Looking Ahead – 10th October 2006


Looking Ahead – 10th October 2006

I really don’t know how to start off this column. For me, this is the hardest part. I save this bit for last, because it’s hard to come up with something witty, funny yet meaningful and relevant to the subject at hand.

So save me the trouble and just click on the little “Full Article” link. You’ll be doing me a favour…


Next PPV – No Mercy; 08/10/06

World Championship Fatal Fourway

Loved this match, and was rooting for Finlay the whole time. I just thought, even for a split second, that Vince might choose to put the strap on Finlay, as a reward for all the hard work he’s done since he debuted a while ago. Not to worry though, that day will come soon enough.

The Undertaker vs. Ken Kennedy

I was really impressed with Kennedy’s outing and with the amount of selling the Undertaker did, it should even get through to the hardened critics that Kennedy IS an above average wrestler with plenty to offer.

Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio – Falls Count Anywhere

After this, and the match on Raw, I’m pretty confident that this feud is finally over. Thank f*ck. Great blow-off match though.

MVP’s Debut

Wank wank wank. MVP looks like a decent worker, and guy can talk, but wow… talk about shitty debuts. T-Lo looks like a RIGHT mug now, shilling out all that dosh only to put MVP up against some shitty little job-boy.

Personally, I was hoping that they were using the MVP debut and whatnot to actually put over MVP’s opponent, who was also debuting. They could have the opponent cream the shit out of MVP, and actually have the whole MVP debut/signing angle as a way to put over the “real” debutant. But no..

Gregory Helms vs. Matt Hardy

Another great match, and from the looks of things we’re getting this feud continued a little longer, which is all good.

Chris Benoit vs. William Regal

Cracking return match for Benoit. You can just TELL that he looks a hell of a lot better for having some time off and getting all refreshed and the like, and putting him up against Willy Regal was a smart move to help work off the ring rust and get him back in the flow.

London & Kendrick vs. Idol & James

Personally I HATE the Idol/James tag team, but I’ll tolerate it for the time being as the tag division on SD is one of the good things on the show. I’m glad they didn’t but the belts onto the “Pets” too.. mostly because they suck… but it’s also a little too early for Kendrick & London to lose the straps as they’re having a good run with them.

So yeah.. overall it was money well spent.


Next PPV – Cyber Sunday; 05/11/06

The Announced Card

Champion of Champions Match
John Cena vs. King Booker vs. Big Show

I hate this. Whoever wins will look like a million quid, but the guy who gets pinned looks WEAK. Unless they go the old “no-contest” route to save all this pointless-ness. Still, it should be a good “match for the memory bank”.


DX vs. Orton & Edge

This is all but confirmed, (unless they have HBK vs. Edge, Orton vs. HHH, or the other way around) and it’s a step in the right direction I think. DX are staying together for the time being, and both Edge and Orton are directionless at the moment, so a partnership with them both seems like a good idea.

Intercontinental Championship

Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin anybody???

Tag Team Title Match

The Spirit Squad vs. Ric Flair & ? & ? & ? & ?

A great idea would be for the fans to pick a combination of the current list of active WWE Legends / Old Timers for Flair to team up with to try and defeat the Spirit Squad.

The Last Bit…

Life is good. For example… you find a quote in the roundtable from one of your favourite bands’ songs, put there by one of your favourite writers, and you dig out that CD and play it constantly over and over again, reliving memories and wondering what the future holds.

Or… you may have just got together with a person who feels so right for you, completes you and makes you more happier than you can ever remember being.

OR… you’ve taken a week’s holiday off work, and choose to simply do nothing with your week and just relax and take it easy, spending time with loved ones.

Putting it bluntly, smell the Roses, because you don’t know how long you’ve got left until you die.


Danny Wallace.