The (Early) SmackDown Report

Recap of the World Championship at the Great American Bash. That’s two SmackDown pay per views in a row that where surprisingly good, and one of the few times for SmackDown recently where it didn’t look better on paper. Think we can keep the streak alive for No Mercy?

Tonight! Mysterio cashes in his rematch! And Regal challenges Finlay for the United States Championship again!

Opening Contest: Mr Kennedy vs Batista
Lock up and Batista forces Kennedy into the corner, he backs off only to get a kick to the gut and headlock applied by Kennedy. Kennedy gets a hammerlock but elbowed off by Batista. Lock up and Kennedy hammers down on Batista, front headlock before Batista picks him up and throws him. Kennedy gets up in the corner only to be met by spears by Batista. Kennedy gets a low kick, taking Batista down, and follows up with a clothesline to the knee. Elbow drops to the knee of Batista by Kennedy and the crowd starts up a “Batista” chant. Kennedy picks Batista up by the knee and slams him down, and goes to work on the knee in the corner, getting a running dropkick to the knee which is hung up on the second rope. Batista gets some right hands in before Kennedy gets whipped into the corner and then gets nailed with a clothesline. Shoulder body toss by Batista. Kennedy rolls out of the ring, Batista follows and the two exchange punches before Batista sets Kennedy up at the steel pole for a clothesline but Kennedy ducks and Batista slams into the steel pole. Batista goes to enter the ring but Kennedy knocks him off the apron, Kennedy rolls in, and Kennedy wins by count out!
Winner: Mr Kennedy

Post match Batista goes for a Demon Bomb, but Kennedy escapes. Fun and quick four minute match, and these two might just develop some really good chemistry together if they keep things at this pace. Too short to be anything above a Five, but certainly not bad for what it was. Four out of Ten. That’s supposed to be a very positive three out of ten too, not a bad one.

Us lucky peasants are invited to the party held by King Booker and Queen Sharmell tonight! Lucky us!


Second Contest: Vito vs Simon Dean
We get another clip of Vito shopping. I seriously think the WWE should hire some professional trannies to dress Vito, instead of just throwing him in summer crap. Vito attacks Dean quickly to start on the outside, before he sends Dean into the ring only to get a dropkick from Dean. Dean gets an elbow drop on Vito and attacks Vito with a variety of attacks. Dean gets a running spear in the corner on Vito, and kicks him while he’s down before Vito punches the midsection of Dean, but his comeback is quickly stopped. Vito falls forward from a suplex attempt and gets some rights in before he runs right into a kitchen sink knee by Dean. Dean locks in a weird headlock variation, but Vito gets to his feet with punches to the gut and a back drop. Vito gets some punches to the gut and clotheslines, inverted atomic drop is followed by a running elbow smash. In the corner Vito runs right into a superkick by Dean, and Dean reaches into his bag and pulls out something. The referee takes it off of Dean and Dean goes to hit Vito with the bag, but Vito gets the Forget About It and then locks on .. oh, I don’t know, the Panty Stain or something, for the submission victory.
Winner: Vito

I think we’ve all seen much worse from these two. Three out of Ten.


Mike Mizanin asks Rey Mysterio his thoughts of Chavo turning on him at the Great American Bash, Mysterio tells him that the only thing he’s thinking of right now is the World Championship.

Third Contest: Tatanka vs Sylvan
Lock up and we have a test of strength between the two, before Tatanka pushes Sylvan into the corner. Sylvan gets a kick to the gut and headlock which Tatanka reverses into a headlock of his own, and a “Usa” chant starts up. Bah, humbug. Sylvan sends Tatanka into the ropes but Tatanka comes back with a shoulder block. Tatanka gets a chop followed by a hiptoss and scoop slam, before Sylvan rolls quickly out of the ring. Tatanka tries to drag Sylvan back into the ring but Sylvan gets a poke to Tatanka’s eye and drags him shoulder first into the steel pole, sending him to the outside. Sylvan with a few boots to Tatanka before he whips Tatanka into the steel steps.

Sylvan breaks the ten count by rolling into the ring, before he sends Tatanka back inside for an elbow drop for a two count. Sylvan gets a wristlock on Tatanka, who punches out and gets the damned chops again. Tatanka whips Sylvan into the corner, but Sylvan moves out of the way and nails a back drop slam for a two count, close to the three count. Sylvan gets an arm breaker on Tatanka for another two count. Sylvan gets in another wristlock before Tatanka fan favorites out of it with punches . Tatanka misses the chop but gets a shoulder body toss and begins to dance. Chops to Sylvan! Scoop slam! Tatanka up top! Tatanka jumps off but gets caught with a nice dropkick by Sylvan! Sylvan sends Tatanka into the corner, misses a splash, and gets nailed with the Trail’s End for almost a three count! Sylvan grabs the Tomahawk and goes to hit Tatanka with it, but Tatanka kicks Sylvan and he drops it. The referee gives it to Chimmell at ringside, allowing Sylvan to get a low blow on Tatanka. TKO finishes the match.
Winner: Sylvan

A …. A good match. Between Tatanka and Sylvan. Okay it wasn’t a technical great but .. man, I wasn’t expecting this! Post match Sylvan drops the head dress to the mat outside of the ring. Five out of Ten. I was going to go six, but I’m afraid I might that might be a sin.

Jillian Hall and Ashley Massaro are walking towards the ring!


Fourth Contest: Michelle McCool w/ Kristal Marshall vs Jillian Hall w/ Ashley Massaro
Mc checks out Hall first, blocks her slap and slaps Hall back. Hall gets an elbow in and takes Mc to the corner for a headspring elbow which is reversed with an elbow by Mc, Mc slams Hall to the mat for a one count. Mc gets a sleeper hold on Hall, but Hal gets out of it with elbows, but gets a hair drag right onto Mc’s knee for a two count. Mc flips up, cool. Mc misses an elbow drop, and Hall gets a dropkick. Hall gets the handspring elbow successfully in the corner and gets a ten punches on Mc, followed by a monkey flip. Cross body by Hall, who shimmies and then.. shoves Mc’s face in between her breasts. Right. Schoolgirl by Hall for a two count. Mc misses a clothesline, Hall gets a kick to the gut and irish whips Mc into the ropes but Mc gets a kick to Hall, back into the ropes and Hall picks her up and nails a samoan. Hanspring leg drop misses Mc, and Mc gets a tight pinfall with her feet on the ropes for the victory.
Winner: Michelle McCool

Another watchable match by the SmackDown divas. May not be to the level of Raw’s top girls, but damn if they ain’t giving it a shot. Three out of Ten. Again, I must note that that’s mostly considering just who exactly is in this match.

Queen Sharmell is backstage and invites us to the party!

Chavo Guerrrero speaks about his turn on Rey Mysterio, next!


Guerrero gets a satellite interview with Michael Cole. Cole asks why he cost Mysterio the Championship, and Guerrero says that he doesn’t feel that he owes anyone an explanation. He promises to be on SmackDown next week, and he promises to educate Rey Mysterio on the true meaning of the family name; Guerrero. Quick, to the point, perfect!

We get the Celebration, which starts off a bit like a wedding before it turns into something that I really think you should wait to see for yourself. I really don’t think any words I say can describe it would do it justice, outside of these words; England meets JBL. Thankfully Cole stays quiet for the majority of the entrance, which lasts longer than the majority of the matches so far tonight. Mysterio eventually attacks from behind and gets the better of Booker with a seated senton while he’s on the throne, before Mysterio needs to get pulled off of Booker by referees. Mysterio quickly gets in the 619 before he rolls out of the ring.


Regal and Finlay backstage. Regal says he thought they’d become friends, but says that Finlay embarrassed Regal at the Great American Bash with that little troll of his. Finlay tells Regal that he’s a leprechaun and tells Regal to get out of his face. Slight yelling contest starts and I just laid back and having a fun time watching these two argue. God I hope this goes on.

Fifth Contest: United States Championship: William Regal vs Finlay (Champion)
Lock up and Finlay goes behind and gets Regal down with a shoulder claw, before he pulls on Regal’s nose and gets an elbow to Regal’s face, and follows up with some stomps to Regal’s hands. Short arm clothesline gets Finlay a one count. Finlay gets a cheap kick followed by an uppercut, Regal comes back with a kick and uppercut of his own, before Finlay gets in another uppercut, this one knocking Regal down. Finlay with an elbow to Regal’s head, stomps the hands, and gets a palm hit to the gut of Regal. Irish whip by Finlay and Regal comes back with a sunset flip, but Finlay grabs his head and nails a knee to head drop. Uppercut by Finlay, snapmare, and butt thump to the gut of Regal is followed by a snapmare.

Regal tries to pull on the facial features of Finlay to escape, but Finlay clubs away and reapplies the hold. Regal gets to his feet and to the ropes, but Finlay gets an eye poke. Finlay takes Regal to the apron and slams him face first onto the apron, Finlay goes to enter back into the ring but Regal gets a kick to the head of Finlay. Regal flips Finlay face first into the steel pole. Regal gets another kick to the head of Finlay, before he knees Finlay’s face. Irish whip by Regal and Finlay comes back into an elbow. Regal applies a headlock variation, but Finlay picks him up – but Regal rakes the face, and gets back down to his feet and nocks Finlay down for a two count. Double arm suplex gets Regal multiple pinfall attempts. Great T-Bone by Regal for another series of pinfall attempts, and a “Let’s Go Finlay” chant starts up! Meanwhile, Regal pulls off the turnbuckle pad. The referee goes to put it back on, but he doesn’t see The Little Bastard make his way out and give Regal a low blow with the shaleleigh! The Little Bastard goes to attack the referee from behind, but slides out of the ring – School boy by Finlay for the victory!
Winner and Still Champion: Finlay

Post match, Finlay low fives the Little Bastard. Not as good as I was hoping for, but it’s not often that you get such a good seven minute or so match. Seven out of Ten.

Up next .. Musical Chairs.


RAW Rebound recaps the Shawn Michaels / Umaga stuff.

Musical Chairs time. JBL asks how we can get rid of Miz. Man, he’s really not getting that far is he? On a related note: I hate Musical chairs, I could never win without getting the tiniest bit violent. Token pretty but not very pretty chick wins (whichever one that is), but I still think Jen should win.

Heyman enters Theodore Long’s office. Long story short: Batista vs Big Show is set up for next week’s ECW.

Still to come: World Heavy Weight Championship is defended against Rey Mysterio!


Elijah Bourke introduces Sylvester Terkay.

Sixth Contest: Matt Hardy vs Sylvester Terkay w/ Elijah Bourke
The two take boxing stances, before Terkay takes Hardy down and is told off by the referee. Hardy goes for the knee, but Terkay picks him up and takes him down and slams him down. Terkay hooks the arm and pushes on the head of Hardy. Hardy tries for a few punches but Terkay forces away on Hardy in the corner and gets a belly to belly for two. Terkay keeps a headlock locked, before he takes Hardy to the corner. Terkay tries for a spinning punch but Hardy ducks and capitalizes with elbows and knees, he tries to continue his luck against Terkay but Terkay pushes him off and nails a spinning kick. Spinning punch knocks Hardy down, and an arm stretch wins it for Terkay.
Winner: Sylvester Terkay

This guy’s going to get far. But I’m not sure if I like this style. Very impressive and interesting however, none the less .. even if it was a squash. Two out of Ten. Look for Terkay to have some really interesting encounters against Finlay, Regal, Benoit, Angle, Batista .. pretty much everyone.

Up next: Rey Mysterio challenges King Booker for the World Heavy Weight Championship!


Main Event: World Heavy Weight Championship: Rey Mysterio vs King Booker (Champion) w/ Queen Sharmell
Booker takes it to the corner quickly and takes it to Mysterio, but Mysterio ducks a punch and gets a few kicks. Mysterio gets a sunset flip from the second rope for a two, dropkick to the face gets Mysterio a two count. Bodyscissors bulldog and Mysterio quickly sets up for the 619, but Booker rolls out of the ring quickly.


We’re back with some circling. Lock up and Booker gets a cheap kick, misses the Scissors Kick and Mysterio kicks Booker’s leg until he’s in the corner, and gets in a ten punch. Mysterio goes to Irish whip Booker but Booker reverses, Mysterio hangs on to the ropes and ducks just as Booker goes or a crescent kick, Mysterio knocks Booker to the apron and a baseball slide sends him outside. Mysterio misses a vaulting body press, with Booker simply moving out of the way. Smart move, King Booker. Booker slams Mysterio face first into the apron. Sidekick is successful by Booker, but only gets a two count. Mounted punches by Booker, who stops after Nick Patrick warns him about closed fists. In the corner Booker gets in some very strong chops, before he whips Mysterio into the opposing turnbuckles.

Booker goes for a right, but Mysterio blocks it and nails some punches of his own! Off the ropes, but Mysterio runs right into a sideslam which gets Booker a two count. Booker gets a wristlock, but Mysterio gets to the corner. Mysterio gets sent off the ropes, ducks a kick and runs back with a headscissors! Kicks right to the head by Mysterio is followed by a seated senton, and awkward pinfall for a two count! Springboard crossbody for another two by Mysterio! Booker reverses a irish whip, sending Mysterio into the corner, but Mysterio flips up onto Booker’s shoulders and eventually lands on his feet, kick to the gut and the Three Amigos! Sharmell gets on the apron and begins arguing with the referee, and Chavo Guerrero attacks Mysterio from behind, sending him into the security rail spine first! Scissors Kick! One! Two! Three!
Winner and Still Champion: King Booker

Quote of the century is delivered by JBL afterwards; “I believe that as World Heavyweight Champion, the best world you can ever hear is ‘Still’ .. World Heavy Weight Champion King Booker”. Not that good of a match, and I’m certainly getting a bit sick of seeing Mysterio/Booker without even the slightest hint of difference in the matches apart from the Championship status. Average by all means. Four out of Ten.

So tonight’s episode stands at;
Kennedy vs Batista: 4/10
Vito vs Simon Dean: 3/10
Tatana vs Sylvan: 5/10
Jillian Hall vs Michelle McCool: 3/10
Finlay vs William Regal: 7/10
Sylvester Terkay vs Matt Hardy: 2/10
Rey Mysterio vs King Booker: 4/10
SmackDown 28/07/06: 29/70

Again an acceptable show. But nothing on this show apart from the obvious Finlay/Regal match strayed out of “not bad” to “average” territory. If you like your wrestling to be much more wrestling based then you might like this episode, as you can see there was hardly any “segments” that went beyond two minutes or so excluding the Diva Search and the King Booker Celebrations. Acceptable, but you won’t be missing much. Until next week, ciao y’all!


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