A Case of the…. Heroes

So, Romo thinks that cracks are beginning to show, while Daniels thinks the show is flourishing. What do I think? Well, I stand someplace in the middle, probably leaning towards Daniels. Although, in fairness, I tend to be overly positive until I’ve had enough.

Was the Claire/Quarterback rape scene cliched? Yes, it was. But, as Daniels said, it did successfully achieve its probable intention. I propose that this scene also instigated an interesting possibility, which is that Claire now has the motivation to use her powers for less-than-heroic reasons. For those of you who saw the preview, it appears that she begins using her abilities first for psychological warfare, and then to inflict bodily harm on the quarterback. If nothing else, this provides some interesting character development for Claire, who I do believe is the youngest of the cast to realize she has an ability.

I have no problem at all with them doing an autopsy on her body, however I was bothered by the fact that she was completely clothed. Ummmm, excuse me? Is there any reason why the coroner opted to note take off her sweater before cutting open her chest? Lord knows we need to take her shoes and socks off for that…. but why take off her sweater, right ?

I do have to admit that the story with Niki has gotten slow at times. On top of that, I believe it was Entertainment Weekly that proposed the possibility that Niki was, unbeknownst to her, actually the murderous Sylar. This twist made me really interested in the actions of her character, however the show pretty much revealed that that wasn’t the case, which has made her story drag a bit.

Matt (the police officer to the left) was used very effectively, I felt. I especially enjoyed the bar scene, where the friendly looking bartender actually wanted nothing to do with him. And then toasting a guy after hearing the thoughts of his emotionally exhausting marriage, only for the guy to think he’s coming onto him.

I have a feeling that Eden will end up turning on Mohinder, or that she actually works for Claire’s father. Does Eden remind anybody of a slightly less cute version or Rachel Bilson?

The stuff with Nathan and Peter is enjoyable, however I accidentally read a spoiler regarding Peter, which I regret reading. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to see several characters resist their abilities, for different reasons (although it all comes back to the core reason of not wanting to be different). I am enjoying how Nathan slowly becomes more likable, only to do something as dastardly as he did at his party.

In regards to the criticism that Sylar is just TOO powerful, I actually don’t mind that in the least. In fact, it provides the motivation for our central characters to come together. It seems that only if they combine their powers, and use each of their strengths together, that they can overcome this murderous villain. It’s actually a fantastic plot device.

So far, I remain very enthralled with the show, and I love the way they introduce each episode (with a chapter, title, and voice over). While it does remind me a whole lot of The 4400, it has a lot of original characteristics.

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