Murderball: The Movie?


James Mangold, who’s latest remake 3:10 to Yuma was just recently picked up by Lionsgate for distribution, is now eyeing a film adaptation inspired by the documentary Murderball that was released last year.

Mangold also recently acquired the life rights of three people from the documentary, including team USA wheelchair rugby captain Mark Zupan; Team Canada coach Joe Soares, and Christopher Igoe, Zupan’s childhood friend.

Now, why on earth they need to go and retell the film in the first place, let alone in a dramatic sense flabbergasts me. Anyone who saw the doc knows it was more than one of 2005’s best documentaries, but one of the years best films in general. So why Mangold feels the need to retell something that was already considered by most people to be perfect doesn’t make much sense.

There’s no news on casting at this point but honestly, who would make a better Mark Zupan than Mark Zupan?

It’ll be interesting watching this story develop over the next few months.