Theo's The Real Reason The Sox Are In The ER

It’s no secret that I am a huge Yankee fan. Diehard, as they say, which is a stupid title in and of itself, but whatever. But I am here to make a plea to the good people of Boston and more specifically, Red Sox fans.

This season the Yankees lost a good portion of their team to injuries, including big injuries to big sluggers, Hideki Matsui and Gary Sheffield. There were immediately two things that people thought: A) They’re screwed, Bah-stun wins the pennant or B) They had more issues last year and still won the pennant.

The injuries kept piling up, taking out relievers and pitchers who have pitched in less games than I have been to during their contract. Yet the Yankees, with a group of youngsters thrown into the mix and some savvy trade deadline maneuvers, have run away with the division. That’s called gutting it out.

The other end of the Yankee bloodline is the Red Sox. They too, have been beset by injury. However, they have not adapted and overcome. They have become a shell of their former selves. Trading for Javy Lopez who, coincidentally, has caught less games over the past two years than I have been to, to replace Jason Varitek was just a dumb move. You never take a bat over defense, especially with Papi and Manny in the line-up.

Speaking of, Big Papi almost becomes Big Coronary. It seems like everyone in the Sawx locker room comes down with some sort of injury/illness…including cancer! All my best to Jon Lester. Baseball is one thing, but when a player is younger than me and that happens, you feel for him. Back on point: The Sox had the same myriad of injuries as the Yankees. But they should be able to pull through and make a run right? Of course! With Theo “Wunderkind” Epstein running the show and talking about the big prospects and future, they’re a call-up or so from spanking the Yankees…or not.

See, Boston dropped like a dancer in a Justin Timberlake video. Why did this happen? Because Theo is not the golden boy everyone thinks he is. That’s right. THEO EPSTEIN is not God. Let’s review the positives of Theo:

– Nomar Trade

– Getting Shilling

– Getting Foulke (AT THE TIME)

Now the negatives:

– Coco Crisp

– Getting Edgar Renteria instead of keeping Orlando Cabrera

– Getting rid of Edgar Renteria

– Pick your poison in the bullpen

Now that’s off the top of my head because I don’t feel like doing research.

So, with that, I make an open plea to the people in Boston, from Yawkey to Hahvahd Yahd: Do not give him a free pass. If you do, you will ruin your organization.

Time and time again, Theo has held back or made things too complicated in getting trades done to help your team. Abreu and Lidle? Could have been yours. It could’ve been the Yankees turning Jacobi Hospital into their new locker room. But it’s not. Theo is too busy trading players he doesn’t even have yet to sit down and figure out what is good for the team.

Yes, your front office is crazy too, but the buck has to stop here.

You see, Yankee fans DEMAND greatness. Brian Cashman knows this. So at the very least we get the playoffs, year in and year out. But we always have a player to blame for us losing. A-Rod, Unit, Jeff Weaver. NEVER can the blame be thrown at our GM or our owner. They put a product on the field that is capable of winning every day. The front office in Boston talks about the future in a place where it took 86 years to win a World Series. Patience isn’t a virtue in Boston. Patience represents failure. That, my loyal Sox fans, is what you are being sold. That is the inherent difference between our two clubs. We are sold greatness. You are sold failure. And for some strange reason, both of our ballparks are packed equally. How does that make sense?

Do something about it Sox fans! Take the pride you have and demand wins NOW! Prospects are just that until they get to big leagues. You never know what will happen. But you do know what you’re getting with proven people. It doesn’t take “Moneyball” to understand that.

So for now, enjoy the Pats and when you see Bobby Abreu drawing a walk that leads to a run that leads to another pinstriped ring, just remember that the great Theo is working hard to make sure you might win the division in 2012.


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