Make Movement: If You Tivoed RAW, You Can Erase It


Maybe there’s just too much going on right now to put on a passable, complete wrestling show on Monday.

Once again, the highlight of the show was Ric Flair and Mick Foley. They inject such train wreck passion into their work, that any passion they give at all, steals the show. These two aren’t autopiloting their segments like other people on the roster. It is believed by some that Mick is jumping on both sides of the aisle when it comes to putting himself over at the expense of the storyline. I say he’s becoming predictable in this that it’s not out of his character to do so. I see it as his character being torn to hating Flair so much that he has to cheer his own legacy because clearly Flair won’t give himself anything to run with other than his “stunt” work. It’s happening/it’s not happening/but it really is happening is intriguing and if “the match is off” because of the Hulk Hogan-Mick Foley Clause, then they should at least attack each other next week. I think this is the only segment of the entire show with one exception, where the New Jersey fans got something that resembled the WWE product.

The one exception would be the Triple Threat Intercontinental Championship match with Johnny Nitro versus Carlito versus Shelton Benjamin. It was too short but I only expected a taste, but I hope that if this match translates to a Summerslam match, that they have the belt go to Carlito or Benjamin. Carlito is especially red hot with the fans, with a new shirt and the new moves out of no where. I don’t know who is writing the match for these three, but they should help out the rest of the show right now.

Trish Stratus was able to wrestle last night, oddly pairing with “new fan favorite” Go Daddy Candice Michelle versus Psycho Bitch Mickie James and Victoria. It’s sad how the announcing missed their opportunity to really highlight this match like it should have been. The chemistry and feud with Trish and Mickie over the months, looks like it’s irrelevant now, Victoria and Candice being on opposite sides of the ring when they used to kiss each other before every match, seems to not be important. Oh, but, Torrie Wilson, she’s on the cover of FHM and the viewers are tortured with the $250,000 Diva Contest Divas all night answering who they want gone.

The Diva Contest itself is such a insult to everyone in the business, if not especially, Trish Stratus, Victoria and Mickie James. They have put in their time in and out of the ring, and earned their right to be on the card every time they are on. These “divas” don’t need to be in the wrestling business, they can perfectly well make a living on the model circuit. The only ones who have a marketable chance is J.T. and Milena.

I understand and happy that, finally, after weeks of not, Vince McMahon finally got the upper hand on DX (Shawn Michaels), but it was so predictable that the way to get Shawn by himself is to plant the Cuban cigars in Triple H’s bag, even though segments before that it was Vince who asked for them from Estrada, nevermind that the “cops” didn’t even take the “evidence” when they left, should have been enough for Triple H to come back Stone Cold style.

I expect next week to make up for this week, if not immediately tonight with Batista versus Big Show on ECW for the ECW World Championship.

And just because I want to, My Olympic Hero returns tonight:

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