Next ECW PPV, Hardy Boyz Reunion, Hogan/Piper DVDs & More

– Jeff Hardy talks about his return, being nervous, and an eventual Hardy Boyz reunion here.

– The next ECW PPV will be titled “December to Dismember” and take place on December 3 at the August, GA Civic Center. ECW is expected to also be a part of the November Survivor Series PPV.

– has posted the following details on the Roddy Piper DVD, which includes old Portland Wrestling footage and an 1:45 documentary feature that goes up until the Hall of Fame induction:

*Roddy Piper & Mike Popovitch vs. Buddy Rose & Rip Oliver from Portland
*Piper vs. Buddy Rose from Portland
*Piper vs. Jack Brisco 7/7/82
*Piper vs. Greg Valentine dog collar match from the first Starrcade
*Piper & Orndorff vs. Hogan & Mr. T from the first Wrestlemania
*Piper vs. Mr. T from Wrestlemania II
*Piper vs. Iron Sheik from 10/4/86 Saturday Night Main Event
*Piper vs. Bob Orton from 11/29/86 Saturday Night Main Event
*Piper vs. Adrian Adonis form Wrestlemania III
*Piper vs. Hogan MTV special 2/18/85
*Piper vs Rick Rude cage match 12/28/89 MSG
*Piper vs. Badnews Brown (Badnews Allen) Wrestlemania VI
*Piper vs. Bret Hart Wrestlemania VII
*Piper vs. Mountie 1992 Royal Rumble
*Piper vs. Goldust Hollywood brawl Wrestlemania XII
*Piper vs. Hogan 12/29/96 Starrcade
*A huge collection of Piper’s Pits, including the Frankie Williams one

– Also from the Observer, a fourth disc comes with Hulk Hogan DVDs bought at Wal-Mart and in Europe only, including:

*Hulk Hogan vs. Tito Santana 3/24/80 MSG
*Hulk Hogan vs. Sonny Rogers & Chuck Greenley (one of his first AWA TV appearances in the summer of 1981)
*Hulk Hogan vs. Terry Funk from the Saturday Night’s Main Event
*Hulk Hogan vs. Harley Race from Saturday Night’s Main Event
*Hogan wins 1990 Royal Rumble
*Hogan vs. Earthquake SummerSlam 1990
*Hulk Hogan interview on the 10/3 Raw show wrote up a long, positive, review of the new WWE Magazine.

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