Post Scriptum gets F-Rated

Hey gang, Farah here with the latest scoop on the Prime Time Pulse. As you all can probably see, we’ve cleaned up the site a bit, giving it much-needed makeover for your reading pleasure.

To fit in with this shiny re-do, I who formerly penned the piece known as Post Scriptum, will be participating in a blog baptism of sorts, rebirthing ‘Post’ to F-Rate status with my new column dubbed none other than–surprise, surprise–F-Rated.

So here’s how it’s gonna go down. I’ll still be ranting, panting and lamenting over anything and everything prime time TV with the usual good-natured philosophical twist, but will be embarking on a little more evaluating. You see, ‘F’ isn’t just the fancy first initial of my first name, but my way of stamping the mark on my favourite moments of the TV week. Every entry I’m going to focus on the most outrageous, amazing, TV-altering, plot-shifting snippet from prime-time that week, and talk about its yay or nay status. Fabulous stuff gets catalogued as an F–the top of the scale, while the assinine TV wastes of time will be tagged as none other than, an A.

It’s a little backwards–but conventional grading systems are so like, primary school, anyway.

So you want to get in on the action? Mark your calendars– this Sunday, Oct. 1–the F-Rates begin!