Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat – Recap – Episode 9

Here is how I would rank the teams after Week 8…

The Teams

#1 – Coral and Evan
#2 – Theo and Chanda
#3 – Shane and Linette
#4 – Darrell and Aviv
#5 – Derrick and Diem
#6 – Tina and Kenny
#7 – Katie and Eric
#8 – Wes and Casey
#9 – Tonya and Johnnie
#10 – Johanna and Jesse
#11 – Melinda and Ryan
#12 – Danny and Ev

Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat – (Episode 9)

Cue the music..cue the entrances..cue the video game effects with each team being shown together as it gets loaded onto your TV or computer screen. The “alumni” are dressed in black, while the “fresh meat” are dressed in red. Oh..and it’s TJ Lavin as the host playing this “video game”…

We open up to some wackiness that is expected from these people. There is a contest at some bar. Evan joins it, which is not smart according to him since he is injured. Basically, he has to blow up a condom like a balloon until it blows up! He faces two random chicks and easily wins! He is glad that he can still beat the local drunks, even if he can’t win any more challenges.

Now we get some scheming and plotting. Wes and Casey are helping Katie and Eric. Wes tells them what exile is all about. Why? Well..Katie and Eric have promised to not vote Wes and Casey back into exile. They form an alliance to target two of the top teams and have one of them out early. If Katie and Eric win, then they have some power to do “some crazy things” according to Wes.

Tina learns that Wes told Katie and Eric about exile and she is pissed! No one expects them to win and come back and no one wants them to come back. And that is a true statement. Kenny is nervous about exile. They fight a little more, but it’s all in good fun it seems.

The teams get a clue! “Are you ready to pull out all the stops in tomorrow’s challenge?” Wes is worried about Tina and Kenny winning exile, because if they do..he and Casey go back into exile against Katie and Eric.

TJ now explains the rules of this challenge to the teams. It is called the“Human Ox Pull”! There are two huge sleds with bales of hay on them. They have to pull these sleds 100 meters to the finish line. The total weight they have to pull is 850 lbs. There will be two groups of teams. The group that goes the fastest advances to the next round. Then, that group will separate into their original groups and then pull a sled that weighs 350 lbs. without any hay on it, though. The winning team gets a Netflix subscription and a 32″ flat-screen TV! If Katie and Eric or Tina and Kenny win this challenge, they get a pardon and get to pick someone to take their place.

Now we divide the teams. Shane and Linette and Theo and Chanda are captains of opposite teams, since they won the last two challenges. Shane and Linette pick first and they get Coral and Evan. Theo and Chanda take Darrell and Aviv, of course. Shane and Linette then go with Katie and Eric. Theo and Chanda get Tina and Kenny. Shane and Linette finish with Derrick and Diem. So that means Theo and Chanda end up with Wes and Casey. Chanda thinks they have the better team, since their girls are stronger than the other team’s girls.

Evan is scared at what could happen to his body during this challenge. He has to pull all of this weight and he can’t rest while doing it. Eric is confident in this challenge. He thinks he will do pretty good.

The challenge begins and both teams start pulling! Both teams struggle as they slip in the mud. Linette says it is hard to pull this sled as every bone in your body feels like it’s getting crushed. Time for our first break finally!

Commercial time!

We come back and both teams are still pulling. Shane and Linette’s team starts to take the lead. Darrell says this shouldn’t happen. His team is stronger. Something much be wrong here. Both teams keep pulling away. It’s pretty even. Evan is in some pain. He says he has a shooting pain in his gut and he is trying not to puke from the pain. This is a struggle..I tell you. Now Theo and Chanda’s team go with the old..”1..2..3..pull” method and that seems to work best. Shane says he sees his team weakening and they look defeated. It appears over and it is! Theo and Chanda’s team wins! Kenny says everyone is hurting, but they move on. So that means Katie and Eric are going into exile for sure now.

Meanwhile, Evan is hurting from his groin. But wait..Coral is hurt as well. She dislocated his knee. Evan is on the bus to the hospital as well. Coral wonders what is wrong with him? Evan says he is there for moral support, but really he has an injury that needs to be taken care of. He says something is extremely wrong right now.

Phase 2 begins now! Kenny informs us that if he wins this challenge, he will be putting Wes and Casey into their place. Theo and Chanda, Darrell and Aviv, Tina and Kenny, and Wes and Casey all start to pull their sleds now!

Theo and Chanda take the early lead as expected. Casey tries to do something, but she isn’t helping her team. Wes basically quits now. He couldn’t pull it with Casey. He says that Casey “sucks at life”. Darrell and Aviv keep going. Theo and Chanda are ahead, but they appear dead tired. Tina and Kenny are last and Kenny says that he can’t pull this by himself. Wes says it’s stupid for them to continue, since they are wasting energy on this challenge that could be used for exile later. Darrell says he is some extreme pain, but he just keeps thinking about the money. It’s a race between Theo and Chanda and Darrell and Aviv and Darrell and Aviv win this challenge!

Here is how the results look for this challenge:

#8 – Wes and Casey – Out First Round
#8 – Katie and Eric – Out First Round
#8 – Tina and Kenny – Out First Round
#8 – Tonya and Johnnie – Out First Round
#4 – Wes and Casey
#3 – Tina and Kenny
#2 – Theo and Chanda

#1 and WINNERS – Darrell and Aviv

Katie and Eric and Tina and Kenny say goodbye to everyone now. Katie says it’s 50/50 on who is going home. They know a lot about exile, but Tina and Kenny may know more. So who knows what will happen.

Coral and Evan are at the hospital. Evan has to help Coral into the hospital. Evan’s injury is worse. The hernia is bigger and there is bleeding inside as well. The doctor tells him to not continue this game. But Evan doesn’t know if he will listen to the doctor or not.

TJ now explains the rules of exile again to Katie and Eric and Tina and Kenny. Teams have to carry the weight of the bags they brought with them, grab the team flag, puzzles, start, middle, and end, etc.

They all get into the van with their blindfolds on and jump out to start this thing. Tina and Kenny carry 164 lbs., while Katie and Eric carry 216 lbs.! This doesn’t look good for Katie and Eric then. Eric is not the fastest person around. Lets hope Tina and Kenny get into a fight. Tina prays that Kenny has enough energy to win this exile. She is not ready to go home yet! Time for our last break!

Commercial time!

Katie struggles to put on her bags. Tina and Kenny are already off. Kenny says that the weight of their bags comes from mainly Tina’s luggage. Katie can’t balance herself with the bags on her back. Tina says she can’t walk with her bags. Katie wants Eric to carry another bag. Eric has four bags to like Katie’s one bag.

Tina and Kenny make it to the first reward puzzle and they do it. Basically, they have to figure out what a group of letters mean. They form words that form a common phrase. And this puzzle is pretty damn easy if you think about for 10 seconds. Tina and Kenny complete the puzzle and their reward is to drop all of their bags. And this exile should be done. But of course, they FORGET their freakin’ flag! Katie and Eric get to the puzzle and Katie doesn’t get it. Eric does figure it out, though.

About this time, Kenny and Tina figure out they forgot their flag. Kenny races back to get their flag. He gets it and Eric and Katie are now done with the puzzle. They drops their bags and the race is on! Tina and Kenny are at the second reward challenge and it’s the common “peg jumping board game” that can be found at any Cracker Barrel restaurant in the South. Don’t do it! This game is frustrating! Tina and Kenny do it, though, and surprise..Tina figures it out! They complete this puzzle too! Their reward is they get to take two minutes off their total time. Tina brags about being good at puzzles. They get their flags. Katie and Eric are right behind and after Eric figures out this puzzle again, they get the same reward. But Tina and Kenny are already at the finish line! They win!

Tina says that she and Kenny are unstoppable at exile, since their opponents knew more about it going into it. TJ congratulates both teams for completing both reward puzzles. Kenny thinks they have a great shot at making it to the end. Eric says he had a great experience here, but there was nothing they could do. They lost. Katie says she is disappointed, but you can’t cry about it. It won’t change the result.

The van pulls back up at the house and Tina and Kenny step out. Wes is disappointed, of course. He says it’s sad to see a friend go like Katie and that pretty much means he will be going back into exile. Tina thinks that she and Kenny have a good shot at going to the “Final Four”. I wouldn’t go that far, but there seems to be a “free” spot up for grabs..maybe.

Now everyone discusses Coral and Evan. Everyone thinks that Coral is done, since she took out her knee. And Coral has to go to a different hospital to fix her knee. The doctors tell Coral not to compete either. But she seems set on competing as well. We hear this as we see Evan limp off as well!

And we are out until next week!

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