[ECW] White Plains, NY House Show Report

– The crowd was made up of a mix of internet fans and commoners. The internet fans won out.

– Justin Roberts came out and was trying to pump the crowd up when Joey Styles came out and took over. Joey announced and was the bell keeper for the rest of the show.


– FBI def. Two Guys…they sucked

– Danny Doring came out and cut a promo about how he loved Vince McMahon.

– Balls Mahoney def. Danny Doring

– Kevin Thorn def. Stevie Richards. Plenty of “Mordecai” chants for thorn and “Show Your Tits” for Ariel.

– Francine def. Kelly Kelly in an “Extreme” Bikini Contest. Francine looks to be in her mid-thirties. Afterward Francine and Kelly Kelly got into a catfight, with Joey screaming it over the microphone. Mike Knox came out and threw Francine out, which brought out the Sandman.

– Sandman and Mike Knox went to a no contest when Test interfered. This brought out Tommy Dreamer, who let everyone know that he saw his first ever wrestling match from a particular seat in the building. He then challenged Test and Knox to a “Extreme Rules” match against him and Sandman. They initially refused but were dragged to the ring.

– Test and Mike Knox def. Sandman and Tommy Dreamer when Test pinned Dreamer. Dreamer was set to piledrive Kelly Kelly but she low-blowed him to get out of it. This brought out BEULAH for a catfight! The next thing you know Paul Heyman is in the ring and he clotheslined Beulah. Dreamer DDTed Heyman, did his pose and Test took his head off with a boot and then hit his modified F5 neckbreaker for the win. Lots of “You take steroids” chants and a small “Stacy Keibler” chant at Test.


– Joey Styles announced that ECW would be at Madison Square Garden on September 11th along with Raw. He didn’t say if they would be taping or just “invading”. He did do the hard sell and say that he wanted 20,000 ECW fans there, which prompted someone to shout “If you had that many fans you wouldn’t have gone out of business.”

– CM Punk def. Rene Dupree. Everyone was big into CM Punk. At one point he leaned out of the ring, pointed to Dupree and said “Doesn’t this guy know we have a wellness program?” This prompted some “You take steroids” chants. The obligatory “USA!” chants were followed up by Punk giving the big thumb up and Jim Duggan “HOOO!” which everyone bought into. Good match that saw Punk win the with the Urange/Armbar combo.

– RVD def. Kurt Angle via 5-Star Frog Splash. They had a great match going until RVD went up for the 5-Star the frist time. Angle went to pop-up bought got caught on the 2nd and 3rd rope. He fell off and grabbed his thigh/groin area as RVD went for the frog splash. Kurt moved and went for an Angle Slam, which RVD reversed into a DDT. They went to the finish right after that. Post match, Angle was in the ring holding his thigh/groin and talking to the ref. The ref sprinted past RVD to the back and brought out two refs to help Angle to the back.

– Big Show def. Sabu in an “Extreme Rules” match for the ECW Title. Lots of tables and chairs. Finish saw Big Show slam Sabu through a table for the pin. Post match, people FLOODED the ring with garbage. Big Show plays it off very well, but he is HATED by the ECW faithfull.

1) RVD
2) Sabu
3) CM Punk

1) Big Show
2) Paul Heyman
3) Test and Knox

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