[WWE] Lashley Cleared to Wrestle, ECW Seemingly Picked Up & More

– WWE.com has reported that Bobby Lashley is medically cleared to wrestle:

WWE.com has just learned that Bobby Lashley has been medically cleared to compete. One week ago, after his annual medical exam, he was found to have elevated enzymes of the liver. Because of the medical risks associated with the condition, Lashley was forced to sit out of The Great American Bash.

– USA/Sci Fi President Bonnie Hammer was profiled today in Daily Variety’s Women’s Impact issue, crediting WWE for helping to make USA Network the #1 cable net. She is quoted about ECW, saying the show is “rooted in extreme fantasy … so far, ffeedback from Sci Fi fans has been positive.” While Smackdown isn’t mentioned, CW head Dawn Ostroff is also profiled in the special report, some of which can be found at www.variety.com.

– WWE Champion Edge will be on Cold Pizza between 10:30 and 11am ET on Monday to promote Summerslam, according to PWInsider.

– WWE.com took the part about John Cena facing Edge at Summerslam out of Cena’s Superstars profile, but mistakenly posted the result of tonight’s Kennedy/Batista match before the show aired in the U.S.

– ECW seems to have been picked up by Sci Fi, although no official announcement has been made that the show will continue past the August end of the summer run. PWInsider has posted these links to Sci Fi’s September schedule, which inclues ECW:


– Smackdown has no house shows scheduled this weekend due to the Israel tour being postponed because of war in the area.

– Heat has been posted on WWE.com, including Haas & Viscera in action, Cade & Murdoch vs. Venis & Snitsky, Conway vs. Eugene and Torrie vs. Victoria.