[JunkNewsflash!] Smackdown Spoilers From Detroit

Thanks to ‘Dancing’ Alan Howser for sending in the results.

Dark Matches:

Chavo defeated a fat jobber in a red mask.

Booker T defeated a fat jobber in a blue mask.

Chavo cuts a promo against Finley for some reason.

Heat Matches:

Finley defeats exhausted fat jobber in black mask. Is that the same guy?

Replay of Punjabi Prison match.

Replay of Finley defeating fat jobber.

ECW recap. They didn’t actually show the recap, they showed the introduction for the recap. I guess because the show hadn’t been taped.

Main Event was Finley and Little Bastard defeating Chavo and Booker T to win the tag team titles?


Booker T comes out, does the “All Hail King Booker” bit by himself. He says Sharmell has been suspended for a while. Brags about beating Rey Mysterio and becoming WWE champion, then says Rey was beaten so badly he won’t be coming back to Smackdown for around a month. This brings out Chavo. He tells Booker he couldn’t have won without his help. Booker gets upset and challenges Chavo to a match tonight. Chavo accepts. Fit Finley’s music plays, he comes out and says he should be the number one contender because he is the US Champion. Booker and Chavo get pissed, challenge Finley to a tag match with the partner of his choice. Finley’s music plays.

Recap of Batista vs. Kennedy at GAB.

Teddy Long promo. He informs us that Batista’s attack on Ken Kennedy was so severe that he is suspending Batista for a month. He announces that Ken Kennedy was beaten so badly that he too will be out of action for a month.

Diva Search contest. Cole does the emcee duties, telling us that The Miz got too extreme during the Monday night elimination ceremony and has been suspended for a month. Only three of the Diva Search contestants come out, Cole informs us the rest have been disqualified after drug tests. They stall for 10 minutes then play a game of musical chairs. I swear to God, they played ‘Move Along’ all the way through both times before stopping the music. This whole sketch took about 20 minutes.

Interview with Diva search contestant who won musical chairs. She kept running out of things to say and they kept shoving the microphone back in her face.

Finley introduces us to his partner, the Flying Fat Irishman. I’m not insane, it was that same fat jobber in a green mask with a white four leaf clover on it.

Booker T and Chavo defeat Finley and FFI when Chavo pins FFI. A twenty minute match featuring FFI literally passing out at the five minute mark. After the match Teddy Long came out and told all four that Kendrick and London had liver problems and were suspended for four weeks, and there would be a tag match on Heat to determine the new champions! Finley turned on FFI after the match and said he’d find another partner.

Raw Recap. Another ECW Recap introduction.

Great Khali promo from his house. Couldn’t understand it.

Rey Mysterio promotional video.

Chavo and Booker backstage talk about how they’ll win the tag titles on Sunday, but Chavo says tonight he’ll become the heavyweight champion.

Matt Hardy jobs to Fat Jobber in Yellow mask. Two minute match. Matt was way over.

Booker T vs. Chavo have a twenty minute match that ends in a no contest when Finley interfers and beats down everyone with his stick thingy. Then he announces the Leprechaun as his partner for Heat. Teddy Long comes out and makes a three way Ironman match for the world title next week between Chavo, Finley and Booker.

After that we saw Chavo, Finley, Booker, Fat Jobber, Matt Hardy and two guys in black shirts set up the ring for the ECW show.

Thanks again to ‘Dancing’ Alan Howser.