Deep South Wrestling TV Report for September 10, 2006

Deep South Wrestling Television Report
Aired September 10, 2006 on Comcast Sports South
Taped August 31, 2006 in McDonough, Ga at the Deep South Arena
By Larry Goodman

Deep South Wrestling aired in 30 minute edition again this week due to college football, and it will remain that way until December 1.

The DSW announce team of Nigel Sherrod and Bill DeMott opened the show. DeMott told Sherrod they needed to cut to the chase. DeMott hyped this week’s main event taped fist match Derrick Neikirk/Mike Knox (their third consecutive television main event), as the final confrontation between the former members of Team Elite.

They’re back. Gymini entered through the front door of the DSW Arena and picked up right where they left off, issuing challenges to DeMott. Gymini yapped about how they’re the guys that built DSW. DeMott got to his feet at the announcers table and gave Gymini a cold blooded stare. The fans chanted “Bill, Bill, Bill.” It didn’t physical, not yet anyway. Gymini left from whence they came.

Smackdown General Manager, Theodore Long received a warm welcome from the DSW fans. Long said that he plans on hanging around DSW in the weeks to come scouting talent for Smackdown. Long then joined DeMott and Sherrod on commentary for the next match.

Promo by Urban Assault. Cocky Siaki made out like he and Eric Perez were twin sons from different urban jungles. “Urban Assault is comin’ atcha. Boo Yah.”

Promo by High Impact. They made fun of Assault for gimmick infringement on their hand gestures.

(1) Urban Assault (C#cky Siaki & Eric Perez) beat High Impact (Tony Santarelli & Mike Taylor with Tracy Taylor) in a non-title match (6:15). The crowd went crazy at the sight of Impact as per usual. Impact was bouncing Assault around with double teams. But Siaki clipped Santarelli’s knee from the blindside to turn the match around. Assault went to town on Santarelli’s knee with the fans chanting endlessly for their man Tony. Santarelli made a diving hot tag. Taylor on fire with a leg lariat on Perez. Taylor nailed a seated Siaki with a dropkick to the back of the head for a near fall. Taylor hit an elbow drop off the middle rope, and Siaki kicked out at the last split second. Taylor and Siaki collided in midair on simultaneous high crossbodies. Perez broke up Taylor’s pin attempt before Scrappy McGowan had a chance to count one. All four men in the ring. Santarelli lit into Perez with Kawada kicks. But as Taylor hit the ropes, Perez kicked him in the back. Siaki got the pin with a powerslam and a fistful of Taylor’s shorts. DeMott said Urban Assault had proved that they were the best team in the DSW Arena tonight.

We heard words from Knox. Try as he might, Knox was totally unable to contain the sadistic laughter of a sick man at the breaking point.

Taped fists. Derrick Neikirk, you can win by submission. You can win by pinfall. Or you can win by knockout. Derrick Neikirk, I don’t really want to talk about this. It’s time to tape ‘em up, man to man, you and me. This is my fight. Knox tried to take a bite out of the camera.

Knox made his entrance. Ted Guinness announced that the match could only be won by pinfall, submission or knockout. The crowd chanted “ECW” at Knox.

Earlier today”¦We saw Neikirk backstage checking out the tape job on his fists. “This is what you people wanted. So I guess this is what you’re gonna get.”

(2) Mike Knox beat Derrick Neikirk in a taped-fist match (9:08). Knox put up his dukes. Neikirk shot in for a single leg. Knox blocked it. Neikirk settled for an armdrag and went into the mount. Knox covered up. Neikirk tried for a cross armbreaker. Knox blocked that as well, rolling Neikirk onto his back for a two count. Knox swung for the fences, and Neikirk took a TO to think things over. The crowd chanted “Knox.” Back inside, Knox connected with a boot to the face. Knox hooked the leg for a two count. The presence of MVP at ringside yakking on his cell phone distracted Knox. Neikirk capitalized with a swinging neckbreaker to turn the match around. MVP joined DeMott and Sherrod on commentary. While Neikirk was mauling Knox, DeMott asked MVP why he got so mad at Knox during last week’s lumberjack match (won by Neikirk) when he was the one that initiated the contact. MVP took offense.

I’m a first class athlete extraordinaire. I’m not just some random guy. I shouldn’t be a lumberjack. I was doing Deep South a favor. And then here comes Mike Knox, who had the unmitigated gall, the audacity, to put his hands on me. No, let me make you understand, Mike Knox is going to pay. Nobody puts their hands on me.

DeMott gave MVP the third degree about his relationship with Neikirk. “I’m all about me. I’m in cahoots with nobody unless money is involved, and nobody’s payin’ me a dime. I don’t appreciate you insinuating that I had something to do with that loss,” said MVP.

Neikirk ducked a taped fist haymaker, and went for the Sharpshooter. Knox fought it off. Knox blocked Neikirk’s punches from the mount. Double clothesline and both men down. DeMott told MVP they were going to review the tape from last week. MVP said he didn’t need to cheat to win. Knox blitzed Neikirk with a shoulder block, a reverse atomic drop, a standing dropkick and a standing moonsault for a near fall. Knox planted Neikirk on the top rope for a superplex. Once again, MVP came to ringside, and Neikirk used the distraction to his advantage with a sunset powerbomb. Knox made the miracle kick out. Neikirk and MVP went off on referee Nick Patrick. Knox caught Neikirk right on the button with a taped fist and it as lights out. Knox hit a high elevation guillotine legdrop for the 1-2-3.

MVP climbed up the ring steps. Knox invited him to come get some. MVP paused to off load his bling. Meanwhile, Neikirk heaved a chair into the ring. Knox scooped up the chair and Neikirk backed off. MVP was edging toward the ropes when he stopped to answer his cell phone. DeMott said Knox was extreme, and maybe MVP recognized that he had bitten off more than he could chew. Knox took a seat in the ring as the closing credits rolled.

The Inside Pulse
Closing Thoughts: DSW made the most of their 30 minutes, focusing exclusively on the top programs and storylines. With only one commercial break, it felt packed as opposed to rushed”¦Glad to see the Gymini/DeMott program revived. It was suspended the first time around, most likely due to Gymini Jesse being out of action due to injury”¦ The incredibly hot crowd for Impact/Assault made a basic formula tag match seem special. The non-title win by the challengers followed the logical progression towards the inevitable title switch”¦With the Knox/Neikirk match being the blowoff of that feud, Impact/Assault becomes the hottest thing going in Deep South”¦Knox cut another strong promo. With any luck, at some point the colorful side of Knox’s character will be unleashed on the ECW audience. No gratuitous use of weapons or meaningless stipulations allowed in DSW, as they built the match around the idea that one good shot with the taped fist was all it would take”¦The nature of the relationship between Neikirk and MVP remained a mystery. The announce team was still uncertain about MVP’s role in Neikirk’s win last week, and Neikirk’s use of a foreign object still hasn’t come to light…There’s almost no way to give time to the midcard guys in the 30 minute format. What you didn’t see due to time constraints: MVP over Heath Miller, Matt Striker defeated Antonio Mestre and another Oleg Prudius squash with Biohazard as this week’s victim.