Bourne Ultimatum casting news

Source: Hollywood Reporter

The Bourne Ultimatum, the third installment of the hit action series, began shooting this week in Tangier, but it is still without a worthy nemesis for its amnesiac spy hero, Jason Bourne.

As the clock continues to count down, the Hollywood Reporter says an offer has gone out to Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal to take on the role, though negotiations have not yet begun.
Bernal, whose credits include Amores Perros, Y Tu Mama Tambien and The Motorcycle Diaries, is currently in theaters with Michel Gondry’s whimsical comedy-drama The Science of Sleep.

If cast in the role of the villian, Bernal will join Matt Damon, Joan Allen and Julia Stiles, who are all back for the third installment.

Also new to the cast is Academy Award nominee David Strathairn (Good Night and Good Luck) and British actor Paddy Considine.

Considine drew rave reviews for his performances in 2002’s In America and Dead Man’s Shoes, which he co-wrote.

For the latest Bourne thriller, the story centers on assassin Jason Bourne uncovering mysteries of his past, which puts him in the crosshairs of killers. Considine will play a London journalist who is tracking a former CIA director. Paul Greengrass is directing the Universal Pictures film.