Starz Fear Fest Marathon

Get ready, horror fans, as this upcoming Friday the 13th Starz is going to present a horror movie marathon.

“Fear Fest ’06” begins Friday at 9PM ET/PT with Going To Pieces: The Rise & Fall Of The Slasher Film which is a Starz original documentary about some of the genre’s favorite killers and they do what they do best. It will also go behind the scenes with directors such as rocker-director Rob Zombie as well as horror masters Wes Craven and John Carpenter.

After the documentary, a 24 hour horror movie marathon begins between the Starz and Encore channels.

Some of the movies included are:
~ The Omen
~ Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers
~ The Exorcism Of Emily Rose
~ Hocus Pocus
~ Darkman
~ Psycho
~ Wolf Creek
~ Nightwatch

More movies are on tap, just click here to view the full schedule.