Canadian Idol – Recap – July 25

Ben cracks open the show introducing the Idols doing a Stones medley. Really good job too. My favorite part was when Ashley, Craig, and Eva sang together. I wish AI would do this every week.

The top 9 finish up and Ben lets us all know that 2.5 million votes were cast then we get a look back at last night’s performances. Ben has positive comments for all as well as the edited judges.

Then we get to take a trip with Elena (looking smoking). We get a vignette (not an Emily) of the hair styling going on with the Idols. Craig mentions he has had 5 different hair styles already. I guess he means five different ways to make it look like ha just got out of bed.


Back from the break we get to go to the mansion with Elena and the Idols. Did I mention how hot Elena looks? It was pretty fun but I was under the impression that we would get to hear “Braided” sing tonight. So as I write my recap I’m listening to them on (shameless but worthy plug). Mark just send me a CD. There are four cuts from the CD here and I’m really impressed. Back to my shameless recap.

Back to Ben and he gets down to business. Going to Craig first…..

Craig ….Safe no worried look or surprise on his face and why should there be. He looks like the anointed one this season. That’s why I liked last season so much. Rex and Suzi looked like the anointed but the best singer Melissa “the bomb” O’Neil won anyway.
Chad ….Safe
Sarah ……Bottom 3. Ugh! I knew it. She is not deserving of it either.

Then we get Rob and Steffi together.

Rob ….Safe
Steffi……Bottom 3. Ugh! I knew it again. Really not deserving.
Eva, (VFTW) Brandon, and Ashley are singled out. Now logically this should be a no brainer. I know this because I have no brain. Brandon should be walking down. But as we know, logic has nothing to do with this. So….Breaktime!

Ben goes back to the couch and reminds us that Steffi and Sarah are already in the bottom 3.

Eva ……Safe. Whew!
Brandon ……Illogically Safe
And Ashley ….Bottom 3.

Ben then says to Farley, the second week in row all women in the bottom 3 what’s going on here? Well I’ll get to that later but Farley said “I don’t know. It could be gender or it could be geography but what these three talented young ladies need to remember is that Melissa O’Neil lived her life in the bottom 3 , stuck to what she was good at like you guys should, deserved to win and did.” Translation: Right ON Farley!

Ben then asks Zack what his thoughts on the bottom three are.

Zack: Well it’s obvious this is not a singing contest or else a couple of guys would be down here in place of those girls. That’s the obvious thing to me. But the music business is not a singing competition either and that’s a fact. Leonard Cohen won the Juno for best male singer. I mean what a whacky country we live in. Translation: Right ON Zack!

Ben then turns to Jake and asks does this bottom 3 reflect last night’s performances.

Jake: I don’t think they entirely reflect the performances, maybe in some cases. But I gotta tell ya, Canada chooses who Canada chooses and at the end of the day how they go home makes no difference. And at the end of the day there is one winner.

Ben turns to Sass what do the top 8 (He got it right this week) have to do to impress.

Sass: I think they would impress me if they continued with the maturity and grace they’ve been showing so far. Translation: She’s still trying to wrap her head around the fact Brandon is safe and that’s why the nonsensical maturity and grace comment came out.

Ben then turns to one of the girls that hasn’t deserved to be there yet and says “Steffi you’re safe go sit down” YEAH! I don’t want to see you there again for a while please. That was me translating me.


Were back and Sarah and Ashley give each other a long gander at each other. And I mean long. Ben then delivers the bad news to……… Sarah. Ugh! I knew it! Just like Ashley Leiteo before her, one of the best singers gone in the top 9. Ashley Coulter can only hope for the same fate Ashley leiteo’s last year’s bottom two mate…..Melissa had. I don’t see that happening. The look on Sarah’s face said it all. It reminded me a bit of Chris Daughtry when he got the boot. Ben reminds us that she is one who tried out last season and made it to the top 9 this season. She tells us we haven’t heard the last of her and I hope that is really true. Ben informs us that Cyndi Lauper will be helping out the Idols next week and will sing.

Sarah sings us out to a less that enthusiastic rendition of “I’ve Got the Blues” Even though she really did have the blues. ……..and so did I.