Big Brother All Stars Episode Recap – August 15

Another Tuesday with the houseguests. And with other former Big Brother stars returning this week, and with Erika and Boogie’s relationship confirmed, I have an interesting idea to submit to show producer Allison Grodner’s suggestion box. And we’ll have that a little later on.


Previously, Erika wins Head of Household. Howie complains the buzzer didn’t work properly. The HOH competition is run again and Janelle wins HOH to the delight of … herself and …. Howie and … basically no one else. Will plays with Janelle’s head. Janelle plays with his body. For the food competition, everyone plays Martha Stewart using Big Brother Slop. And in the end Janelle puts Danielle and Erika up for eviction.

Day 40 in the house and Erika says she’s gone from the penthouse to the outhouse. Janelle calls her a scumbag and doesn’t respect floaters. James says the Legion of Doom has to stay in the house. Erika laughs at Janelle’s use of the word “despises” in her nomination speech. Marcellas tells Erika not to take it personally. Janelle says she takes it personally when people pretend to be her friend in the HOH room then talk about her behind her back. Will and Danielle discuss them throwing the veto competition so she wins it.

We see Erika and Boogie in bed. She says she really likes him and that they have a secret alliance. Boogie says she has a nice body and a nice rack but being the gentleman that he is, he adds she’s smart and nice too. Boogie is then shown pretending to propose to Erika, using roughly the same words he used when proposing to Krista on the finale of Big Brother 2. Boogie adds in the Diary Room that she’s on the block and has to give him a lot of loving to save herself as things aren’t as they seem.

Marcellas went to talk to Janelle. They ask eachother why they talk sh*t about eachother to other houseguests. Janelle called him out, saying he has an alliance with Danielle and Erika. He said her alliance keeps throwing him under the bus and says his allegiance is with her. In the diary room, Marcellas says if he wins HOH. Janelle is toast.

Janelle and Will talk about this “special power” (which we know as the Coup d’Etat). The sheep with a pink bow, whom they named Dolly (In my house, we named her Steffi after a certain Canadian Idol contestant with a bow). The second clue is a large needle with a thread (represented by a rope around a spool). James thinks his “pull the wool over your eyes” looks good.
Howie and Janelle guess “Wolf in sheep’s clothing” Howie rings the bell and gives the answer. Janelle then tells him to lie to the houseguests by telling them he guessed “Spool of Lies”. Danielle asks him if he’s lying to her. Will mocks that being a “common phrase” (Hey doc, I use it all the time. … Yeah right). Howie doesn’t sound too believable.

It’s time to choose the players for the veto competition. Janelle can’t play for the veto after giving up the right in last week’s veto competition but draws Will. Erika gets houseguest choice and takes Marcellas. Danielle draws James therefore there are two houseguests out there to throw the competition for her. James says he doesn’t want to win or he’ll be exposed.

The veto competition features elements of competitions from seasons past, and players from seasons past. Back again to host is the lovely Nicole from Big Brother 2 (Met her a couple of times. She’s one of my faves). Will though says his first thought was to jump over the wall. A former houseguest will perform a task and the current HG’s bid on who can complete the task the fastest. If they do so, they can eliminate one houseguest. If they don’t do it in the time they bid, they’re out.

The first task is to eat 15 pieces of Sushi. We see one of the stars of the Friendship alliance, April from BB6 come out. Howie says “What’s up, Busto.” but says in the DR that he’s really glad to see her. April eats the sushi in five minutes and four seconds. The houseguests bid on their times and Nicole goes to Will and asks “Wilma, what do you have” he says he can do it in under 2 minutes and 56 seconds and says “I’m about to show April why she’s not an All-star.” He downs them in time and eliminates Marcellas from the competition. Marcellas says in the DR that Will and Boogie “Are gayer than I am.”
Next we see Scott “Savage” Long, one of the Four Horsemen from BB5. Will says he’s the craziest houseguest in Big Brother history and “Maybe we’ll give him a Chilltown application.” Scott competes in the flamingo toss, trying to toss hula hoops onto pink flamingos and scoring 10 points in the least amount of time. James says he can do it in less than 1:40 and gets it done, eliminating Erika. Janelle says in the DR that she thinks he has an alliance with Danielle.
Next, it’s Erika’s old friend, Jack from BB5 (When he dressed up as a strawberry, it was one of the great sights in reality TV history). His task is to ride a spinning chair for two minutes then get a glass of champagne from one table to another. He does it in 37 seconds. James bids to complete it in 20 seconds but tries his best not to make it. He breaks the glass in feigned disgust but Janelle knew he threw the competition.
Finally, Nicole’s buddy Hardy from BB2 comes in and starts riding a mechanical bull for 59 seconds. Will bids he can stay on for three minutes. Yeah, sure. He’s eliminated and, surprise, surprise, Danielle wins the veto. She says in the DR “Janelle, when you start a war, you better complete it.” Janelle says she lost all respect for James.

Danielle, Will and Boogie celebrate in the storage room. Janelle calls out James in the HOH room. She and Howie ask him point blank why he didn’t eliminate Danielle. Janelle then talks about putting up Chilltown. James relays this to CT. Janelle then talks to Will and Boogie and they talk about putting up Marcellas. They then talk about James, saying neither side can trust him and she should put him up (knowing she likely won’t).

We see Janelle, Will, and Erika flirting in the hot tub. Janelle says all you have to do is give Will attention and he’ll do whatever you want. Will and Boogie call their plan “Operation double date.” and explain how Boogie goes after Erika and Will goes after Janelle and try to manipulate them. Howie gets kicked out of the HOH room so Boogie, Will, Erika, and Janelle can shower together. Howie is disappointed he’s not allowed into the first orgy of Big Brother All Stars. Will and Boogie say the shower sequence is all strategy.

Janelle talks to Marcellas about putting him up, promising him he will be safe. She says though she can’t hang out with him anymore. Janelle then talks to Will in the storage room. He says (Get ready for this), he likes HONESTY. He says James is shady but Marcellas is shadier.

Finally, the veto ceremony. Will little words, Danielle uses the veto and Janelle says that only two people in the game have not yet been nominated. She puts up Marcellas.

Marcellas says he wants to pull her hair and rip her black heart and shove it down Will’s throat. Janelle is still hoping Erika goes home.

Tune in Thursday for answers to the following:
Will Marcellas or Erika be eliminated?
Did Boogie in fact win the Coup d’Etat and will he use it?
Is the Coup d’Etat related at all to the Coupe Stanley?
If Marcellas is evicted, will House Calls host Gretchen Massey tell him that her show is doing just fine without him?

Looking forward to it.