Deep South Wrestling TV Report for August 20, 2006

Deep South Wrestling Television Report

Aired August 20, 2006 on Comcast Sports South

Taped August 9, 2006 in McDonough, Ga at the Deep South Arena

By Larry Goodman

LAST WEEK…Mike Knox inadvertently flattened Derrick Neikirk with the bicycle kick costing Team Elite their match against High Impact. Knox and Neikirk exchanged heated words. Neikirk threw the first punch and it was on, as the show closed with a pull-apart brawl.

A revised Deep South photo montage aired with an updated cast of characters.

The DSW broadcast team of Nigel Sherrod and Bill DeMott opened the show. They said the questions regarding the status of Team Elite when Knox and Niekirk squared off in tonight’s main event.

Francisco Ciatso and Biohazard entered the ring. “I want my life back Deep South,” said an Ciatso. All the jobs must be getting to him. Bio was wearing a skull mask.

Cut to a backstage promo by the Majors Brothers. Brian said Majors always give 110% regardless of the outcome, and tonight would be no different. Brett said their opponents were a roadblock to a title shot, but they were going to do their best to get the Big Finish. They faked a high five and flexed matching biceps.

(1) The Majors Brothers (Brian & Brett) beat Francisco Ciatso and Biohazard with the Big Finish in 4:07. No shortage of energy on the part of the Majors. Ciatso seated Brett on the top turnbuckle and bitch slapped him. Brian got Ciatso’s attention with a smack in the back of the head. Brett then blindsided Ciatso with a missile dropkick. Fun sequence. Majors made quick tags as the worked on Ciatso’s arm. But Ciatso stepped aside as Brett charged into the corner with a high knee. The heels focused their attack on Brett’s knee. Ciatso used a single leg crab. Ciatso dropped a forearm off the middle rope. Nobody home. Hot tag. Brian cleaned house with atomic drops and body slams. Time for the Big Finish on Biohazard — a Samoan drop/corkscrew neckbreaker off the ropes combo.

We saw installment number two of Freakin Deacon’s infatuation with a scuzzy homeless woman (played by Melissa Coates). Deacon interrupted the woman’s dumpster diving activities with a poke in the derriere. The woman slapped Deacon across the face. That didn’t faze Deacon, who dug a Styrofoam tray of french fries out of a dumpster. The woman took a deep whiff of the fries. They made love to the tray of fries. The woman scraped the leftover fries off the pavement and went about her business.

Angel Williams was standing by as Danny Gimondo approached the ring for his match against Tommy Suede. Gimondo wasn’t happy that Suede threw in the towel during his match against Johnny Parisi. “Like I need YOUR help. Like I need anybody’s help. Gimondo said he was the best thing going in DSW, and Suede was just jealous. Gimondo claimed that if not for the broken hand in his match with Parisi, he was on his way to the DSW title. Gimondo said he was going to take Suede to school.

(2) Danny Gimondo beat Tommy Suede in 5:16 (taped on 7/13/06). Suede was all over Gimondo at the opening bell. said Suede had saved Gimondo from serious injury by throwing in the towel.Suede used a Biel throw and followed with a lariat for a near fall. Suede’s dropkick came up short, and Gimondo made him pay. Gimundo went to use a piece of the tape on his injured hand. Ref Rob Russo took the tape away, so Gimondo unraveled another piece and choked Suede. Gimundo pulled his kneepad down and used a kneedrop and a kneelift for near falls. Gimondo smacked Suede across the face and talked trash. Suede fired back with a hard slap. “Smooth” Tommy Suede is a gentleman, but he’s no sissy,” said DeMott. Gimondo caught Suede with a drop toehold and delivered a series of wicked stomps to the head. Gimondo applied a half nelson chinlock combo. Gimondo went for a hangman neckbreaker but Suede countered with a backslide. Suede mounted a comeback. Suede hit an STO and hooked the leg. Gimondo kicked out at 2 and ¾. Suede escaped from Gimondo’s bulldog and hit a huracanrana for a near fall. Gimundo stunned Suede with a jawbreaker. Gimondo went to the top. Suede cut him off, but Gimondo snapped Suede’s neck across the top rope. Gimondo did a slingshot through the ropes and pinned Suede with both feet on the middle rope.

Footage of the autograph signing from the August 11 Six Flags show aired featuring Big Show and Rob Van Dam. Deep South Wrestling returns to Six Flags on September 9 with Ric Flair headlining.

(3) Oleg Prudius pinned Ray Geezy at 1:06 with the rack drop. Prudius sang the Russian national anthem. Geezy’s dropkick couldn’t make a dent in the 300 pound “Russian Bear.” Geezy went for a high crossbody. Prudius caught Geezy like a small child, dropped him across the top ropes and then flung him over his head with a fallaway slam. Prudius put Geezy in the torture rack and dropped to his knees.

The Mike Knox video aired.

Krissy Vaine said Shantelle caused her to lose her match last week because she was just like every other woman she had ever met including all the Deep South Divas. She was jealous.

I played Mrs. Nice Girl last week. But I am through. I am through being Mrs. Nice Girl because being nice doesn’t get me anywhere. Shantelle, try as you might, try as you will, you will never, ever be hot like me. (touches her derriere and makes sizzling sound).

Vaine was accompanied to the ring by Angel Williams. Williams offered to shine the mirror on Krissy’s rear end.

Shantelle said Vaine could rant and rave all she wanted, but she had nobody to blame for her loss to Tracy Taylor but herself. “And don’t think I’m gonna let you walk all over me with your little last year’s Prada shoes.”

(4) Shantelle defeated Krissy Vaine (with Angel Williams) in 5 minutes. Impressive pop for Shantelle, who was making her DSW television debut as a wrestler. Vaine started to brawl. Shantelle answered with three different styles of armdrags, including a climbing lucha version. Vaine reversed a whip and hit a press slam gutbuster drop. Nice power move. Vaine smashed Shantelle’s face into the mat. Vaine choked Shantelle over the ropes with some help from Williams. Vaine hit the ropes for a Umaga style butt attack to the back of Shantelle’s head. Vaine countered out of a facelock with an armbar and a twist. Vaine used a leg drop and a knee drop the arm. Vaine whipped Shantelle into the corner, but Shantelle went up and over for a roll up two count. Vaine clubbed Shantelle in the back and choked her over the ropes again. Vaine stepped on Shantelle’s hair and pulled on her arms. Shantelle launched a full-fledged comeback. When Shantelle hit a spinning headscissors, Vaine made a desperate scramble for the make up case. Williams gave it to her, but Shantelle knocked the powder into Vaine’s face and got the pinfall with a reverse roll up and a bridge.

A clip from the August 11 Six Flags event showed High Impact “winning” the DSW tag team title by defeating Cocky Siaki and Eric Perez.

Montell Vontavious Porter said he was disgusted with the DSW fans for making all that unnecessary noise for High Impact. MVP admitted that he had been unsuccessful in his quest for the tag team titles, but had decided to give it one more shot with “The Monster of the Midway” as his partner. Jay said he had one similarity with MVP, they were both missing the gold.

Jay was yelling at MVP to get off the cell phone as they approached the ring. “One’s flash and one wants cash,” said DeMott.

High Impact said the reason it was hot in the backstage area was because of MVP’s fake bling. They let Tracy shine up their tag belts. Impact said they didn’t get them out of a trunk of some man’s car, or steal them from a pawn shop or order them from the Internet. Mike Taylor said they earned them.

Any team out there that feels like they earned a shot to get in the ring with us, well, guess what brother? You better gear up and get ready, because you’re in for the ride of your life.

(5) High Impact (Tony Santarelli & Mike Taylor with Tracy Taylor) defeated MVP & Bradley Jay in 5:05. Impact used the basics to control the arm of MVP. He backed Santarelli into ropes and caught him in the ear with a back elbow. MVP grabbed a hammerlock and posted Santarelli’s shoulder. Jay wrapped the hammerlock around the ring rope. Santarelli fell to the floor selling the shoulder. Jay tossed Santarelli back inside and covered for a two count. Jay stayed on the shoulder and tagged out. MVP kicked a field goal with Santarelli’s arm. The crowd rallied behind Santarelli with a “Tony” chant. Santarelli ran out of Jay’s hammerlock. Jay cut off Santarelli’s attempt to reach his corner, but Santarelli arm dragged Jay and made the hot tag. Mike was a house of fire. Mike nailed both heels with bionic elbows. Mike hit a leg lariat on MVP. Mike went for a high crossbody on Jay. Jay rolled through to score a near fall. Jay hammered Mike’s midsection with shoulder blocks. Scrappy McGowan forced Jay to back off, but MVP charged in with a Kawada kick. Jay hooked the leg and Mike rolled a shoulder at two. Mike ducked a double lariat and went for one of his own. MVP ducked. Jay didn’t. Mike pulled the ropes down to dump MVP. Jay took Mike’s legs out with a barrel roll, but Santarelli nailed Jay with a spinkick and Mike jackknifed Jay for the 1-2-3. Tracy leied her boys.

What was it, D? Was it the fact that the people were chanting for me? Or is it the fact that the only reason people even acknowledged your alive was because you had a belt, a belt that I allowed you to have.

Knox said it wasn’t the first time they had fought, but Neikirk had always apologized. But now Neikirk had embarrassed him in his own house. Knox reminded Neikirk that he knew ever chink in his armor.

You wanna come at me and embarrass me? Ruin the greatest tag team to ever set foot in Deep South? Big man/little man. D, I was the big man. You have weaknesses, and I know every one of ’em.

Neikirk said what happened last week should have never happened in DSW. It should have been handled in private. Neikirk said they had worked to long and hard for something like that to break up greatness.

The fact is, it did happen. (upping the intensity bigtime) The fact is tonight, Mike, you’ve got your best friend. Tonight. We fight.

(6) Mike Knox vs. Derrick Neikirk ended as a television time limit draw (6:15). > They went nose-to-nose. Neikirk threw the first punch. Niekirk went for a takedown and they scrapped on the mat. Knox went for an up and over, caught Neikirk with a headscissors, and leveled him with a lariat. Knox hooked the leg for an early two count. Knox went to work with the crowd chanting “let’s go Knox.” Niekirk snapped Knox’s neck of the top rope and hit a Saito suplex. Loose cover for a two count. Elbow drop for a two count. Knox chants abound. Knox elbowed out of a chinlock and fired back, but Neikirk hit a powerslam and cradled Knox for a near fall. Neikirk decked Knox with a big right hand. Neikirk applied a can opener. DeMott said there was hate in Neikirk’s heart. Knox sparked a comeback with a high kneelift. Knox followd with a sliding lariat, a reverse atomic drop and a catapult into the turnbuckles. But Neikirk ducked a bicycle kick and went for a suplex. Knox blocked that and connected with high boot. Knox covered for a near fall. Sherrod made the “one minute to go” call. Knox tried for the guillotine legdrop, but Neikirk rolled out from under it. Neikirk stomped away. Knox hit a Spinesplitta. Both men down on the canvas. They struggled to their feet just as the bell rang. They started going at it again and…cut to the closing montage.

Closing Thoughts: The feud between the members of Team Elite is the number one story, and at this point, nothing else is really close. Gimundo stayed in the hunt for the DSW heavyweight title (held by Rough House O’Reilly) with a solid win over Suede. High Impact were shown “winning” the DSW tag titles at Six Flags, when, in actuality, they’ve held the belts since the conclusion of the tag team tournament in May…This week’s Deacon weirdness wasn’t at the level of last week’s but still entertaining in an offbeat way…Vaine/Shantelle was the far and away the best women’s match ever on DSW television, not that there have been all that many, but this was really good. They work together really well and have a strong heel/face dynamic. Shantelle has facial expressions and fire well beyond what one would expect for her experience level. Vaine showed a real vicious streak here…Majors’ promo was pure white meat babyface, which is a bit much for 2006. Brian in particular reminds me of the Von Erichs. Match itself was fine…Prudius doing the Volkoff/Koloff gimmick is so 1980s. He’s got the Sambo thing going, but WWE already has Sylvester Terkay and Boris Alexiev (OVW) doing MMA gimmicks…High Impact still get great pops, and the finishing sequence of their match at least scored points for creativity if not for flawless execution. With DSW’s penchant for doing clean finishes (an admirable quality in my book) and MVP becoming a Smackdown Superstar, it was pretty obvious who was doing the job…I liked the realness of the Neikirk/Knox promos. The match turned the heat up another notch. It had been a while since I saw an old-fashioned television time limit draw. They’re in no hurry with this program. It’s not like DSW can afford to blow through juicy storylines in rapid fashion.