MTV Mix – Volume 6

One show ends this week in ‘Fast Inc.’, and another show ended last week in ‘Cheyenne’. This week I finish out my reviews of both those shows by telling you which episodes were the best (or most watchable) to the worst (or least watchable). Along with that, I continue reviewing the other shows for as long as I can. A whole crop of new shows is fast coming to MTV. But lets see what we kind of mix we get this week from MTV!


‘Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat’

The recap for this week’s episode is here.

Tina and Kenny stay alive in the game, while Katie and Eric go home. Not a big shock, but if Tina and Kenny think they can make to the “Final Four”..they are wrong!

I liked how Wes tried to keep himself alive in the game with an attempt at an alliance with Katie. That didn’t work, though, and they should be back in exile next time.

I’m afraid that Coral and Evan will soon be eliminated due to injury. You know it’s coming sometime as it has built up to this. But MTV always likes to twist things around. So you never know until it happens. But I say they are out and that leaves a spot open in the “Final Four”. Shane and Linette, Theo and Chanda, and Darrell and Aviv are locked up for the finals. But I say Derrick and Diem would have a slight edge getting in there. Or it could be Wes and Casey. Just depends on if they can do something productive in these challenges or not.

‘Fast Inc.’

This is the season finale and it has no commercials! Christian meets with Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top to start things off. He has a bunch of classic cars including an unknown junkyard car. He wants to add it to his fleet of cars. He wants a big, rag-top car. Christian calls Tater about this. It also has to be a 50’s or 60’s type of car that has to be “ZZ Top” quality.

The boys are planning a party for their “5-Year Anniversary” and for all of their clients to thank them as well.

Tater is excited to be doing this search for ZZ Top, since he is a big fan of their music. Not a lot of luck for the car to begin with. Tater does find a special car for Billy and the band, though. It comes from a famous movie car customizer named George Barris. He did ‘Knight Rider’ and ‘Batman’ among other things. The car is purple and it has hydraulics and it looks pretty sweet! ZZ Top is happy with it.

Their second client for this episode is a guy named Kashy, who is the editor for Mean Magazine. He wants the car from Death Race 2000, which is a B-movie about cool-looking cars killing people in a weird land. They have Andy Samberg from ‘Saturday Night Live’ to be in this photo shoot as well. The car from the movie is basically the body of a Corvette, which is hard to find. Todd eventually does find a piece of junk, though, and their friend George gets to work on it. It takes a LONG, LONG, LONG time to fix this thing. And they pretty much run out of time! They go past their scheduled deadline, but they do make it there eventually. The car looks good, but there were some concerns about it actually running and driving. But no worries, they succeed at this as well!

No better way to end this show than with a party! But really, this episode was not that interesting. There were better episodes. And since this season is over about I rank the episodes from worst to best! goes nothing!

Worst and Best Episodes of ‘Fast Inc’ – Season 1

#8 – “Monkey Business” (Episode 6) (WORST) – The only thing that happened here is the chimp. A boring and predictable race as well.

#7 – “Death Race 2000” (Episode 8) – A rather uneventful finale!

#6 – “What’s up Doc?” (Episode 5) – Tommy Chong!

#5 – “Whatever Lola Wants” (Episode 4) – Tater’s search for a hot motocycle chick was funny.

#4 – “Get My Drift” (Episode 2) – Bow Wow and a Maxim photo shoot!

#3 – “Can You Dig It?” (Episode 3) – This was good only because it provided their lone failure on this show. They aren’t perfect.

#2 – “Tera-fied” (Episode 7) – It’s Tera Patrick! That makes it a great episode right there.

And #1 – “Straight Outta Compton” (Episode 1) (BEST) – This was the original and a great way to start. Tater going to Compton and Jennifer Love Hewitt..what else could you want?

‘Fast Inc.’ was an interesting show that was watchable. Not a favorite of mine or anything, but good enough. It probably will be back sometime later for another season. Next week, a new season of ‘MTV Cribs’ in this spot, though. And I probably will try to review that show as well!


‘The Real World’

Janelle had a few problems with her on and off boyfriend named Kasib to start. But later Kasib came to visit her at the house. This was all good at the beginning, but that doesn’t last when the house goes out for the night. Kasib wants to stay later than Janelle. And Janelle is right. Kasib is here to visit Janelle, but wants to stay out without her. But Janelle informs us that this always happens. Kasib never admits he is wrong. They fight afterwards and it leads to Kasib going to a hotel. Tyler calls this “the most expensive booty call he has ever seen!”

Meanwhile, Jose has some love problems of his own. He has a crush named Jessica. And a sidenote here..don’t you love it how MTV calls it a “crush” whenever a roommate wants to hook up with someone outside of the house? I guess there is no proper way to say “hook-up partner”. Oh seems that Jose has an ex-girlfriend named Irene, who still lives with him back at home. That’s not good at all Jose! Jose is smart to not tell Jessica about Irene living with him and all of that.

Jose eventually gets a visit from Jessica. She comes over to the house. This comes from the help of the roommates’ friend named Zachary. Apparently Jessica never wanted to come to the house, but John says that Jose is harmless and a nice guy. She has nothing to worry about. So they talk and Jose is intrigued by her. Zach thinks Jose is falling in love with Jessica. Jessica doesn’t stay the night, though.

Janelle is all bitchy towards Kasib when he calls and says that all the hotels are full. He needs to come back to the house and wants her to pick him up. Janelle wants to run her mouth a little bit, but Kasib doesn’t want to listen. So Janelle says she can’t pick him up, since it’s after curfew or something. He will have to take a cab back. Then, she changes her mind and tells him to take a flight home. And basically she hangs up on him as Kasib says he is coming over there and Janelle promising him that the police would be there when he shows up. Security won’t let him back in and Janelle hangs up on him again. He has nothing to say to her and Janelle says that’s the problem. Then, they turn off the phone and Kasib has to go back to the airport.

This was an interesting episode. Janelle and Jose don’t get a lot of airtime, so it was glad they were highlighted in this episode. Janelle is a bitch for sure. However, Kasib was wrong. But still Janelle was a bitch to him and if I were Kasib..I would stay far away from her! Jose did much better in the love department and I liked how Jose’s ex-girlfriend got mad when he told her about kissing Jessica. That was pretty funny.


‘The Hills’

Heidi doesn’t know what to do with Jordan. She questions their relationship. They have been together like 8 months, which is not that long. But it is to the girls on this show. Audrina has never been in a long-term relationship, but she still gives Heidi some advice anyways. Heidi says that Jordan has basically broken her down to the point where she is not the same person. She knows she needs to end it with Jordan, but just can’t do it. That’s a typical girl for you. With the wrong guy, but can’t break things off with him. Audrina and Heidi both agree that guys should treat girls like princesses and not treat them badly.

Meanwhile, Lauren tells Whitney about her birthday. It was so romantic and all of that. Whitney says she is impressed with Jason now, since he “knows what to do” as far as flowers and romance and all of that. Lauren laughs at that comment, which is pretty funny actually. Lauren and Jason talk and Jason has nothing but plans in mind for them. He wants to get a beach house with Lauren this summer. Lauren says her parents want to take him out to dinner. So everything seems good for them.

Time for Heidi and Jordan to talk. Heidi says that she is sick of Jordan yelling at her and saying mean things to her. Jordan says he just gets passionate and it comes out. Heidi thinks if he really loved her, he would be more patient and understanding with her when they disagree or whatever. Jordan says that Heidi acts like a “little princess” sometimes and he doesn’t like that. Heidi says she can be a princess if she wants to, since she is a girl. Heidi says that she treats Jordan pretty well and he should do the same for her. They have to think about things some more.

Jordan talks to Brian, his roommate, and explains the situation. Brian thinks Heidi is mad at something else besides the yelling thing. Jordan doesn’t know. Heidi talks to Lauren now. Lauren says that Heidi will miss matter what happens. Lauren says that “love is not a maybe thing”. You know when you love someone. Heidi says she loves Jordan, but is basically not completely in love with Jordan. So she knows what she needs to do. Lauren says that she will be there for her..whatever she decides. And she decides to break up with him. She packs up all of his stuff that is at her house. It hurts her to do it. Jordan says that he can’t live without her and all of that. But Heidi says she is done. They love each other, but are not the best people for them. They bring out the worst in each other. They all cry and stuff. Lauren comforts her and that’s that. Jordan tells Brian and Jason the news and it’s over.

An important lesson for girls everywhere to learn. You can love a guy, but that doesn’t mean you have to be with that person. Especially, if it’s not good for you. Loving someone and being in love can be two completely different things. Now Lauren just needs to learn that about Jason and everything will be good.


No episode this week, and that’s because this show is over! Yay! Last week’s episode was the last. She ends it by singing with Sheryl Crow. Not a bad way to end the show for her.

Now then..I didn’t really care for the show that much. But I will still rank the episodes from best to worst. This will be more like “most watchable” to “least watchrable”. So here goes nothing:

Worst (Least Watchable) and Best (Most Watchable) Episodes of ‘Cheyenne’

#8 – “Almost Famous” (Episode 6) (LEAST WATCHABLE) – Too much whining and crying in this episode. TOO MUCH!

#7 – “Dress Away” (Episode 7) – Extremely boring episode, where she gets free clothes and gets a visit from her boyfriend. But at least she didn’t cry in this one.

#6 – “You’ll Never Guess Where I’m Texting You From” (Episode 3) – A road trip from Dallas to Los Angeles. Not the worst thing ever.

#5 – “Wish You Were Here” (Episode 4) – Nothing special, but it was the first time I saw Cheyenne’s sister, Brittany, so that’s a plus. She’s the best thing about this show.

#4 – “Almost Vacation” (Episode 5) – Had some pretty good location shots in Vegas and Colorado. Plus, Cheyenne’s sister was in it. Yeah..her boyfriend was there too, but you can’t win them all.

#3 – “Sheryl Crow” (Episode 8) – It was the last episode, so that’s a positive thing right there. Plus, it had Sheryl Crow. Good enough to be the best episode I saw.

#2 – “Manifest Destiny” (Episode 2) – I never saw this episode. I never saw the first two episodes. It being the second episode, probably means it’s a step below the first episode. So that’s why it’s #2.

And #1 – “Meet Cheyenne” (Episode 1) (MOST WATCHABLE) – This was the original, so it had to be good or at least watchable. In addition, this was another episode that I didn’t see since this column debuted a few weeks after this show started. So it has to be #1, since I never saw it and it was the first one.


‘Making the Band 3’

The girls work with another new producer, Rodney Jerkins. He has hits out with Beyonce and Mary J. Blige right now. They do a song called “Hold You Down”. Rodney wants everyone to sing a part and see who will be singing what. After they are done, everyone agrees that Aundrea should be the leader for this song since it fits her vocals the best.

Aundrea is having all kinds of trouble with her boyfriend, Rudy, as you may know. He never wants to talk to her. He’s always busy doing something else. Of course, she calls to tell him how hard this all is. But he’s probably thinking that she decided to do this, so don’t take it out on him. However, Aundrea just wants him to be there to listen. It’s a tough situation. It doesn’t help that Rudy would rather go to Las Vegas instead of coming to New York to see Aundrea.

The girls next work with a guy named Rob Lewis. He helps them out on how they need to perform in front of an audience. They go back to work on the ballad they did called “Ride With You”. Aundrea likes this song a lot, since it deals with her current situation with her boyfriend.

The boyfriend thing begins to affect Aundrea’s singing and finally it comes to a head when she calls Rudy and he’s mad because she didn’t call last night. Earlier, we saw that she did try to call him, though. Maybe not the time he wanted her to call him, but she did try. Anyways..basically he says that he can’t do this anymore and breaks up with Aundrea. Aundrea is shocked really. She cries and the girls console her. They say he’s stupid and selfish and he was against this whole thing from day one. When Aundrea gets home, it may be a different story. But she shouldn’t have to deal with a guy like that.

Finally, the girls perform at the “Village Underground” in New York City. It’s a local hot spot for great singers to shine. Rob Lewis takes the girls there, and they sing “Ride With You”. They do a pretty good job and are confident in their abilities now. Aundrea finally says that if she is with someone that can’t support her in this dream, then she doesn’t need to be with that person.

Another girl learns an important lesson. You can’t change someone you love. If they have a dream and want to pursue it, you have to be there for them. If you’re not, then you really don’t love them at all. One more episode left and it looks like another good one!

‘Run’s House’

It appears that Justine is pregnant again! It also seems that Run and Justine where trying to have another baby. They got their wish, which leads to a funny remix of “Super Sperm” by Run. You had to hear it to believe it. But I’m not making that up. They go and tell the kids and it’s a mixed reaction. Some, like Diggy, are excited, while others, like JoJo, can’t believe it.

Russy goes to get his teeth fixed. And is Russy that dumb or is it an act? It didn’t know what “serial killer” means. Of course, it thinks it has to do with cereal. And speaking of cereal, Run has to go grocery shopping alone to get “soft” food for the kids to eat since they got their teeth fixed and that is all they can eat. That was pretty funny. Line of the night goes to Run..“If you rub this stuff on your face, you’re going to be bleeding!” He was talking about the actual plant that Aloe comes from.

Run had to be Mr. Mom today, because Justine was talking to their jewelry people about coming up with her own jewelry line. They plan to use brown diamonds and she is going to pattern the line after Run’s mom.

Diggy also has a birthday party happening as well. But first, Run decides to shave the dog down into this weird looking haircut. He looks like a lion! HAHAHA! Diggy has a bunch of girls and boys at his party. They eat Japanese food and then all dance to music. They then play a game called “Manhunt”. Justine comes home and yells at Run for the dog and not watching the kids and the usual. Run just wants to dance and joke around, though.

The theme for this show and ending line is..“Does having a companion enhance your life? When left to fend for ourselves, most of us can survive, but few will thrive. Don’t take your better half for granted. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but a spouse’s absence makes nothing but heartburn!”

This show was pretty random and all over the place, but it was funny and entertaining. The show is crazy, but it’s tons of fun and that’s good enough for me.

‘Pimp My Ride’

Xzibit helps Shawna this week. She has a 1990 Toyota Celica. She paid $600 for it and it’s two different colors. Everything keeps breaking on it as well. She only has one headlight and parts keep falling off of it. She puts the parts inside her car. Shawna is going to school to be a nurse. She doesn’t even have a cell phone or a computer, though. Xzibit even manages to tear off the spoiler on the back of the car.

The GAS crew get to work. They put 18″ racing wheels on the car and the doors will open 130 degrees up now. Mad Mike puts in a motorized center console with a built-in cell phone that is the latest and greatest. It includes Broadband Wireless Internet access along with digital pictures. Also, she gets an iPod Nano that has its own built-in harddrive that can store up to a MILLION songs! heard me! The color on the outside is orange and black. The interior is orange as well. Not that bad looking.

The cell phone that Shawna gets is the new Palm Treo. It goes inside the motorized console that lifts it up to her. That probably is the best thing on this car. Oh..wait..Mike also puts in a laptop where she can hold 2,048 GB of space for her songs! Normally it’s like 2 GB. That is 4 years worth of music without a repeat! WOW! So there you go! She is all high-tech now! Wait..a touch screen is also installed in the front so that whatever she does up front does the same thing on the actual laptop in the back of the car. Awesome! Xzibit gives her a lowrider bicycle that fits underneath her laptop in the back as well.

The car was not the worst I have seen. It wasn’t really that bad to start with, in comparison with some of the others. But she got a ton of stuff with high technology. That makes it pretty badass in the end. Of course, Shawna will have to spend weeks trying to figure out how to use all of that stuff. But if that’s the only complaint you have about your car, you’re in good shape.

And that ends the sixth volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next week when we mix things up a bit!

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