Deep South Wrestling TV Report for September 24, 2006

Deep South Wrestling Television Report
Airing September 24, 2006 on Comcast Sports South
Taped September 14, 2006 in McDonough, Ga at the Deep South Arena
By Larry Goodman

The show opened with the closing moments of last week’s main event. Bradley Jay defeated Roughhouse O’Reilly with the Kamikaze Roll to win the Deep South heavyweight title.

Cut the DSW broadcast team of Nigel Sherrod and Bill DeMott. Sherrod said Jay’s upset win made history. DeMott said Jay would make his first defense on this week’s show against one half of High Impact, Mike Taylor.

Tommy Suede said there was a buzz in the DSW locker room about Dan Rodimer being the next big deal, but all the talk was coming from Rodimer. Suede said Rodimer was big, but he didn’t see what the big deal was because Rodimer hadn’t beaten anybody. Suede said the only thing Rodimer had proven was that he wasn’t Tough Enough.

Tonight, we throw caution to the wind. And I prove to you, and everybody else, why Tommy Suede is the suicide king.

Suede made his entrance. Sherrod said he was still overheated from the Deep South Diva bikini contest won by Tracy Taylor.

The self-proclaimed “biggest thing to hit Deep South Wrestling EVER,” Dan Rodimer premiered with his first television promo.

You see, I’ve got the core ingredients: amazing physique, incredible athletic ability and a face, a face unlike any other. That’s right. I’m Dan Rodimer, and I am the big deal.

As Rodimer made his leisurely and ridiculously arrogant entrance, a chant of “you’re not Randy” erupted from the crowd. They haven’t reached consensus on how to pronounce the beast’s name. Rodimer and ring announcer Ted Guinness pronounced it “RO-dimer.” The broadcast team called him “ROD-imer.” Sherrod said he hadn’t been able to talk to him, because Rodimer was too busy looking in the mirror.

(1) Dan Rodimer pinned “Smooth” Tommy Suede with the Big Deal in 5:53. Initially, Suede was able to use his quickness to avoid Rodimer’s advances. Rodimer laid Suede across his shoulders and hit a gorilla press gutbuster. He made it look easy. Rodimer dropped an elbow for a two count. Suede came up firing. Rodimer clumsily grabbed a hammerlock and clubbed Suede in the back. Rodimer strangled Suede with his own arms and dug both knees into the back. Suede reversed the hold. Rodimer powered out. DeMott continued his habit of murdering the names of referees by referring to Marty Rubalcaba as “Marty Robatowski.” Rodimer softened up Suede’s back. Rodimer bodyslammed Suede for a two count. Suede rallied with gutshots and knife edge chops. But Rodimer reversed a whip and leveled Suede with a lariat. Rodimer hooked the leg for a two count. Rodimer reapplied the strangle hold. Rodimer reversed a whip and tried another lariat. Suede ducked. Suede went for a high crossbody. Rodimer made the catch, but Suede slipped out of his grasp. Suede landed a big right hand, a jumping forearm and a dropkick. Rodimer was still on his feet but showing the effects. Suede put Rodimer down with a spinwheel kick. Suede made the cover. Rodimer kicked out like Superman, sending Suede out over the middle rope. Rodimer grabbed Suede by the head and brought him back in the hardway. Rodimer finished Suede with a full nelson slam. Rodimer brushed his abs and mugged for the camera.

Nick Patrick, Teddy Long and Sarah Murnan plugged the training school and talked about how to bring a live DSW event to your town.

Mike and Tracy Taylor were clowning around. Mike called for Tony. Tracy told Mike he was facing Jay in a singles match. Mike got fired up.

“If it feels good wearing one championship, Imagine how it’s gonna feel wearing two. Wait a minute, does that mean I’m gonna get leied two times?” said Mike. Tracy shrugged her shoulders.

Jay said he the wrestling world was in awe when he defeated O’Reilly for the title. Jay said it proved what he had known all along, that he was the best wrestler in DSW. Jay said he would prove it again by defeating Taylor.

Mike, we’re no strangers to each other by any stretch. But tonight, I enter the ring as a champion. I will do whatever it takes to remain a champion.

(2) Bradley Jay defeated Mike Taylor (with Tracy Taylor) to retain the DSW Heavyweight Title in 10:37. Jay’s first title defense opened with a feeling out process. They traded holds until Mike began to do damage with a punishing armbar. As the action unfolded, Sherrod traced the history of the DSW title. Miz won a tournament to become the first champion and was promptly beaten by Derrick Neikirk in his first title defense. Neikirk held the belt for seven months before giving way to O’Reilly. That makes Jay number four. In an unconscious attempt to erase the association between Miz and the DSW heavyweight title, I mistakenly stated that Jay was only the third champion in the company’s history in last week’s report.

Commercial break.

Both men woozy after a noggin knocker that was edited out. Apparently, the collision sent Mike out of the ring. Jay blocked Mike’s reentry by snapping his throat off the top rope. Jay beat on Taylor at ringside. Back inside, Jay made two quick pin attempts. Jay nailed Mike with a wicked elbow drop for a near fall. Jay showed frustration. Jay grounded Mike with a chinlock. Mike regained his vertical base with Tracy leading the cheers. Jay slammed Mike down on the back of his head. Jay draped Mike over the middle rope and hit the ropes for a running knee, but Mike moved and Jay crotched himself. Mike added insult to injury with a reverse atomic drop. Mike clotheslined Jay over the top. Both men tumbled to the floor. Mike went to town on Jay, who scrambled into the ring and exited out the opposite side. Mike followed and Jay tried to cut him off. but Mike slammed his head into the apron. Mike decked Jay with a great right hand. Mike tossed Jay inside the ring. DeMott said the champion was on queer street. Mike hit a bionic elbow off the top rope. Jay kicked out at 2 and ½. They started slugging it out at center ring with Mike getting the better of it. Jay took three flat back bumps from Taylor’s blows. Mike hit a flying headscissors and followed up with a snap suplex. Cover and Jay kicked out again. Jay tried for a pin using the ropes for extra leverage but Nick Patrick caught him red-handed. Jay tried for the Kamikaze Roll but Mike grabbed the ropes and countered with a roll up. Jay kicked out just before the three count. Mike hit a leg lariat. Jay kicked out strong. Mike charged right into the Kamikaze Roll. Jay put Mike in a vise-like cradle for the three count. DeMott said Jay had survived a grueling match in which Mike almost pulled off the upset.

The Inside Pulse
Closing Thoughts: The debut of Rodimer was the most intriguing thing about the show. His match was just what it needed to be. Credit goes to Suede as well. His work was much improved over most of his previous TV matches. With the size and physique, it’s a matter of when and not if Rodimer will be moved up to the major league roster. One can only hope that WWE has learned from the mistakes of the past, and resists the temptation to bring him up before he’s ready”¦Jay’s title defense against Taylor was a far cry from the typical WWE Sports Entertainment fare. Like a lot of Deep South matches, it started slowly but with an unmistakable intensity that built as the match unfolded. In this case, DeMott’s amped commentary was in synch with a crowd that was way deep into Taylor’s comeback down the stretch. The match was probably even better in complete form. A weird edit at the commercial break had the action jump from chain wrestling to both guys selling a major collision spot that the viewers never saw”¦To the extent that the match elevated Jay’s standing as champion, his God awful promo had just the opposite effect. The whole “Monster of the Midway” gimmick feels forced. I enjoyed Jay more as Brad Bradley in IWA Mid-South”¦Suede’s promo had the best content of the four on this show. The downside is that fans don’t usually care for a babyface that talks big and doesn’t back it up with wins”¦DeMott mentioned Gimundo as being among the title contenders precisely eight days before WWE cut him loose.