New Saw III Trailer Released

Credit: Yahoo

Yahoo has released the second trailer for the upcoming Saw sequel due out next month. Click here to view what the Jigsaw Killer has in store for you on October 27th.

Everyone loved Saw when it first came out, it was that scary movie we had been dying to see after the watering down of horror films in recent years. As time went on, however, people began to see the flaws in it, yet still see it for what it was – an enjoyable scary movie designed purely to make you squirm.

Last year Saw II cost only four million to produce but made nearly a hundred million at the box office. After the huge success it was only a matter of time before we saw another film in the series get released. But that Jigsaw must have one great HMO if he’s still dying of cancer and still has the energy to kidnap and torture people, huh?