The Sunday HEAT

— The August Update: Ok, today is officially the last day of a non-busy work schedule. So the countdown begins—only 31 more days until the end of August!!! While I’m surviving for now, I’m already mentally and physically drained. If you want, please send vitamins for my well being. Just nothing illegal; I don’t wanna be put out of commission or suspended from the Inside Pulse Wellness program!

– Charlie Hass & Viscera vs. Michael Hunter & Chris Cronus
Val Venis has officially lost his tag partner. AND JOY TO THE WORLD, MARIA IS STILL your ring announcer for HEAT! Hass starts off the match and takes a few forearms to the face and a nice drop kick as Viscera gets the tag in and falls right on the head of Hunter? Anyway, Vis takes out the other partner with ease as Hass gets back into the action, striking the back of Cronus with some kicks to the back.

NO offense whatsoever from the jobber team as Hass gets a belly to back suplex and tags in Viscera from the train squash into the corner. Viscera brings the man up onto his shoulders as Hass dropkicks his own partner to get the extra weight on the fall and to get the extra 1-2-3.
Winner: Charlie Hass & Viscera

– Victoria vs. Torrie Wilson
This should be a quick and painless match. Torrie actually gets some offense in the match as she picks up and tosses Victoria, before tossing her out of the ring. She follows that up with an outside drop kick, and an outside clothesline. Whip to the ropes fails as Victoria kicks the face and clotheslines Torrie. Widow’s Peak connects and as good of a showing as Torrie put, Victoria wins.
Winner: Victoria

– Val Venis & Snitsky vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
Well if at first you don’t succeed, try again with a different partner! Venis and Cade lockup first in this match as he and Murdoch are quickly chased from the ring. Cade comes back in with a hard kick to the gut of Venis and is stopped to get the tag into Murdoch. Trevor holds up the momentum as he whales away at Venis, taking him ropes against ropes.

Venis quickly turns it around, taking the same to Murdock with the knees to the gut. Murdoch starts to have a temper tantrum in the ring as things don’t go his way. Murdoch wants Snitsky in, so Venis tags him in. Snitsky quickly starts overpowering Murdoch, body slamming and right handing Cade as he walks in. Double teams finally takes down Snitsky and Cade gets the tag in. More double team starts wearing out Snitsky, giving Cade the upper hand. A Cade big boot falls into Snitsky’s own as the change tag comes in and Venis starts clearing house.

Backbody drop, clotheslines, swing out half nelson slam only gets two! Snitsky helps out, but the ref is distracted as Murdoch and Cade get the double clothesline for the win.
Winner: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

– Rob Conway vs. Eugene
NNnnnooooooo! Dammit, why is Eugene still here. Re-package him already and send him over to ECW. Even though Conway is in the MAIN EVENT for the second straight week, I actually feel sorry for him. Both men lockup as Conway over powers and Eugene scratches his head. Another lockup that leads to an arm submission on Eugene that leads to some reversals, but a knockdown for Conway wins.

Eugene somehow gets back on the arm and starts tugging on it, getting a poke to the eyes on Conway. A stupid game of chase starts up which leads to an inverted atomic drop. HUGE clothesline from Conway takes away the momentum. Eugene “hulks” up and sets up a rock bottom, but is reversed, which is reversed again into a spine buster. People’s elbow is stopped into a Stunner for the win.
Winner: Eugene

The HEAT Wave
An enjoyable showcasing from HEAT today as we get some two good tag matches as well as a shockingly interesting women’s match thanks to Torrie actually getting a move set. BUT, make sure to look at her using that same stuff over and over again for the next few months. Still entertaining. So if you wanna see for yourself, click here. Till next time, I’m out, peace.