Jackson Talks Halo

Credit: Aint it Cool News

Peter Jackson, acclaimed director of The Lord of the Rings series, is executive producer on a little project set to appear in theaters in 2008 entitled Halo. For those not in the know, Halo is the big screen adaptation of the tremendously popular video game franchise of the same name. Recently, Jackson sat down for an interview about the upcoming project. Below are some excerpts:

With regard to fan response about chosing an unknown to direct: It’s not deliberate and certainly for HALO it wasn’t deliberate. I don’t think even for a show like HALO, which is a big budget production, I don’t think there’s any problem whatsoever with a so-called first time director directing it…..We wanted somebody on HALO that would have 3 qualities. One, a very important one, is that they wanted to do it really badly. They had to be absolute HALO fans….Secondly, and this is sort of just as important, we wanted somebody who was going to bring a unique vision to it

In regards to the script: We’re not writing it and we’re trying to be as constructive as we can and we’re trying to give criticism and suggest ways in which we think things should be improved. That process is going along okay and we’re getting there. The movie, as far as I’m concerned, as far as my involvement is concerned, is not going to go in front of the cameras until we have a really great script.

For more with Jackson and Halo, including the possibility of a ‘special adult version’ DVD release, you can check out the full interview here

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