Deep South Wrestling TV Report for August 27, 2006


Deep South Wrestling Television Report
Aired August 27, 2006 on Comcast Sports South
Taped August 17, 2006 in McDonough, Ga at the Deep South Arena
By Larry Goodman

LAST WEEK…they kept the cameras rolling after the battle between former partners in Team Elite, Derrick Neikirk and Mike Knox, ended in a time limit draw. The situation disintegrated into something akin to a rugby scrum, as about 10 guys from the dressing room and both refs were unable to pry them apart.

Kenny Omega came out wearing a goofy Mardi Gras mask. DeMott said it looked like he took a left turn in Albuquerque.

Backstage promo by the fearsome looking “Russian Bear” Oleg Prudius. I couldn’t understand his English a whole lot better than his Russian.

I destroy you. I crush you. I break you. If you vill come to my vorld.

(1) Oleg Prudius squashed Kenny Omega in 1:50. Prudius got a mix of heat and “USA” chants for his brutally bad version of the Russian national anthem. Prudius overpowered Omega. Prudius yanked Omega up by his hair and gave him a forearm smash. Omega tried a high crossbody. Prudius made the catch, put Omega in a fireman’s carry and deposited him across the top ropes. Prudius brought him off with a fallaway slam. Prudius got the pin with a variation of the torture rack drop.

Ric Flair headlines when DSW returns to Six Flags over Georgia on September 9.

An ad for the weekly Thursday night tapings at the DSW Arena aired. 20 minutes south of Atlanta at exit 221 off of I-75. Go 2.5 miles east and it’s on right behind Loco’s.

Ray Geezy, the quintessential role model for the school-age viewers of DSW, talked about the last run-in he had with a teacher.

Put me in detention. Kept me after class. All of a sudden. Rat-a-tat-tat! That’s right. I knocked the sucka out. So if you wanna teach me something, teach me in the ring…All I know is I’m gonna whup a teacher’s…

Off camera, DeMott yelled, “Geezy!”

Geezy made his ring entrance. DeMott said Geezy needed a win after the shellacking he took from Prudius last week.

(2) Matt Striker beat Ray Geezy in 4:23. Striker said he was an educated man and Geezy needed to learn a lesson. Striker slapped Geezy across the face. As Geezy lit into Striker, DeMott characterized him as a man of the people. Striker did the big sell on atomic drop and Geezy leveled him with a lariat. Striker begged for mercy, and took advantage of Gordy’s hesitation with a poke in the eyes. Striker tied Gordy up in the ropes, landed a dropkick to the back and slide-kicked him to the floor. Striker pointed at his brain. Striker dropped a pair of elbows for a near fall. Striker complained about ref Rob Russo’s count. Geezy fired back with forearms. Striker cut him off with an inverted backbreaker for another near fall. Russo caught Striker red-handed as he tried to use the ropes for extra leverage. Geezy made the comeback. Geezy caught Striker with the fireman’s carry slam and hit the ATL legdrop, but Striker got a foot over the ropes. Striker shoved Russo. Russo returned the favor. Striker keeled over and Geezy roll him up for a near fall. One kick to face and Gordy was down for the 1-2-3. DeMott was surprised that Striker wasn’t DQed for laying hands on an official. Postmatch, Striker held up a sign that said “Striker is DSW” and then tore it to shreds.

A highlight video featuring “24/7” Derrick Neikirk aired.

Tommy Suede said he was always hearing about what a great athlete Montel Vontavious Porter though he was. Suede said the truth about MVP was that he was “an egotistical, self-centered jerk.”

“Tonight, we’ll see who the MVP is in this match, because you’re dealing with none other than ‘Smooth’ Tommy Suede.

Suede made his entrance. Sherrod said Suede was fast becoming a fan favorite, but you would have never known it from the response. DeMott wondered what Suede was thinking with the “Spartacus” hairstyle.

Cut to MVP with his ear glued to a cell phone as usual. MVP said that when Suede got in the ring with a world class athlete, he would sweat. And when suede gets wet, it’s ruined and needs to be discarded.

All those incredible, phenomenal, acrobatic aerial moves won’t help you at all, because you’ll be just like everybody else. You’ll be one more individual that learns that you don’t have to like me, but one way or another, you will respect me.

MVP asked if the camera guy if he had enough footage and resumed his phone conversation.

(3) Montel Vontavious Porter beat Tommy Suede via submission at 5:41. Porter said he didn’t trust ring announcer Ted Guinness with his bling and brought it over to DeMott. Suede did a flashy armbar reversal. MVP rolled into a shoulder stand and kicked Suede in the face. Suede wanted a test of strength. Suede got the advantage with a knuckle lock. Suede did a pair of suplexes with the knuckle lock still intact. MVP went for a Canadian backbreaker, but Suede slipped away to score near falls with a high crossbody and a huracanrana. MVP was in a state of discombobulation. Suede landed a stiff chop in the corner. But MVP reversed Suede’s whip and nailed him with a Kawada kick. MVP gave Suede a double boot scrape and slid out to the floor, where he pulled out a sharpie out and autographed a fan’s poster. MVP hit a push-up gutbuster for a two count. MVP choked Suede with his own arm, then spun him around into a back heel kick. But MVP did too much juking and jiving before dropping the elbow, and Suede rolled out from under. Suede made the comeback and tried to show fire but no got no pop at all. Suede did a satellite headscissors into a german suplex, a sweet move for a near fall. MVP countered Suede’s huracanrana attempt with a powerbomb into the turnbuckles. MVP applied a crossface to get the tap out. MVP used his cell phone to take a snapshot of his latest victim.

If you thought last time was bad, when I tried to maim your pretty little face. That was just for fun. Imagine what I’m gonna do to you to prove myself.

Danny Gimondo promised to do Ryan O’Reilly in a manner that would leave no doubt as to who the man was in DSW, and who deserved a title shot.

O’Reilly said he wasn’t intimidated by Gimondo’s statements. He was just angry. O’Reilly brought up the fact that Gimondo jabbed him in the throat with a foreign object the last time they met, and said he didn’t care how many times Gimondo had to prove something to himself.

I know. Rough House O’Reilly knows. That I only have to prove to myself one thing. And that’s to keep the gold, at home, in the Rough House, right where it belongs.

(4) In a non-title match, Rough House O’Reilly beat Danny Gimondo in 5:58. O’Reilly’s entrance still got a great pop, but Knox got a better one. Gimondo wouldn’t let him in the ring, so O’Reilly threw his ring jacket in his face. Gimundo broke cleanly the first time, but you knew that couldn’t last. They went back and forth on the arm. O’Reilly grabbed a hammerlock. Gimondo backed him into the corner and unleashed an elbow to the chops. O’Reilly responded with an Irish whip and hiptossed Gimondo as he rebounded off the buckles. Gimondo slammed O’Reilly down by the hair. Gimondo dropped a knee for a two count. Gimondo brawled. DeMott said he knew for a fact that Assassin had asked Gimondo to enroll in Anger Management classes. Gimondo measured O’Reilly for a trio of jabs and dropped him with big right. Gimondo tried to choke off the champ’s air supply with a rear naked choke. O’Reilly rammed Gimundo into the buckles to break the hold. O’Reilly started beating Gimondo to the punch. A shoulder block put Gimundo on the canvas. O’Reilly hit a flying lariat. When O’Reilly used a back cover, DeMott said champion or not, he wouldn’t pin Gimondo that way. O’Reilly went for the Roughshot, but Gimondo had it scouted. Gimundo then nailed O’Reilly with his own finisher. Gimondo gloated before making the cover, and O’Reilly kicked out before the three. Sherrod said Gimondo’s pandering to the camera cost him the victory. O’Reilly blocked a Gimondo’s bulldog and caught him with an Oklahoma roll for the 1-2-3. Gimundo threw a hissy fit.

Derrick Neikirk said Mike Knox was a loose cannon and that’s what he liked about him. “I was always focused, and you were a little bit off. That’s what made us great.” Neikirk said Knox had become jealous of his accomplishments.

Tonight, I finish it. We’re not brothers anymore. Tonight, you’re out of my life forever.

Knox said he was disappointed with Neikirk’s attitude of late.

See, I always knew you were a jerk. I always knew you thought you were a little bit better than everybody else, except me.

Knox likened Neikirk’s behavior to that of a rabid dog. He said their match last week was a dogfight and this week would be more of the same.

“I’m ready for anything that you can bring to the table. But I don’t think for one second, and you know it’s true, that you are ready for what I can bring to the table.” Knox tried to take a bite out of the camera.

(5) Mike Knox versus Derrick Neikirk went to a double count out (7:20). Knox’s popularity ha soared to the top the fans at the Arena. He was greeted with a chant of “ECW.” Throughout the match, DeMott talked about the lifelong friendship of Team Elite. The opening minutes saw Knox administer a beating, both inside and outside the ring. Knox hit a slingshot suplex. Knox blasted away on Neikirk in the corner. Neikirk reversed a whip but ate an elbow charging in. Knox charged and Neikirk caught him with a high backdrop. Neikirk pounded Knox from the mount. Neikirk choked Knox with both hands. Neikirk hit an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. As Niekirk went to work on Knox’s back, DeMott said he blamed the fans for the break up of Team Elite. The fans chanted “Knox, Knox, Knox.” Niekirk hit a Saito suplex. Knox rolled out the floor. Neikirk rammed Knox’s back into the apron. Back inside, Niekirk used another Saito suplex and hooked the leg. Knox rolled a shoulder at 2 and ½. Neikirk tried to keep it on the mat, but Knox eventually freed himself. They traded blows. Knox caught Neikirk flush in the face with a flying boot. Both men down. They struggled to their feet at the count of eight. The action spilled to ringside, and Nick Patrick was forced to call for the bell. Niekirk went for a chair. Knox cut him off and set him into the post. Knox picked up the chair but decided to use the ringsteps instead. Neikirk cut that off. Neikirk pulled the pads up to expose the concrete floor, but help from dressing room (including Tough Enough’s Daniel Rodimer and Oklahoma All-American Jake Hager) intervened. Neikirk managed to break free and leave Knox laying with a DDT. The show closed with wrestlers checking on Knox’s condition, as MVP stood by nonchalantly taking photos with his cell phone. DeMott said this friendship was history.

Closing Thoughts: It was all about Neikirk and Knox again this week. And so it should be. It’s the culmination of a well-crafted storyline. The scenes from last week’s pull apart was a great way to open the show. They both cut strong promos. Match was a stiff brawl with an all out effort by DeMott to get across the gravity of the situation…Gimondo’s Jersey scumbag with the stop-at-nothing attitude is a lot more fun to watch than his previous work in DSW…Gimondo hit O’Reilly with his own finisher, and O’Reilly still beat him cleanly. It will be interesting to see if Gimondo still gets a title shot and by what rationale…This episode highlighted the lack of babyface singles wrestlers with any kind of momentum once you get past Knox and O’Reilly. Omega got squashed by Prudius.With consecutive losses to Prudius and Striker, Gordy appears to be stuck in reverse. His hometown wigger character feels so forced. If Suede is going to go by “Smooth” and cut the kind of promo he did here, he’s better suited to being a heel…MVP continues to be the most entertaining (as in Sports Entertainment) performer on DSW television…Being fed cruiserweight-sized opponents in his first two television matches (where was Antonio Mestre when they needed him?), Prudius has appeared to be every bit the indestructible monster. He’s shown two impressive power moves, and that’s all he’s needed so far…I was majorly disappointed that there was no Freakin Deacon vignette this week.