[TNA] Alex Shelley Clears Up Jeff Hardy Misquote


Alex Shelley posted the following on his LiveJournal blog:

I recently did an interview for the Monday Night Mayhem radio show. After reading a write up of the interview, there is a part where I am MISQOUTED as saying “Jeff Hardy is a pain in the ass.” Obviously, if you download the audio version, that was not said, and the muppets who do the write ups sure did f*ck up. I did comment that the green paint he wears is a pain in the ass to clean off, which is true, but I have the utmost respect for what Jeff Hardy has done and the amount of money he’s drawn. Furthermore, everytime I’ve dealt with him, he’s been nothing but nice, save when we were on opposing sides of the ring. Still, it’s always been a dream of mine to be MISQOUTED in the press! Q level celebrity stardom, here I come.

Since this was posted, the Monday Night Mayhem folks sent around a response, detailing Shelley’s quote:

“Well, as far as my interaction with Jeff goes, aside from watching him draw on his arms for hours before each show, and wrestling him once in 2004, where he proceeded to get green paint all over me, which was a pain in the ass to wash off, I might add that I really can count on one hand how many times I talked to the guy. As far as his career moves go, I’ll be honest with you guys, I don’t mean to shoot your question down, but I could care less. I have bigger things to worry about in my own life, you know — just what I’m going to have for dinner concerns me more than what Jeff Hardy does in the WWE. You know I’m more concentrated on my job & my upcoming tour of Japan for Zero-One MAX than I am anything to do with Jeff Hardy. And as far as that guy goes down in Orlando (that dresses up like him), that’s creepy, and I find a lot of Jeff Hardy fans are incredibly creepy. So, congratulations, but he probably has the most annoying fanbase in the world. That’s it though, whatever he does is his business. You know like, that’s his call — he’s his own man, I’m not gonna comment on his decision.”

Alex Shelley has announced that he will have a new t-shirt on sale, pictures of which will be available here in the coming days.

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