USA Today Compares Cena to Arnold, Bret News, SD Ratings & More

This being the big week leading into the opening of The Marine, John Cena is doing tons of promotion for the film. He was on Regis this morning, will be on Howard Stern on Wednesday, and I’m sure we’ll see a lot of plugging the film on tonight’s three-hour RAW, tomorrow’s ECW, and throughout the rest of WWE’s eight-day week. In fact, today’s USA Today has a huge story on Marine stars Cena and Kelly Carlson, asking the question: can they fill the void left by the Total Recall pairing of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone? It includes a chart comparing Cena with Arnold and Carlson with Stone, and is a quick, interesting read. UPDATE: Since we originally posted this news item, has added a schedule of Cena’s upcoming promotional appearances, along with several articles by Kara A. Medalis recapping the Regis segment, etc.

In other news:

– Jimmy Wang Yang beat Sylvain Grenier last night before No Mercy in a dark match.

– Bret Hart told SLAM! Wrestling that he has completed his autobiography – although it has not title and is currently over 1000 pages, needing to be cut in half before it is released most likely next year.

– According to Nielsen Media Research by way of PWInsider, the October 6 Smackdown did a 2.4 broadcast rating (4 share), down from last week’s 2.5, and with hours of 2.3 and 2.5.

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