[WWE] News on The Rock, RVD, Randy, Hogan and More!


– Kurt Angle, Sabu and Rob Van Dam will face off in a ladder match for the #1 Contender for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. The winner will face Big Show at Summerslam.

– RVD’s latest commentary has been posted here, on his newly-launched Web site.

– A new WWE.com feature called Now It’s Personal is up, and is a pretty good read.

SLAM! has a good piece on Victoria, where she talks about her injured ankle and more.

– Wonder why DX skits have been a bit more tame recently? Check out this interview with HHH and HBK to hear why, including some very interesting comments about how Michaels’ faith ties into his on-air role, what he will and will not do, etc.

– For an article on The Rock, click here.

– Hulk Hogan will be on Adam Carolla’s morning radio show tomorrow on the west coast, according to WrestlingObserver.com.

– Speaking of Hogan, there are pix from the big Pokemon bash here and here.

– Finally, Randy Orton had a few comments on Hogan’s decision to indeed fight at Summerslam in this WWE.com interview. Some highlights:

“It’s pretty plain and simple: his knee either wasn’t hurt or was barely hurt in the beginning … He obviously had thoughts of not facing me and was using his knee as an excuse … I’m 26 years old, a lot more agile than you, Hulk, so it would just be a matter of time before you were walking around the arena during the day, and I snuck up behind you and tore your other meniscus.”

– For a Smackdown spoiler about The Undertaker and Great Khali, highlight the following text. Undertaker vs. Great Khali is taking place next week on Smackdown instead of at Summerslam. According to WrestlingObserver.com, Khali is so bad live, as seen in house shows, so they need to air the match on SD in order to edit it.

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