A Case of the Mondays

Well, after a long streak of beautiful weekends, I guess we were bound to get some crappy weather. Nevertheless, it was a *ahem* interesting weekend for me, for reasons I cannot get into. Don’t read TOO much into that, because I wasn’t actually directly involved in anything too interesting. I was more an involuntary spectator.

Real quick, but congratulations to Booker T for winning the World Heavyweight Championship. It’s nice that he’s finally getting recognized for his hard work. Say what you will about WWE, but in the past couple years we’ve seen Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Edge, John Cena, Randy Orton, Booker T, Rob Van Damm, and Rey Mysterio all get World Championship reigns. Along with that, we’ve gotten numerous Kurt Angle reigns as well.

Anyway, I apologize for the lateness of this week’s column. My computer at home was moving atrociously slow (a growing trend), forcing me to wait until Monday to actually write this, where I would have faster computer access. Since I don’t want this being posted too late, I’ll get right into it.

BUT FIRST…. TV Guide had some pretty interesting articles about Smallville and Lost, two favorites of mine. Actually, a pretty significant revelation was made regarding one Lost character, and considering how hush-hush they are about, well, everything, I was pretty surprised they would drop that bomb. In the interest of remaining spoiler free, I won’t get into the specifics. In regards to Smallville, it appears that the Green Arrow is the next Superhero to make a guest appearance, and lo and behold, Lois gets involved with him. Is Lois like the default girl every Superhero to be gets hitched with at some point?

Also, Jimmy Olsen makes some guest appearances, which is pretty cool, although I must admit I do find a few inconsistencies annoying. First off, Clark is supposed to be significantly older than Jimmy. Based on the comic book, movies, and every other television show, I’d say by a good decade or so. Yet, in this reimagining, not only are they relatively the same age, but Jimmy loses his virginity before Clark! I mean, c’mon!


Yes, I am still watching this show. In part, because I think the show, theoretically, has potential. Secondly, because I think Luke Perry is a good actor (c’mon, how could you not love him from his Dylan McKay days?) Thirdly, because I think the girl who plays Frankie is kinda cute, in a non-traditional way. All of those factors combined, I can take an hour out of my Thursday nights.

That said, this show does deserve its fair share of criticism. Like I’ve said before, it’s almost as if this show has too much going on at once. It also seems as if they either know where they want to go with certain stories but don’t know how to get there, or they’re taking each episode week by week and have no idea where they ultimately want to take them.

Granted, I missed one episode so this may have been explained, but what happened with Kimberly? It seems to me that her storyline, about an underprivileged mother who suddenly finds riches and decides to actually make the entire community better, has a lot more interest and potential than whether Cameron wants to bang Nina.

Actually, that’s pretty much all I have to say about the show this week.

THE 4400:

Wow, that Isabelle has really become twisted, hasn’t she? I’m definitely digging the character, as well as the fact that she has Shawn and her father wrapped around her finger because of her immense power and mental instability. I like how her character has basically become darker and darker, and more and more insane, finally getting to the point that Shawn, who has always been portrayed as morally sound and has never wanted to resort to violence, actually felt he needed to kill her.

I still have qualms over the fact that Kyle is evidently upset with his father, because of the fact that the two had never seemed closer when the season closed and Kyle decided to turn himself in. Why is he suddenly bitter towards Tom? Reluctantly, Tom supported Kyle’s decision, and when Kyle confessed Tom was there next to him. It just seems very unexplained to me.

The whole story arc with Tom and Diana seeing people from their past was interesting. Actually, what I found most interesting is that these “ghosts” were not portrayed as part of their subconscious, but as real entities. Particularly, when Tom and his father are staking out and looking for the dealer, Tom’s back is turned and his father mentions seeing somebody wearing a Varsity jacket. The guy in the Varsity jacket was not in Tom’s line of sight, making it impossible for him to actually see him (even if he did project the observation to his father’s consciousness). To me, that was very revealing, even if it was an unintentional scripting error.

It also would have been nice if Tom’s falling out with his father was more closely correlated to Tom’s falling out with Kyle. In other words, much like how Diana’s visions of her ex-fiance let to her decision to end things with Marco, I would have liked Tom’s visions of his father to be tied into his decision to fix things with Kyle.

I was a bit disappointed to see Diana end things with Marco. It’s not as if the relationship was given a whole lot of screen time, but it at least added another layer to her character. For that matter, let’s get Maia some more stories.

I am definitely very interested in seeing how this season is going to end, since I’m honestly unsure of whether they’ll kill off Isabelle (who is sure to play a huge role in the finale). Between Tom, Shawn, and even Richard, the chick’s obviously got a huge target on her back.


I actually quite enjoyed this episode, as the foil added a great deal of comic relief, especially in the first flashback (with the background music). Another thing I liked was the fact that Johnny didn’t conveniently have visions of the exact thing he wanted to have visions of (which often come off as contrived, even within the context of the show).

Overall, a pretty enjoyable filler episode. It was also nice to see that Sarah hasn’t dropped off the face of the earth. Also, isn’t she supposed to be pregnant? I know that at the end of last season she and Walt were trying, so what’s the hold up?

Anyway, I’m going to tie things up now. This is actually a big week for me, as today (well, Monday anyway) is my friend’s birthday, Wednesday is another friend’s birthday, and Thursday my brother-in-law’s sister is trekking to Sweden to try out for their professional team. So I hope the week for everybody involved is very pleasant. Until next week, Case Closed.