[WWE] Hardy’s Health, Wrestlers Coming Back to WWE?, Heat Spoilers & More

– The following was posted by the Webmaster of TheHardyShow.com, Matt’s official site:

Hello everyone,

Just a little update on Matt for the sake of killing any rumors and assumptions as to his status.

Simply enough, when Matt was given the standard blood test, they found dormant trace elements of the Staph infection which plagued him many months ago.

After a light antibiotic treatment and a few weeks off to properly rest, Matt will be back…

Feel free to send him your thoughts, possibly via a ‘get well’ thread on the board?

Hope all of you are making the most of the summer!


– Bob Holly is close to returning to the ring, having battled long and hard with a very serious stapf infection.

– Wade Keller of PWTorch is saying there “may be several other wrestlers taken off the road before the week is over due to similar circumstances” related to recent blood tests. For those whose tests came up with high enzyme levels, speculation is that this was caused by either supplements taken at dangerously high levels, steroid use, Hepatitis C, or other factors, but none of the wrestlers have been suspended due to violating the Wellness Policy. Of course once this is investigated further, if it’s found that steroids or banned substances are the reasons for the test results, suspensions are likely.

– There’s an article on the Wrestlemania rally held in Detroit here. Ricky Steamboat talks about Mania returning to Detroit in a story on WWE.com, which also includes info on Mania travel packages and photos/video of the rally.

– WWE.com has posted an update on its Tel Aviv trip here. I guess they are going to Israel!

– Billy Kidman worked a dark match under a mask vs. Jamie Noble last night. Also getting a tryout was Chad Wicks (formerly of The Dicks and The Tolands tag teams in WWE/OVW), who fought as a stripper fireman at the RAW tapings. Wicks has been working at OVW despite getting released from his WWE developmental contract.

– Heat taping results (spoiler warning!):

RAW DARK MATCH: Two jobbers faced off (one was Chad Wicks?).
HEAT: Viscera & Charlie Haas beat two jobbers; Eugene beat a jobber with a stunner; Victoria pinned Torrie Wilson with the Widow’s Peak.

Credit: TheHardyShow.com, PWInsider, PWTorch