crazy and yelling at Diane. But they make it all the way up to the top again. Tuesday is another feast!

Will and Danielle are going for Wednesday. They are excited to pass the “slop” hole and they just lose control and move it up to the bread & kumquats section. They get to eat that AND vegetables and beer for Wednesday.

Howie and Kaysar go for Thursday. Kaysar says the heat made the game harder than it should be. They couldn’t think. Kaysar guided Howie and they made it up to the top for another feast on Thursday!

Marcellas and Janelle are up for Friday. Marcellas says their partnership was formed based on looks and whether they like each other or not. Everyone yells at them and Marcellas tells them to be quiet. They only get vegetables and beer for Friday. Janelle says she is glad they didn’t get the “slop” for that day. Marcellas says the only physical activity they could do together is maybe shopping.

George and Jase are last for Saturday. Jase says that George could be his only friend in this house. George is shaking like crazy! And he says it’s hot! Kaysar says that George looked like he was going to pass out there. He stopped and wiped off the sweat from himself every 5 seconds. They make it to the top for a Saturday feast! But afterwards, George collapses to the ground! He is okay, though. The force is strong with George says Howie. Danielle is happy that there is no “slop” for next week!

Marcellas can’t believe he and Janelle sucked again! They always do that as a team! They are just supposed to be “beauty queens” and look good. Janelle is happy that she didn’t do that well at this competition, since it makes her less of a threat. Marcellas wants potato and corn chips. No one knows what a kumquats is either as we go to another break!

Commercial Break…

We come back and Mike is talking in his sleep! Janelle is scared! Mike says he has always done this. Janelle may use this to see what he really thinks. But he’s just speaking jibberish and this is really weird! Mike says he is doing this on purpose to bother everyone else, though.

Of course, George is still snoring away! Danielle is always the first one up in the house. She can’t sleep after she had kids. Danielle never had a marriage without kids. She is 34 with a 17-year-old and a 13-year-old. She had to grow up fast at 16. Danielle just wants to talk to them at home.

Janelle tells James to keep Marcellas and Danielle safe since they are in with “BB6”, but not solid. They both want Jase. And James is thinking that Jase is a threat now. He could be going up. James likes being “HOH”. If you want something done, win “HOH”! Who will he put up?! Find out after our last break!

Commercial Break…

Jase and Will are both not scared to be nominated. They almost expect it to happen. James says there is pressure on him with these nominations. Mike says these nominations are a big mystery. There is a good chance he could be going up. George is nervous as well. George says he is as dumb as he looks. He’s no threat here. James says he is looking out for himself. “‘Big Brother’ is not a team sport” says James!

It’s now time for the “Nomination Ceremony”! James says this is not easy. There are benefits and consequences from his actions. James removes the first key and it belongs to Erika. Erika grabs Danielle’s key next. Danielle removes Mike from the box. Mike has Kaysar’s key. Kaysar gets Janelle’s key. Janelle removes Diane’s key from the box. Jase is safe another week. So is Marcellas. That just leaves Will, George, AND Howie. The last key belongs to Howie, of course. So it’s George and Will as James first said! The reason for Will is because he says he wants to go home, so here is his chance. The reason for George is that he was caught listening to one of James’ conversations. So it’s time to take him out!

Final comments now! Will says he is not scared being nominated for eviction. He has no concerns here. If they keep Will in this game, then Will says they are fools! James says he looking out for himself and if Will proves that “Chill Town II” can’t be trusted, then Will could easily be going home this week! George is a little mad at being evicted. He doesn’t like it at all!

And that’s all for the Sunday show this week! See you next time!

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