[JunkNewsflash!] JR Compares Umaga Attack To Katrina Tragedy


After the Spirit Squad defeated Hacksaw Jim Duggan and lovable simpleton Eugene, Umaga’s music interrupted their celebration. As Umaga came down to the ring to attack a prone Duggan and Eugene, JR suggested “We may have a Katrina-like tragedy.”

InsidePulse is happy to report that no homes were destroyed in Umaga’s attack on Eugene and Hacksaw. No black people died, and no one was abandoned on their roof for days. No one was raped in the casino, no looting took place. America did not look weaker in the eyes of the world after Umaga’s beatdown of Eugene and former King of the Ring, Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

Other than that, the incident was EXACTLY like Katrina and JR was helpful in pointing that out. For instance, there will be a tribute show to benefit the survivors of the Umaga attack and Shelton Benjamin will break from the script and say that Vince McMahon doesn’t care about black people while Johnny Nitro looks humiliated.