[SD] Taping Results from Detroit (Spoilers)

Smackdown Spoilers and off-air ECW notes according to Stephen Gray and WrestlingObserver.com:

Results (the promo spots may be out of order, I added them later):

Ryan Wilson defeated Funaki with a pumphandle slam.

Jamie Noble defeated “Zakudo” (no one around me heard his name) by doing a suplerplex rolled into his sleeper submission.


Ken Kennedy defeated Batista via count-out

Vito defeated Simon Dean with his under the dress submission.

Sylvan Grenier defeated Tatanka with the TKO

Michelle McCool defeated Jillian Hall with her feet on the ropes for leverage.

I believe at this point, there was a big celebration for King Booker’s title win with balloons, a carriage to the ring, and the like. Rey interupted by doing a jumping Senton onto Booker’s throne.

Chavo said he owes no one any answers, but will, at a later date, teach Rey what being a Guerrero really means.

Finlay and Regal discuss their past battles in WCW, with Regal saying he thought that was all in the past. He blames the “troll” for his loss at the Bash, but Finlay corrects him to say it was a leprechaun.

Finlay defeated William Regal to retain the US title when Little Bastard gave William a low blow. Finlay rolled him up and used the tights.

JT won the Diva Search “Musical Chairs”.

Sylvester Terkay (with his manager Elijah Burke) defeated Matt Hardy by what appeared to be a variant of the hammerlock (or key lock) for the submission.

King Booker defeated Rey Mysterio to retain the World Title. Chavo Guerrero interfered to help Booker retain.


Tony Chimmel was the ring announcer.

WrestleMania 22 highlight package (from the end of the PPV) was shown before the show.

Ryan Wilson vs Funaki was pretty short and uninteresting. Wilson was dressed in a plaid shirt and khakis (I think – some sort of street clothes pants).

The maksed Japanese character whose name no one seemed to catch came out to old WWE standby for generic Asian wrestlers – the Orient Express theme. He seemed pretty good and the crowd eventually got into him. When Noble was lying on the 2nd rope, the masked wrestler leaped from the floor to dropkick Noble in the head, landing on the ring apron as well.

While the crowd (by the way, the crowd’s entire lower bowl was sold out and about half to 1/4 of the upper deck was as well) was more behind Batista, there were a good share of people cheering on Kennedy. Kennedy did get to do his intro without being interupted.

There was a Simon Dean promo stating Vito was playing mind games, and there was an implication that Simon Dean was gay and wanted Vito to lift his dress to cost him the match. He stopped thinking about that and regained his train of thought. At one point during the match Vito was held in a suplex, causing his dress to fall and “delight” the fans.

Miz was shown waiting outside of Rey Mysterio’s locker room. I believe they did a quick interview where Rey complained about Chavo.

Tatanka vs. Grenier was about as good as you’d think it would be, although Tatanka did get a pop coming out and fans would get into the “rally” when a chinlock was applied. Grenier ave Tatanka a low blow when the ref was taking the tomohawk away from Sylvan, then the TKO.

Michelle McCool vs Jillian was very short and not too bad (and very pleasant to watch live). The odd thing here was Kristal and Ashley were standing on the apron as if it was a tag match, even though Tony said it was one on one. They eventually went onto the floor. Match was fairly short.

William Regal did a promo which I think may have been arena only (I assume this because he said “Fit” Finlay and they did a promo together after this) talking about their days in WCW. I forget how it ended, but the intent was to make Regal out to be the heel so fans would know which guy they were SUPPOSED to boo.

A commercial for 24/7 Aired to the song “Right Now”. It was pretty good.

Finlay vs Regal was good and wasn’t too focused on Little Bastard until the end. The crowd was quite silent at first, not knowing what to make of it. Now, I don’t want to take credit for anything, but when Finlay was in a hold by Regal, my friend and I tried a rally. People may have been doing the same in other sections too, I don’t know. Anyway, this did lead to the arena doing a rally, then doing a “Let’s go Finlay!” chant, which was odd after all the silence. Finlay gave LB a high-five on the way out (he was still under the ring). Match was about 7 minutes.

The Diva Search is a lot more bareable to watch live, I’ll give it that much. The time stamps on my camera have this segment being under 7 minutes, an improvement over some of the much longer ones of the past. Whichever chick lost to JT at the end almost swung the last chair at her, but Miz broke it up.

Terkay vs Hardy was fairly boring and mostly unimpressive. Little response except for “Hardy” chants and faint “We Want Jeff” chants.

King Booker vs Rey was maybe about 9 minutes and a good match. People tried to chant “Chavo” after people were done chanting Eddie.

ECW Notes:

Fairly boring show. Ariel does a nice thing on the ropes when she enters that I don’t believe was on TV as right after it, a CM Punk promo aired.

Post show, while almost everyone was exiting (and ended up standing at the top of stairways), Undertaker and Kane defeated BIg Show and Kahli with a double chokeslam on Khali. Khali did nothing except leave mid-way through the match when Big Show tried to tag.

Boy, the crew works REALLY hard to get that ECW ring set up by 10 pm. Even Charlies Robinson and Tony Chimmel bust their ass getting things ready.

A nice thing to see on the way home was someone complaining about the new ECW, saying Vince is just pissing on it and Heyman sucks for allowing it. He was doing this while wearing a brand new WWE-version Sandman shirt.

There were also some girls near the arena steps handing out flyers for TNA Bound for Glory. We heard they were sent there by PTW’s Dave Martin.

Credit: WrestlingObserver.com

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