New Books From Hart & Foley; Chavo Sr Hates Johnny Ace; Lots More


– The altercation between Chavo Guerrero Sr. and John Laurinaitis during the WrestleMania weekend was over members of the Guerrero family not being invited to the Hall of Fame ceremony, where Eddie Guerrero was inducted. In the end, Superstar Billy Graham intervened and demanded that all of Eddie’s immediate family could attend and, with the exception of his older sister, they all did. Chavo Sr. was reportedly drunk at the time, but he denied this and recently spoke in detail about what happened:

“It was handled very unprofessionally and Laurinaitis got the heat. That is why he jumped on an insignificant incident that happened in the hotel lobby between an Undertaker assistant or something and myself. He was upset because I was waiting to go pick up my mother from the airport, so I was looking for a flower shop and asked the security in the lobby if he knew where a gift shop was in the hotel. The Undertaker guy got all riled up and said I interrupted his conversation and called me a ‘spic’, a ‘greaser’ and something else. I told him to step outside the hotel and call me that again. Of course, he didn’t, so as I made my way away from him, I said ‘say hello to your momma’. As I got back from the airport to the hotel and took my mom to the room where WWE was checking in guests, Laurinaitis called me to the side and asked me what had happened. I told him. He said I was lying. I asked him if he was calling me a liar and he said ‘no, I’m just saying you’re lying’. Again, I asked him if he was calling me a liar and he said ‘no, I’m saying you are lying’. So I told him to go f*ck himself and that he needed to get the attention put on somebody else because he had forgotten to invite the most important family in wrestling at that time. Superstar had a big role in getting the ball rolling two days before in contacting the office and letting them know of the situation [where several family members were offended by not having been invited]. I also heard Vickie Guerrero did not want the Guerrero boys there.”

– Bret Hart’s autobiography is finally complete. Random House Canada have acquired the Canadian rights to it, with international rights being negotiated. One person who read it while bidding for the publication rights said it was “amazing” and that it would be a “total shame” if the publishers tried to trim it down from its current length of 900 pages. Hart kept a daily diary on a Dictaphone throughout most of his career.

– Mick Foley is currently finishing up his third wrestling autobiography. This one will pick up where Foley is Good ended and go right through to the SummerSlam match with Ric Flair, explaining their relationship in more detail and revealing exactly what was said on the flight where the two buried the hatchet.

– Marty Jannetty was fired on 9/28, just two weeks after WWE brought him back. He was scheduled to start touring with ECW that weekend but was pulled after twice going AWOL. He has now been fired 9 times by the company – 3 times in the past 18 months alone.

– WWE is determined to load the Cyber Sunday card to make up for the poor performance of Taboo Tuesday for the past couple of years. There has been talk of using some big returns on the show, with Benoit, Austin, Hogan, Piper and even Bret Hart and Randy Savage being the names brought up.

– Despite the good reception the recent RVD/Test match on ECW received, Vince McMahon was not a fan of it. He felt the match relied on weapons too much and that it was a style the company should be moving away from.

– WWE won’t be returning to Australia until November 2007. The local promoter, Paul Dainty, felt the company was in danger of over exposing the product unless they held TV tapings there, which they don’t want to do because of production costs.

– A fan hopped the rail during a Helms/Noble/Yang match at a recent house show in Jonesboro. He punched a security guard, got into the ring, and took Helms down with a double-leg. Helms then got up and kicked the guy down, pinning him and punching the guy’s face black-and-blue. A woman with no teeth then hopped the rail, yelling “That’s my husband”. The guy was hauled away by Helms, Noble, security, police and Tony Chimel, then charged with disorderly conduct. He is reportedly a student at a local martial arts academy with a reputation as a ‘weirdo’ that everyone can make tap out. For the record, Helms pinned Yang with a roll-up to win the match.

Credit: Wrestling Observer newsletter (click here for subscription information)