F-Rated: Veronica Mars – So not the 'College Years'

I’m glad to say I felt the fall season breathe deep today with the vivacious return of our favourite gumshoe, Veronica Mars. Yes, back with a vengeance she is, still sporting that quirky habit of unraveling undeniably twisty-turny plots in just under an hour.

A new network, new credits and a remixed theme song doesn’t seem to have slowed down Mars, who incidentally also made the switch to post-secondary this season. Many times shows will harp on this great leap into college-dom, trying to convince us of the pinnacle changes that occur in students when they hit dorm-status. Veronica was refreshing in that it acknowledged immediately that this was not one of those episodes. And, it did it humourously with the skeezy reappearance of everyone’s favourite aptly-named jerk, Dick doing a fiend-dance. I wonder if Youtube’s got that one logged?

Though college presents the Marsian crew with a new circle of friends and new drama, they haven’t lost touch with the heart of the show–its master sleuthing. This week Ronnie whipped through a freshman’s stolen goods mystery, while setting the backplot for a serial-shaver story that will pick up next episode. As far as leftover tidbits from last year, we learn why Keith stood up V at the airport in the finale, and watch as someone bites the dust in a rather surprising (but clever) turn of events. No doubt, all of these plot happenings will merge into grander revelations that will leave us all going ‘Huh?’, while Veronica flashes her trademark ‘Knew-it-all-along, Bitch’ look.

The CW doesn’t seem to have rubbed Veronica the wrong way — a minty-fresh script packed with daring dialogue and intricate twists makes it the most exciting premiere so far this fall. So, is it next week yet?

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