A Case of the…. Lost

So basically Sun is a lying whore? Last season, when we found out Sun was pregnant, I asked my friend Frank what he thought of the episode. He said “I think Sun is a lying whore and is lucky to have a mystical island to blame it on.” I laughed. Little did I know how on the button he was.

Anybody who used to read my Case of the Mondays column knows that I’m a big fan of Sun, and for the most part I still am. Nevertheless, I was disappointed that she cheated on Jin, and not so much because it was “wrong” (he was, afterall, a verbally and emotionally abusive), but because she so blatantly lied to him about it later on, on the island, after he had turned back into the person she fell in love with. Sun is too deep and complex a character to outrightly condemn her, and this definitely falls into the “gray” area, but I was left disappointed in her, especially at the end when she opted not to confess.

In a way, I also found her behavior somewhat inconsistent. The Jin of new is not the same person as the Jin of old. In the past, he commanded her because he felt that she was behaving improper, or as if she was his property. This past episode, it was quite obvious that everything he was doing was to protect her. Not only is she his wife, but she’s also carrying his (or so he thinks) baby. Her betrayal, of sorts, seemed a great deal different than the way she interacted with him at the end of last season.

The true highlight of this past week’s episode was absolutely Sawyer. I especially loved when Kate said “you expect me to work in this dress?” only for the Other to say “you don’t have to” resulting in Sawyer smirkly grinning from ear to ear. Then, upon seeing Kate offended, turning to the Other and with a complete straight face saying “You’ve got some nerve.”

Although I’m admittedly rooting for Jack and Kate to end up together, I do have to admit that Sawyer impulsively kissing Kate was sorta sweet. I also quite enjoyed Sawyer’s assessment of the Others, after they were put back in the cages.

It’s interesting, because I was just wondering what had happened to Alex, the French woman’s daughter, and here she appeared in this past episode. I’m curious what her role with the Others actually is, especially now that we have seen that they are not quite as diabolical as we had thought (at least, that’s what we’re led to believe).

I am espcially intrigued by the fact that the Others have contact with the outside world, and that they clearly have the capability to send people home. That must make us wonder, why do they need people on the island anyway? If they have contact with the outside world, and the means to send people home, why not do this for them? By that same token, why were they so eager about getting the boat? To ensure that nobody could escape? I also found it very interesting that Ben had been on the island all his life. Is the same true for the remaining Others?

By that same token, do the Others want to stay on the island, or do they NEED to stay on the island? Count me intrigued.

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