InsidePulse’s ECW on Sci-Fi Report 07.25.06

InsidePulse’s ECW on Sci-Fi Report 07.25.06
Live from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Mich.
Announcers are Joey Styles & Tazz
By: John Cavanagh

Our main event for tonight will be The Big Show vs. Kane for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship, because having actual ECW guys compete for it makes far too much sense. We can also expect Tommy Dreamer to be taught some more lessons for speaking his mind on the internet. All that and more of the same can be expected tonight.

The show opens with Mike Knox and Kelly Kelly in the ring. Mike says that he wants to show everyone something that they all can enjoy, which is a montage of all the dances Kelly has done on the show thus far since it premiered on Sci-Fi. Mike tells Kelly that she can’t take her clothes off ever again, and then shows us a clip of Sandman caneing Kelly last week when Knox pulled her in front of him. He says there’s no doubt in his mind that Sandman hit her on purpose, and that he didn’t abandon her, but ran to the back to get EMT’s to help her. Mike says that he wants everybody to watch and see how he treats Sandman.

Sandman makes his way down to the ring. The Ref tries to take away his cane which means that this will be not be and ECW Rules match.

Mike Knox vs. Sandman

Knox gets a few cheap shot in while the ref and Sandman fight over the cane. He begins to land a few knees to Sandman’s head. The two get up and and then starts throwing a few punches, Sandman hits the White Russian Legsweep and then goes to the outside to get his cane. He comes back in to the ring and the ref tries to pull the cane away, while this goes on Kelly comes in to the ring and Sandman goes to hit Knox but is able to pull back in time before hitting Kelly by mistake again. While Sandman yells at Kelly to get out of the ring, Test runs in and takes out Sandman. Knox gets up and the two are double teaming on Sandman, they pull him up and Test hits his F-5/neckbreaker finisher. The two along with Kelly walk away.

Winner by DQ: Sandman


Knox and Test are in the back and they talk about how they’re unstoppable and dominant. Dreamer goes after them with a trash can and starts to whale on Test, officials in the back restrain Dreamer while the other two run away.

Paul is in the locker room with Sabu who wants to challenge the Big Show to a title match. Paul talks about how brutal tonights main event between Kane and Show will be. He tells Sabu that he’d love to see the match but he can’t and won’t make the match, not tonight, not next week, not next month, not ever, he then tells Sabu that he won’t even have a match tonight and can go home. Paul walks over to Little Guido who he thinks was muttering something under his breath about Paul. Heyman’s two guards begin to pound on Guido and then Paul tells him that his match is next.


Another CM Punk segment, he says that he will debut next week.

In the ring is the Vampire along with Ariel, Little Guido is being dragged to the ring by Heyman’s security.

Vampire vs. Little Guido

Vampire quickly slams Guido to the ground with a clothesline. A few punches followed by some chops to the chest by Vampire. He gets distracted by Ariel on the apron which gives Guido enough times to get to his feet and get a boot to the gut of Vampire. Guido goes for a few more kicks but get caught by Vampire who them grabs Guido and hits a chokeslam. Vampire sets up for a fireman’s carry but puts Guido’s legs on to the ropes and hits some type of modified Stone Cold Stunner. He has Guido in the corner and starts stomping away. Pulling him in to the middle of the ring Vampire hits the Razor’s Edge and gets the pin count.

Winner: Vampire

Vampire and Ariel “celebrate” in the ring.

Styles directs us to a video package for Kane.


Another clip for “The Reject” Shannon Moore is shown.

Balls Mahoney vs. Justin Credible

Credible takes some early control of the match with a few right hands to Balls. Credible tries for something off the ropes but Balls reverses it and slams Credible to the canvas. He picks him up and whips him to the corner, does his Balls Combo while trying to get the non ECW fans to chant along. Then a kick to Credible’s jaw. Credible tries to crawl out of the ring but Balls pulls him back, Credible goes for the ropes but Balls pushes him over and out of the ring, along with Mahoney himself. Credible tries to leave through the audience but Balls drags him back to the ring. This is another non ECW Rules match. Credible tries to capitalize back in the ring with four legdrops in a row. Goes for a pin but only gets 2. Credible goes for a DDT and another pin but another 2 count. Justin Credible hits a perfect northern lights suplex on Balls but still can’t get a pin fall. Justin tries to wear down Mahoney with a series of head locks and rest holds. Mahoney gets up and again gets the fans in to the Balls Combo. Balls goes for a pin but Credible gets his foot on the ropes. Credible pushes Balls in to the ref and goes to get a steel chair but Balls reverses it, grabs the chair and lays Credible out cold. The refs sees it and calls for the bell.

Winner by DQ: Justin Credible

Balls celebrates in the ring but when he hears the DQ he gets in the ref face, he tells him the Credible brought the chair in. When the ref doesn’t want to hear it Mahoney responds by giving the ref a shot to the head with the chair also.

Paul and Show are in the back and Show tells Paul how he’s fought everybody that has wanted a piece of him, and that Sabu is no different. Paul tells him to trust his judgment.


Styles and Tazz tell us that Kurt Angle returns next week.

Big Show vs. Kane
ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match

The former Tag Team Champions start the match with Kane trying to knock Show down with a few clotheslines but Show won’t budge. When Kane goes for a third Show moves out of the way and sends him over the ropes. The two now on the outside start with Show trying to send Kane head first in to the ring post, but Kane reverses. Kane goes under the ring and starts filling the ring with some goodies, two tables, two steel chair and a trash can. Show up again and Kane tries to keep him down but Show reverses and clotheslines Kane to the ground.


We’re back and the two are in the ring, Show in giving Kane a few chops to the chest. Kane climbs the ropes and lands another clothesline from the top. Kane sets up a steel chair in the corner between the ropes, he ties to throw show in to it but Show reverses and sends Kane instead. Show hits Kane in the back with a trash can. Show climbs the ropes but Kane gets up and low blows Show, then hits a back suplex off the second rope. Kane goes for a pin but Show kicks out. The two exchange punches, Kane gets control and forces Show in to the corner. Kane tries to hit the chokeslam but Show goes for one too, Show is able to lift Kane and hit the chokeslam but only gets a two count.

Show goes to the outside and sets up two tables side by side near the ring. He goes back in to the ring and grabs Kane, he goes to the outside apron trying to setup a suplex. Kane manages to reverse with a neckbreaker on the ropes, Show begins to go back and forth but rests on the ropes. Kane grabs a chair and hits Show but he still won’t go down, Kane connects two more times and Show falls right on to the tables. Heyman runs out and begins to plead with Show to get up. Kane rolls him in to the ring, he goes up top again but Show catches him by the throat, Kane reverses in to a DDT and goes for a a pin, the ref gets to two before Heyman pulls him out. Kane grabs Paul and pulls him in but Show is up with a chair and hits Kane in the back, Kane turns around and gets laid out with a shot to the head. Show picks up Kane and hits a chokeslam on to the steel chair. Show gets the pin fall.

Winner and STILL Champion: Big Show

Sabu out of nowhere climbs up the ropes and hits Show with a steel chair. Sabu walks to the back and Show is livid, Heyman has no idea what to do.

Show Over.

Don’t forget, you can head over to the ECW Thread in our forums and share your thoughts on the show.

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