Samoa Joe and Bryan Danielson Interviewed, JR Comments on Angle & Iron Shiek Shoots on Hogan

Here’s some news to tide you over until morning…

– Wanna hear the Iron Shiek shoot on Hogan? Click here.

– JR’s latest blog entry is up, where he talks about Kurt Angle and more. An excerpt: “My two cents on this matter is that Kurt should stay as far away from the mixed martial arts world as possible. Yes, there is huge money to be made for a few fights but at what cost? I say the potential risk facing Kurt is too great to even think of traveling down this road. I am not condemning the promoters of this genre as they are in the business of making money and most defiantly Kurt Angle in the MMA world is money but is the risk of permanent injury worth the cash? Not where I sit.”

– Speaking of Angle, Dave Hawk, Kurt Angle’s manager, has posted the following on his Web site: “Kurt Angle, WWE Super Star and 1996 Olympics Gold Medalist has retired from professional wrestling NOW plans to fight in the MMA in 2007!” The statement links to the letter we published yesterday, which has also now been added to Kurt’s official Web site here (need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view).

– There’s an awesome interview with Bryan Danielson, ROH World Champion, on SLAM! Wrestling. He talks about being trained by Shawn Michaels along with Spanky and Lance Cade; making his way up through the indies; comparisons to Dynamite Kid and Chris Benoit; training around the world (and the differences in other countries vs. the U.S. territories); WWE’s interest in him and more. Definitely worth the read. has an interview up with Samoa Joe, which is also worth the read. In the interview he talks about the upcoming TNA video game; the fan revenge match with Jarrett this Sunday; the importance of TNA getting a second hour of weekly TV; wrestling in Japan; TNA bringing in veterans vs. pushing new stars and more.

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