Big Brother All Stars – TV Show Recap – July 25

Once again we catch up with the Big Brother All-Stars.
Previously, Nakomis was evicted and we braced ourselves for the reign of King James I with lots of pictures of the ultra-gorgeous Sarah filling his HOH room.
Marcellas and Janelle bathed in the hot tub.
Chicken George was the homemaker and public enemy #1.
James grants Will his wish and nominates him and also nominates Chicken George.

James said by putting Chicken George up, it would force the other floaters to take sides. Janelle said he is playing the role of someone who doesn’t know the game and that’s bull. George jokes he’s up against a master of the game. Will loves being nominated. George also jokes about his strategic planning but says he and James just don’t mesh. Howie said he likes George because he cooks and cleans for him. Boogie said he has a strong alliance with Will and wants to take someone else out. He also says it’s quizzical that the Season 6 (S6) would see the greatest player in Big Brother history as a “pawn”.

Jase goes to James’ room and says he doesn’t like to kiss the HOH’s ass even if it means he gets nominated. James said he saw two people who came to play the game get evicted while someone content to cook and clean and not play is still in the house.

We see Marcellas say something appealing about every man in the house. He’d kiss Jase. He’d kiss Howie. He wouldn’t be desperate enough to kiss Chicken George. But he’s in love with Kaysar and recalled how Kaysar smelled when he came to talk to him. At the end, Kaysar is shown hugging him.

Erika and Marcellas agree that George has to go home unless he shows he can win something. But also look at evicting Will because you only get so many chances to get ‘the big player’ out.

After commercial, we see Jase rapping in the bedroom. Of course then we see Boogie doing the same thing. Diane says she doesn’t know if the night can get any weirder but then someone decides to wake George up. George plays along, gets on the foot stool and starts some rap. He says in the diary room that he’s like “that two-dollar guy or 75 cents or whatever.” Dani says in DR “be very afraid of the chicken man.”

Jase in front of the mirror, doing the mirror face. Flat ironing his hair, posing in front of the mirror, and making the “Jase Face.” Danielle says “Everybody do the Jase face,” and they show Will and Boogie doing that imitation in the DR.

Chicken George and Howie are in the kitchen alone. George says the veto is his last stand. Howie notes “I love George. I really do.” George tells him to watch who his friends are. They then toast eachother with their glass of beer. This is one of those nice friendships that we have enjoyed seeing develop.

Commercial. I quickly change the channel. Woohoo! My Steffi D, despite being in the Canadian Idol bottom three, is safe for another week! I cheer and change the channel back quickly.

Gather for the Veto competition, and a twist. The wheel has been replaced by a bag. There’s a new ball called “Houseguest’s choice” where if they draw it, they can choose who gets to play for the veto. James drew first and got Kaysar. Will got the choice ball and of course named Boogie. George drew Jase. Janelle to host.
The competition is called “How far will houseguests go to get the veto, a series of tasks that are more challenging as they go. The first step is “Sloppy surprise” or eating a bowl of slop which Danielle calls Satan’s Oatmeal. All start eating but Will and Boogie don’t finish, holding up a red ball to signal they cannot complete the task and are out of the competition. George is shaking while eating but completes the task.
Next is “Shirt off your back” where they throw their shirt and pants in a fire barrel. All four do so.
Then “Sign me up”, where the other houseguests write on them. All give up their bodies to the graffiti.
Next is “Human Blueberry”, where they all slip into a bathtub with blue food coloring. Jase notes that his hair is now blue so he calls himself “Jakomis”.
“No veto for you” is next. They have to give up playing for the following week’s veto. James bows out since he already can’t compete for HOH next week (Although do I sense a twist coming on? We’ll find out Thursday). Jase also says no. Kaysar and George agree. Kaysar says he has to pick up the slack for his team.
Next is the moment live-feeders still talk about, “Hair today, gone tomorrow.” In the spirit of Joyce Agu, who shaved her hair off to win the fast forward in the Amazing Race 7 (and eventually beat out Rob and Amber to win the race), we see Howie expose George’s bald head and Marcellas gladly shave the curly mane of Kaysar, who hesitated for a moment before sitting in the barber’s chair.
Finally, with 60 days left, Janelle asks how many days would the HG’s be willing to go in the house eating nothing but slop. Kaysar says 15. George, all 60. Nothing chicken about George. He has the veto. He says “I’m back. I’m staying”. James is sour.

Commercial – They come back with something about leaving the houseguests a wake-up message. Go to their official site for more.

James said everything he has worked for has gone down the drain. George says even though he has to eat crud soup for 60 days, that’s how quickly things change in the house. S6ers discuss putting up Jase. James says he has an understanding with Jase to play straight up. They the discuss Boogie. James notes Jase is more capable of winning challenges and putting them up but didn’t want this to be a backdoor situation. Janelle says their best move is to put up Jase.

Kaysar tells Jase they have to send him home. Jase tries to convince them to put up Boogie instead. Jase sarcastically remarks “I love getting backdoored” (Reference to the six-finger plan two years ago). He starts throwing stuff in the backyard. He starts venting at James and Howie with everyone watching. He also mentions Marcellas who lifts himself up and starts a two-minute yelling match. Jase says part of his game is calling people out. Marcellas says “Now I see why the people of season five hated you.” (Apparently, the live-feeders have seen a lot more of Jase’s antics and can’t wait for him to leave.)

After final commercial, George calls everyone in for the veto meeting. Jase says he freaked out because he is a true competitor. James says he tried to play the two main alliances off on eachother and chose the alliance not in power.

The meeting begins. Will says he can’t get into this game. He says in his season, there were lots of people he hated and that motivated him. This season, he hates everyone in the house equally. He encouraged everyone to vote for him, threatening to throw every competition including food competitions to ensure the rest of the HG’s eat slop. He ends by encouraging George to use the veto saying “George, you’re a badass.”

George says how honored he is to be an all-star and it was one of the greatest things to happen to him when he was chosen. He says he wants to play with all his heart and soul. He says they have a second chance and how many times do they get that? He says “you guys are all-stars at something in life.” and proceeds to use the veto on himself. James in a short speech asks Jase to sit in the nominee’s chair.

Jase ends the show by saying, “Let’s cut the BS. I was backdoored. But I’m not out the door yet.”

Who will be evicted? Will the S6 domination continue? Will Julie Chen wear her tight white pants? Find out Thursday.