Murtzcellanious: LIVE Canadian Idol Recap – July 24

A strange opening to tonight’s show as Sue Brophy, the usual warm-up act was nowhere to be seen. Instead, we had a girl named Heather who was used to rev up the crowd.

Ben Mulroney came out and was wearing an interesting suit to say the least. It was brown and black and was just an odd combination.

The show started and Ben said that this was the first Idol show that was not only a tribute to The Rolling Stones, but was also a tribute to them. He also mentioned the SARS concert.

He asked the judges for their opening comments.

Jake: They (Rolling Stones) have rehearsed here. Influenced a lot of bands. They are truly the greatest rock and roll band ever.

Sass: A song is a song. You make a song your own.

Farley: We’re hoping that the song choices are great.

Zack: It’s the greatest rock and roll band in the world. Tonight is the night to show you’re a wedding singer, a headliner or the Canadian Idol

The idols came out and then a montage Rolling Stones video was played.

Chad Doucette
– Sang “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.”
– Shades of Jacob Hoggard in style and song.
– Sounded slightly nasal-y, but this is indicative of his tone.
– Decent vocal.
– He was really into it, but it was nothing to write home about.

Jake: Took that song to another place. Great job.
Sass: You always put the Chad flavour on it.
Farley: You can’t dance though bro.
Zack: Gotta find a way to make the big note work for you. It’s all Chad, all the time.

Eva and Tyler were up after the break.

Eva Avila
– Sang “Wild Horses.”
– Beginning was soft.
– Arrangement isn’t loud enough.
– Her eyes were closed for the majority of the performance.
– Not a great ballad.
Sass: Eva Le Dragon was breathing fire into that song.
Farley: Arrangement was accommodating for your voice. Fantastic.
Zack: Seemed like you were play-acting to the camera.
Jake: I’d love to hear you sing the full version because I’d love to hear you sing.

Tyler Lewis
– Sang “Paint It Black.”
– Awesome
– Another perfect song choice from Tyler.
– He has scored with the last two themes.
– I think he should have gone into the crowd to seal the deal.
– Farley is really into it.
– This guy is a sleeper in the competition.

Farley: No one is developing faster in this competition. I am really pleased.
Zack: Tip my hat to Saskatchewan for keeping you around.
Jake: You blew the roof off this place!
Sass: Small town boys bring rockstars!

Sarah, Brandon and Ashley up next.

Sarah Loverock
– Sang “I Got The Blues.”
– Song is boring.
– She’s singing it well.
– Don’t think it will illicit people to vote.
– On Rolling Stones night, you should go with a song that gets the crowd rocking.

Zack: Odd to choose that song.
Jake: Best singer in the competition in terms of technical ability. You did a great job singing the blues.
Sass: When you go up in your higher register, you blow the roof off. Cool, but not fabulous.
Farley: Be smart. This is the playoffs.

Brandon Jones
– Sang “Jumping Jack Flash.”
– Pouring it on.
– Needed a memorable performance.
– Rocked it out.
– His best in awhile, although the pitch was gravelly at times.

Jake: Not good enough to be in the top nine
Sass: Needs more staccato.
Farley: Stayed on your course. Don’t see you competing beyond where you are.
Zack: I saw a lot of girls screaming.

Ashley Coulter
– Sang “Gimme Shelter.”
– Solid.
– I like her new look.
– I have never heard this song before, but it is showcasing Ashley’s strengths.
– Manages to retain clarity of the song but in a unique style.

Sass: When you killed it at the end, that really shone. Really good performance.
Zack: With right material, you could be world-class rocker.
Jake: I felt that note.
Farley: (Inaudible).

Rob James is next.

Rob James
– Sang “Start Me Up.”
– Weird opening when he tried to prompt the guitar player or something.
– He is also feeling it.
– The air-guitar motions indicate a level of comfort and definitely of experience.
– Chose popular song.
– Experience helps.

Farley: Well done.
Zack: You decided to compete.
Jake: Really, really, really enjoyed that. I saw you having the time of your life.
Sass: Good good job!


Steffi D
– Sang “Miss You.”
– Using sex appeal this week.
– Performance is outstanding, the singing is average at best.
– She’s a ham for the camera.
– Performance is fun and light, with a little scandal.
– It was enjoyable.

Zack: Andrea Martin/SCTV thing going on. I dig you completely.
Jake: You actually pay attention to the lyrics.
Sass: Charming personality, lovely to watch you.
Farley: With all this talk about World War III, we need a lot more of you.

Craig is up next.

Craig Sharpe
– Sang “Time Is On My Side.”
– Brings out flowers to start the song.
– Awesome.
– Makes up for last week’s miscues with “Losing Grip.”
– Perfect pitch.
– I liked that he gave rose to Sass.
– Proves that he is a showman.

Jake: Nice touch with the roses. All I can say is ‘wow.’
Sass: Sounded exactly like we were in the 60’s.
Farley: Only downside was that you didn’t see Zack’s outstretched hand for the rose.
Zack: You are something brilliant.


See you for the results. My prediction is Sarah will bite it.

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