[WWE] A Gift, A Cancellation & A Pre-emption

PWTorch has reported that RAW ran smoothly last night despite Vince’s absense to be with Stephanie when she went into labour. The HBK/Coach segment was rewritten, but most of the show was left alone, with Vince available via phone if writers Ed Koskie or Dave Lagana needed him. Paul Heyman was there, but Brian Gewertz was not.

In other news, Vince McMahon is having a $2.3 million indoor tennis facility constructed in Ebensburg, PA as a gift to his mother, who is a resident there. You can read about it here.

RAW will air from 11pm – 1am on 28th August and 4th September due to the US Open coverage on the USA Network.

WWE’s Israel shows are now officially cancelled.

Last week’s Smackdown did a 2.3 broadcast rating, with a 4.5 share, according to PWInsider. Also from PWInsider, Fox8 in Australia has picked up the rights to air ECW television weekly starting Saturday, 2nd September at 2 p.m. ET.