[WWE] SD and ECW Spoilers for Next Two Shows


Following are results from tonight’s Smackdown and ECW tapings for shows to air on Friday, September 15 and Tuesday, September 19, respectively. Please note that the ECW show which aired tonight on Sci Fi was taped last night at Madison Square Garden in NYC. These results are based on those reported by Billy Krotchsen to PWInsider and by Joe Gagne to WrestlingObserver, from Worcester, MA (if you attended the show and would like to submit additional details, please do so by clicking my name, above):

Smackdown Dark Match

– Sylvan defeated local wrestler Scott Wright.

Smackdown for September 15

– Finlay came out to the ring with the Little Bastard under a towel to brag about attacking Batista last week, but then Lashley confronted him. Teddy Long announced a number one contender’s match between the two, with the winner facing King Booker at No Mercy since Batista is now taking time off due to injury. Lashley pushed Finlay who tripped over the LB, who then attacked Finlay until he punched him and threw him under the ring.

– A scene is shown from backstage with the two members of the Royal Court — Finlay and Regal — discussing the main event.

– WWE Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms defeated Matt Hardy after a kick to the groin behind the ref’s back.

– Rey Mysterio is backstage with his son Dominick, and talks with Dean Malenko. Rey is set to face US Champ Ken Kennedy tonight.

– Another Jimmy Wang Yang vignette airs, with the redneck complaining about the way Asians pronounce words.

– Mike “The Miz” Mizanin defeated Scotty Too Hotty.

– WWE Tag Team Champion Brian Kendrick beat Idol Stevens and Kid Kash in a triple-threat match. Spanky pinned Kash after a DDT. Noble, James and London were at ringside, with the Pitbulls and Teacher’s Pets arguing after the match.

– Backstage again, and King Booker and Queen Sharmell address Finlay and Regal.

– On the way to the ring, Rey leaves Dominick in front of a monitor, but Chavo and Vickie are watching him.

– They showed a Boogeyman promo video.

– Kennedy beat Rey while being distracted by Vickie and Chavo coming down to the ring with Dominick, who ran to Rey and hugged him.

– MVP wants a Smackdown contract, and told us so.

– Vito defeated William Regal via pinfall after a face-under-the-dress move.

– Again backstage with King Booker and Sharmell, this time Teddy Long is talking to World Champion and his wife when Vito comes in. They’ll fight next week.

– Sylvester Terkay won a squash over local jobber Handsome Johnny via submission.

– Rey Mysterio will face Chavo Guerrero next week.

– Bobby Lashley becomes number 1 contender to the World Title and will face King Booker at No Mercy, after beating Finlay by DQ after a shillelagh shot. Regal is at ringside for the match, with Booker and Sharmell on commentary, and after the match, Batista attacked Finlay and they bawled to the back with agents trying to break them apart as Booker and Regal attack Lashley. Lashley comes back and spears Booker before playing to the crowd as the show ends.

Announced for the Smackdown premiere on the new CW Network:

– World Champion Booker T vs. Vito
– Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero

ECW for September 19

– Smackdown’s Booker T and Sharmell are backstage with Paul Heyman, who welcomes them to ECW.

– In the first match of the night, Sabu & Tommy Dreamer & Sandman defeated Matt Striker & Mike Knox & Test via DQ when Test shoved the ref. Sandman had to be brought to the back early in the match after getting knocked off of the apron. They brawled well after the bell, with Sandman coming back and caning everyone but not getting to Striker.

– Heyman introduces Booker and Sharmell to Stevie Richards (who bowed), CW Anderson and Balls Mahoney, but are grossed out by Mahoney.

– Kevin Thorn (with Ariel) beat Balls Mahoney (with Francine), with Thorn getting the Razor’s Edge on a distracted Mahoney for the pinfall. Balls was distracted by an Ariel/Francine catfight.

– Booker and Sharmell are again backstage, now meeting the FBI and Trinity (back from injury) as well as CM Punk, who suggests he may face Booker one day for the World Title.

– CM Punk again beat “The Reject” Shannon Moore with Kelly watching from the entranceway until Mike Knox makes her leave. He got the submission with the anaconda vice.

– Backstage, Rob Van Dam meets up with his former tag partner King Booker, and the men agree to a match for later in the night.

– Paul Heyman and the Bashams (security) come to the ring, where Heyman cuts a promo to lots of boos. He says he is the father of ECW and invited royalty to the show. He insults the fans and says they will drink his Kool-Aid, continuing for a while in what reportedly was to kill some time and get the crowd riled up (for example, he mentioned Unforgiven even though the show will air after the PPV).

– Rene Dupree talks about beating Balls Mahoney last week.

– Booker T beat RVD with a scissors kick on a chair leading into a pin. At one point in the match, which was non-title and under Extreme Rules, Booker attempted and missed the Houston Hangover, allowing RVD to hit a frog splash. Before he could get the pin, Hardcore Holly interfered in the match, attacking RVD with a chair.

Post-Show Dark Match

– Lashley & Batista beat Booker & Finlay after Lashley speared and pinned the World Champion. There was no hot tag to Batista in the match, which seemingly ended quickly.

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