InsidePulse’s ECW on Sci-Fi Report 09.05.06


InsidePulse’s ECW on Sci-Fi Report 09.05.06
Live from the Columbus Civic Center in Columbus, GA.
Announcers are Joey Styles & Tazz
By: John Cavanagh

The show starts out with a recap from two weeks ago from RAW where the McMahon’s hired Big Show to do their dirty work. With this coverage it’s obvious that all we’re getting tonight is a 60 minute commercial to sell Unforgiven. Just like how the other matches with Undertaker, Batista and Flair we’re all to promote other brands stuff.

DX is in the building, HHH takesoff his shades and looks at a guy wearing an ECW shirt and says “Bingo, this is it.”

We’re greeted by Styles and Tazz who sell the main event between Big Show and DX.

Sabu and Rob Van Dam vs. Test and Mike Knox (w/ Kelly)
Extreme Rules Match

Where is the logic in this match?

Sabu and Knox start the match, Knox keeps it to mainly mat work to start. Knox throws few punches in the corner and then whips Sabu across the ring. Sabu gets his legs up and clotheslines Knox from the top rope. He rolls over to Van Dam and tags out. Neither RVD or Knox want to sell the punches ech are throwing at one another. Knox gets Van Dam in to his corner where Test and Knox double team on him. Test tags in and then whips Van Dam in to the corner and charges for a mean clothesline. Test goes for another but Van Dam counters and gets sends Test in to the corner instead. RVD hits a jumping spin kick and Falls OUT of the ring. Van Dam gets back in and has test flat on the mat, he sets him up for a little Rolling Thunder and connects while Sabu goes over the top rope wit ha leg drop. Van Dam goes for the pin but Knox breaks the count. Sabu and Van Dam begin to double team up on Knox and hit him with double lariets, Van Dam goes for another pin but Test breaks it. Sabu sets up a table on he outside but Knox runs up behind him. RVD goes to the outside and lays out Knox, Test is in the ring getting ready to press slam Sabu but RVD climbs the ropes and side leg kicks Test square in the jaw. Knox comes in and he and Test team up against Van Dam, the two guys try to send him through the table but he fights them off. Sabu is in the ring with a chair and sets it up, runs, jumps, and all four men go through the table.


We’re back and Sabu is looking for a triple jump moonsault but Test breaks it and sends him face first in to the chair. Van Dam is in the ring and throws the chair at Test, he’s sitting in the corner and Van Dam skateboards the steel chair right in to his face. Van Dam goes to the top rope, but Knox slams him with a chair. He climbs in to the ring and suplexes him off the top rope. Sabu out of nowhere with an Arabian Facebuster on Knox and then applies the Camel Clutch, Van Dam puts a chair in front of his face and goes off the ropes and kicks the chair in to his skull. Sabu goes for the pin but Test breaks it up. Air Sabu in the corner on test, who falls throat first on the the chair. Sabu sets up the Triple Jump Moonsault and connects. Goes for the pin but only gets two. The ECW Originals set up another table, this time inside the ring. Sabu sets up Knox on the the table while Van Dam kicks Test out of the ring. Both men climbs the ropes and hit simultaneous leg drops. Sabu pins Knox for the win.

Winners: Sabu and Rob Van Dam

In the back Big Show is angry.


In the back Vampire and Ariel are reading their tarrot cards.

Matt Striker make his way to the ring while Styles and Tazz recap last weeks show and what happened between Striker and Sandman.

Striker says that last week Sandman found out that brains will always triumph over brawn. He mentions that he’s in Georgia, home of the Little League World Series Champions. But he says that they’re just little dumb jocks that will grow up in to big dumb jocks, swerve! Striker says the fans are more interested in sports statistics rather than reading Rush Limbaugh’s latest book. He makes a crack about never planning to swim in the ocean with Stingrays (can’t say he’s wrong on that one). Sandman’s music hits and Striker climbs up on the desk telling him that he’s not afraid of him (why don’t other people talk to him on his way down to the ring more often?). Sandman gets in to the ring while Striker runs away, Sandman grabs the chalk near the chalkboard and writes “SUX” underneath Striker’s name. Striker says that Sandman just proved his point and thanks him.

Sandman celebrates in the ring while we go to…


We’re back and Kevin Thorne is making his way to the ring with Ariel. He’s in a suit and not wrestling attire. They’re at ringside and Ariel climbs over the announcers desk and saddles Style’s. His reaction is golden “Tazz this woman has fangs!” The two then sit and watch the next match.

Balls Mahoney vs. Stevie Richards

They guys are giving it their all, I haven’t seen a match with this much intensity between two mid carders in a LONG time. Stevie is in control to start with a few punches and then moving out of the way when Balls tries for a splash in the corner, followed by a neck breaker. Stevie applies a hold and Balls tries to break out, trying to rally fan support in the process. Stevie lets go and then mocks the Balls Combo. Balls is now pissed, he connects a flying elbow, then a powerful clothesline and then a reverse cradle, followed up with the Balls Combo, only the last punch is directed at Thorne who is beginning to enter the ring. Ariel distracts the Ref in a very interesting fashion while Stevie low blows Balls and then Mahoney gets clocked by Thornes walking stick. Stevie rolls him up for the pin and gets a three count.

Winner: Stevie Richards

Thorne and Ariel walk to the back while Balls is left in the ring.

We see DX walking in the back.


Shannon Moore says that he’s the Prince of Punk and that he’s bringing sexy back… whatever that is. He turns around to see CM Punk. Punk looks him up and down and tells him that he’s a poseur. They stare each other down and then Punk slaps him in the face, they stare down again and Punk just walks away while Moore checks his nose ring.

Our main event is next and Show makes his way in to the ring. Before DX can come down to the ring Paul Heyman comes down. He says that he couldn’t allow the match to be contested under extreme rules and that the match will be a regular match instead.


Big Show vs. Triple H and Shawn Michaels

The three guys stare down and no one makes a move, HHH spits his water in to Shows face and then both men run at the giant. He pushes Shawn to the floor while he headbutts Hunter. He throws HHH in to the corner and goes for a shop to the chest but Hunter moves, he throws a few punches and then whips him in to the ropes, Show reverses it but HHH kicks his way out. Michaels tries for a DDT but Show simply picks him up, HHH kicks him in the gut giving Shawn the momentum to finish the DDT. Both men throw a couple crotch shots at the giant as he’s laid out in the ring. Shawn goes for a pin but Show simply throws him off of him. Show gets up but DX is on him like a pack of dogs. Show gets free and suplex’s Shawn in the middle of the ring. HHH goes after Show but is set up in the corner and Show give him a few chops to the chest. Show goes up the ropes looking for an elbow from the second rope on Hunter but he rolls out of the way just in time. It’s Shawn turn, but Show simply throws him to the corner, he almost hits the ref but stops just in time, Show doesn’t care and charges at both men anyway. Shawn sees a nice opportunity for a litle sweet chin music but Heyan’s personal enforcers pull down the top rope so Shawn falls out of the ring. Hunter sees what happens ad goes after them, but they too well protected for him to do much damage, especially when outnumbered. They use their helmets to headbutt him to the ground (looks like Show is training some of his co-workers). Show is in the ring with Shawn now and is just using him as a practice dummy. Show has him in a bear hug but HBK pokes him in the eye to get out. HHH is in the ring again and goes right after show with a few rights, he gets bot ha face buster and spine buster on Show, Heyman’s enforcers try to interfere but HBK goes after them. HHH sets up the pedigree but Hardcore Holly runs in and attacks HHH and throw him to ringside. The ref calls for the bells.

Winners by DQ: DX

The four men take turns beating on Michaels in the ring, HHH re-enters the ring with his sledge hammer in hand and cleans house. DX celebrates in the ring and hit the “X” pyro’s.

Show Over.

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