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Sorry for the lateness – I greatly apologize for this column being so late. I had some problems with accessing my email, and it didn’t feel right to put the column up without those folks who emailed their answers to the Question of the Week. But everything is kosher now. Thanks for your patience.

The Wire…On Demand® – Ok, here’s a huge heads up HBO is showing the first season of The Wire, On Demand! If you have On Demand, I highly suggest that you give the show a shot, as many will attest; it’s the best show on television.

Seriously, try it out, if you don’t enjoy it, I’ll find some way to refund your time.

What I Watched Last Week

Lucky Louie (HBO) – Wow, I can’t imagine having a bad ass kid like that. I really don’t know what I’d do if I had a child who was ill tempered. The episode wasn’t to much “funny” as it was entertaining. It was cool to see the fathers relate parenting tips and it was equally nice to see the husband complaining about his authority being undermined. But apart from that nothing was really memorable.

Entourage (HBO) – I appreciated E’s dilemma and that he was barely the star in his own story. But I loathe E. It was nice to see Vince use his celebrity for something, but Drama and Turtle felt lost in the mix. I dug Ari’s storyline and that we get a peek into his plans. But the episode just felt like filler. I know it’s only a half hour show, but you’d think that the writers could have balanced plot development in every episode.

Brotherhood (Showtime) – Yes! We finally met the woman that Michael left behind. It’s a shame that she moved on, but really who would have expected her to wait for him? It’s difficult to see Tommy make these deals, as I know how it undermines his integrity, which is what makes his character stand out. But I loved the plot development this episode, especially Michael trying to be a good uncle and losing control at the restaurant. I really felt for Michael in that scene.

Deadwood (HBO) – This episode was all about characters. I dug the scene between Trixie and Sol where they ponder parenthood. Seeing Joanie and Jane explore options was, um, interesting? And the town meeting was a fun as it usually is.

I’ve to say that I’m sad the Doc is a lunger and I’m sorry that his health has progressively worsened. I’m also worried about Hearst’s plans, that intercepted telegram is pretty ominous. I am looking forward to next week’s episode as I’m a sucker for law dogs.

Rescue Me (FX) – This is such a dysfunctional cast. We’ve had two rapes this season with nary a repercussion. I really feel for the Proby’s confused sexuality, that’s got to be a tough thing to go through.

I’ve got no idea why Sean is engaged to Maggie. That astounds me. Poor Franco has pretty much been left in the cold. I’m confused; did the actress playing his daughter ask for a huge pay bump? Why the hell is she off the show? Oh and that heated yoga scene is like my worst nightmare, and the reason I don’t the yoga thing.

Psyche (USA) – Eh, the characters aren’t really likeable enough for me to really dig this show. The plots are paper thin, so that only leaves character. I hope that this show starts to impress me with the writing, otherwise I may find myself with a free hour on my hands.

Monk (USA) – Now this is a character who impresses me. I mean the scene where Monk first accepts the case was funny enough, but the bit with Monk and his whistle had me dying. And they played Monk coaching the team perfectly! I’ll gladly accept the mysteries taking the backseat so long as it means more screen time for Monk.

Hustle (AMC) – Yet another week goes by with a successful con, yet our protagonists don’t “score.” Still this one was for a good cause. I love how the end of the episode recaps what you missed and why the con worked. This one was pretty illuminating. This is a very solid show and it deserves more viewers.

Greatest Show Ever…this week – City of Men (Sundance)

Another week, another great episode. This is a show that I will watch once and actively watch again. Most shows I might have on a second time in the background while I read, but this show is so deserving of my attention that I can’t not give it my full focus.

Anyway this week was about a trip to the beach, hormones and testosterone. It was great episode because it touched upon the issue of class/race yet managed to maintain much of the innocence of youth. Seeing how differently Acerola and Laranjinha respond to the same situation (a confrontation with a white guy over a surf board) really highlighted how different the two are.

Date Night!!

Last week I posed the following scenario;

Good news; you’ve got a date. Bad news; you’ve got limited funds. Good news; your date could be “the one.” Bad news; you’re worried about making a good impression. Maybe it’s because your fragile ego has been shattered in your last break up. Maybe your date has notoriously fickle taste. Maybe you’re biological clock is ticking and you really want a kid. Who knows? The point is that you’ve got a date and you want it to go right. Good news; your date is tonight. Bad news; only two places are in your budget.

So, would you rather go to Mel’s Diner (Alice) or try to skip a few steps and go to Cheers?

Captain Spaulding is all about ambiance;

I’d seriously have to go with Mel’s Diner, simply because there were just too many damn people at Cheers I wanted to kill. Woody was supposed to be childish, but he pissed me off because he was TOO much of an idiot. If Carla had waited on us, my God I would have shot her and then me for having to listen to her. And chances are I’d hear…”NOOOORRRMMM!” and want to throw my peanuts at all the trash in the bar! And last but not least…Kirstie Alley for Shelley Long is NOT an upgrade!

Mel’s Diner, you know you’re going to get great good(greasy spoons always are). Mel is certainly an ass, but a treat to listen to. And you may be lucky enough to get Flo to shout out “Kiss My Grits” in which everyone wins. Good food and entertainment…check please!

IPTV’s own Kevin Wong is blinded by reality;

who takes their date to a bar? Also, I’ve been in the area that Cheers is supposed to be set, and no way is that a “cheap” place to go. Mel’s all the way.

Talowolf is a class act;

If I was alone, which I usually am, I would’ve said Cheers on the spot. Bringing a date into the equation calls for more thought and I guess a diner, no matter how socially demented, would probably be the better choice.

A Faceless Name digs happy folks;


It was the 80’s at cheers, I would have killed every Red Sox fan in the joint. I hate depressed drunks, I live in the land of Cub/Bears/Packer fans, yes Bears and Packers, god help me.

If I wanted to pick up a drunk 40 year old divorced mom of 3 I would be all over Cheers.

Aaron is the deepest guy that I know;

Wow. Definitely a tough call this week, Math. Let’s explore…the heyday of Mel’s Diner was in the late 1970s thru the early-to-mid 1980s in Phoenix, Arizona. If I remember correctly, this was also the height of the inexplicable “Urban Cowboy” craze, where many of the male characters enjoyed their bowl of Mel’s Famous Chili in skintight Lee jeans, boots and 10-gallon hat. Hmmm…not looking good, so far. Plus, it’s Phoenix, for God’s sake. Never mind the 120-degree summer days or the 20-degree winter nights…this is still ’70s/’80s Phoenix, which pre-dates the white-flight-from-California exodus that resulted in the big housing boom that occurred out there in the ’90s.

As for Cheers…you’ve stated that I don’t have much money, for the purpose of your example. There’s not much you can do in a bar if you’re borderline broke. Plus, this is Boston in the eighties and, as a Black man, I’m not too sure that the city had healed from all that forced busing that occurred only a decade earlier. On top of that, the locals in Boston talk funny and during baseball season, the place would be overrun with Red Sox fans (who finished #2 in last year’s Inside Pulse Worst Fans feature).

Gotta make a call, though. On the plus side, Mel’s Diner had three middle-aged waitresses who, twenty years later, would go on to achieve fame as Sarah Jessica Parker’s side-hags in “Sex in the City”. Meanwhile, Cheers a young Kirstie Alley and…well, not much else. Crap, I’m going with Cheers. I was at the real one in Boston last year and I was the only Black guy in the place, so why not enjoy a beer with the eyes of everyone in the place on me, one more time.

(As an aside, since everyone knows that Mathan doesn’t drink and that he’s from Arizona, I call ‘boo’ on this question for you. You should have to think as hard as the rest of us.)

Thomasina guards her privacy;

I could go to where everybody knows my name. Those people could also know other things I might not want revealed. Hell, a disgruntled ex might show up. For those reasons I’d go to Mel’s. And the fact that I’m pretty much unfamiliar with Mel’s or Alice. Also why not try some place new. If it went really well, we’d then know it as “our” place. How cute would it be to take the grandkids there 30 years later. Awwwwwwwwwww.

Colin is a (role) player;

Unfortunately, Mel’s Diner wins by default here. I love booze too much to make a good impression at Cheers. A quiet meal at a greasy spoon would go over much better than shooting the breeze with a bunch of career drunks.

On the other hand, I’d look really good while sitting next to Norm and Cliff. I
just need to keep Sam out of the room….

Wow, Cheers gets no love. Aaron brings up a good point about my being a drinker, and that’s why Cheers is the place for me. I’m on a tight budget, I can either go to Mel’s and watch some chick pick at her food and not really eat, knowing that wasted my money on food that she didn’t eat. But going to Cheers, she’s going to drink and I’m not, so that’s half a bill right there. Plus if she drinks enough get the possibility of having “uninhibited tipsy sex” which is always fun. C’mon, I know some of y’all went to college, a drunk date is fun date.

(And that Aaron, is how you throw a swerve.)

Naturally we’ve been lead to…

Good News/Bad New/Question of the Week

Good news; you’re you! Bad news; all of your friends are dead. Maybe it was horrible go-carting accident? Perhaps there was a hot air balloon tragedy? Who knows? The point is you’ve got no one to hang out with. Good news; you’re a pretty likeable person. Bad news; you’re going to have to enter into an established click. Good news; you’ve got options. Bad news; they’re all 100% female crews.

So, would you rather try to hang out with the ladies of Desperate Housewives, the women of Sex in the City or The Golden Girls?

Feel free to email me your response or post it on my thread.


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