Ultimate Marvel Handbook #185

Hey Daron what‘s up bud.

Not much. Sorry about the lateness. My work schedule has been murder this week.

I‘m starting to think we might have to do something about our intro. We never are on the same wave length. Got any ideas

Umm”¦I don’t think there’s any way to get us on the same wave length.

Alright you come up with a few and maybe our readers will do the same. But for now let‘s start.

Yeah I’ll get right on that”¦

Daron asked from last week

I’m still curious if we have confirmation on Firestar. When was her first comic appearance and when was the show on?

I know plenty of people will answer this one for you bud. So read on.

Thanks for the non-answer there Jimbo.

Adam emails

Well the new Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-man issue was out and I was
inspired to email again.

1. So is this Miss Arrow supposed to be the other creature that came back with Peter during his rebirth, the one ‘made’ from his dead husk of a body and last seen cocooned?

Can’t say i’m a huge fan of the prospect in itself but the implications and knock on effects are quite wide spread. I am loving Peter David’s run on FNSM, it’s got a real old school feel to it that I personally haven’t seen in comics for some time. For me it was always what comics were about, lot’s of mystery and intrigue that kept you rereading. Not one off or two part Mr Hero fights Mr Villian and everything is resolved issues. We’ve got lot’s of minor plot threards left dangling that can be revisited later. In such a short time we’ve got the ‘fake’ Ben Parker, Quentin beck and his new mysterious ‘bosses’, not to mention his interest in the previously mentioned Miss Arrow. My only problem with this style is when writer changes too frequently (something that happens too much these days) and plot lines get forgotten in transitions, not to mention company wide crossovers. Do you think this is the reason for the decline in this style?

I think David has plans on sticking with this book for a time. So he likely will resolve and lot of the stuff he’s putting into the book. Most writers put a plot in like he’s doing have plans for it down the line. He’s pretty good to come back. Also I think she was the one in the second cocoon in the Other myself.

As for why this style has mostly gone away”¦I think it has a lot to do with Trade Paperbacks. In the last few years we’ve seen stories spread thin to make “better” trades. With this in mind it only makes sense that they’d cull the amount of subplots to make these stories more self-contained.

2. Switching gears. Could you rattle off a list of Marvel established metals and substances for me? I know we got the now infamous adamantium and vibranium. I recall Molybdenum from a few series but wondered what others there might be. Also how many of these were actually created by Marvel as fictional materials/ores etc?

Terrigen crystals
Unstable Molecules
Pym Particles

3. Following on from my ‘Wonder Man is my Gambit’ comment from before, can we get a comedy list going of Marvel characters that fans have an irrational hatred of? Not just ‘you don’t like them’ but ones you despise and wish they’d never appear again. Not killed off, because that’d draw attention, just vanish out of existence and entirely disappear. Let me start with Wonder Man because he is such a bland character and the least fun to read even regardless of writer or story. Also his powers are just crap and he looks like a jerk. I HATE THE GUY. Whilst i’m emailing throw in Storm too. I know she’s supposedly popular but myself and five friends can’t be wrong… can we?

Very good idea. I think Longshot is my Gambit. I never could stand him. He’s pretty stupid and really I never understood why he was put in X-Men or Exiles. I would like him killed.

Anyone else have Gambit like character please send it our way.

I’d say Maggot is probably on this list (I know he’s second on mine right after the infamous Gambit). I’m sure there are plenty of others, but yeah I’d rather hear from the throngs of readers than try to compile my own list.

Keep up the good work.

We will.

CAmbm asked

Jim can you do a Planet Hulk synopsis of what’s happened so far


Prelude: INCREDIBLE HULK #88-91:

88: Hulk with a beard is Alaska catching fish in his own exile. A pilot arrives as Bruce cabin. They talk of course with the pilot telling Bruce not to forget his humanity. Bruce makes it to the bar and Mark, the pilot to meet a woman there. He goes to the bathroom only to see two men harassing a woman. Hulk deals with the men himself. Days later Mark arrives again with a call from Nick Fury.

89: Bruce lands at an oil tanker along with Mark. Nick has been looking for Bruce it seems. Nick tells him about a Hydra space station conducting experiments with a new artificial intelligence system but it was really a weapon to detonate nuclear weapons anywhere. Bruce of course ask tons of questions. (good ones to). They send Hulk into space after showing how to destroy it. Once Hulk reached the place he finds out it’s a SHIELD station which captures him. He yells out Fury’s name.

90: Back at the SHIELD Nick is told they have Hulk contained. The Agent ask Fury about how Hulk will survive but Fury said he will adapt. Back in space Hulk tries to break free. He does only to be attacked again. Hulk continues to fight the tendrils until too many surround him. The weapon starts charging up. Bruce wakes up and finds dead bodies all over the station and a robot waiting for him

91: Nick Fury is talking with various generals at the Pentagon about the situation. They know Hulk is still the best to deal with the situation. Back on Godseye, Bruce stands in front of the robot. Bruce starts to turn into the Hulk but he doesn’t see a metal tendril coming up behind him. The Godseye flings the Hulk out of the station. Hulk continues to fight. After winning he enters a space shuttle which sends him away from the planet. The Illuminati exile him

Planet Hulk: Exile 92-95:

92: Hulk watches the monitor where Reed Richards, Tony Stark, and Dr. Strange are telling him they are exiling him. The ship spirals toward a black hole and crashes on another planet. Bug like creatures leap out at Hulk who fights back and gets hit by a weapon and bleeds. A group of red skinned people watch. The Governor of the Wukar talks to Hulk. Hulk attacks but is shot and chained. Hulk and the bugs are auctioned. Great Devil Corker tries to eat Hulk who escapes. The Hulk leaps up at the Red King, but before he can reach him a pale white skinned woman blasts him out of the air. The Red King stands over Hulk. Hulk and him fight but the white woman stops the fight and Hulk is blasted from behind. Hulk is sent to Maw.

93: Some of the people of the planet dream of freedom they know Hulk can free them. At Maw A large lava creature rises up but Hulk takes it right out. Hulk is told to kneel and does this time because a control disk. He introduces himself as Primus Vand and they are at the Empire’s most lethal gladiatorial training school. Twenty-two prisons enter a field, but that only seven of them will leave it. A fight starts and Hulk and 7 are formed as a team: Miek, Brood, Korg, Elloe, Captain Lavin Skee, and Shadow Warrior with Hulk. They all tell their origins. They are sent to a lava pit and have to fight Korg’s brother Margus among others. After another win they face a pack of wildebots. Another win for green Scar. A dinner celebration the Green Scar and his gladiators are declared the victors. Red King talks to his followers as an explosion happens. Hulk and the others in his team look at the Sakaar Insurgency surprised.

94: Hulk refuses to escape as Deat’s head’s are sent to deal with them. Elloe is taken away. The other gladiators are taken to some type of sex parlor but Hulk winds up in a room with the Lieutenant is waiting to buy him and free him of fighting. He refuses and goes off. Elsewhere a Dreadnought appears and fires as Hulk leaps towards it. More Deaths heads are sent down on the gladiators. Hulk reappears and takes them out as fast as possible. Later back in the cell and tell their origins and become Warbound. We finish the issue with a site of the Silver Savage.

95: We start with the Lieutenant ask about Silver {Surfer} Savage origins. We see how he got to the planet and then we go to the area where Hulk and Surfer are due to fight. They are friends and don’t want to but with the disk they are forced to. Surfer takes out Hulk’s allies easily before Hulk attacks and removes the disk. But he also continues to beat Surfer before Korg stops him. Soldiers are sent to deal with them and use the disk to control Hulk’s allies. Surfer frees them and finally Hulk and crew beat down the others. Afterwards Surfer offers a trip home to Earth but Hulk refuses.

Planet Hulk: Anarchy 96-99, Giant:

Giant Size Incredible Hulk # 1: (this I’ll just cover the Planet Hulk part) Hulk dreams of fighting back on Earth and taking out all those heroes who turned their backs on him. We finally see Bruce Banner as well in the dream. Hulk and Banner fight for control with Banner coming close to winning only to change back to Hulk stating to Korg that only the monsters are there.

96: Hulk’s group rest for the night at a camp (This is also where Hulk has the dream in Giant). Some of the pink skin people of the planet are there as well. After a threat from Hulk one runs away. He runs into the Lieutenant and tells her where to find the Hulk and the others. Hulk and crew are attacked by some type of grenade but survive and have to find a new place to train. Miek knows a place. Elsewhere Wildebots attack a town only to have Hulk and his group save the place. Miek and Brood talk about Miek’s hive and how he recalls a massacre. Some of the soldiers attack Hulk’s group. Miek comes close to killing one but Hulk finds some of the hive stopping the fight.

97: We start with Red King leading a massacre of some of his own people. Back with Hulk’s group the bugs and Hulk deal with Primus and his soldiers. They free more and more slaves. As Hulk’s army increases as well. They group continues to make it’s way threw more and more of Red Kings people but Hulk stops Miek from killing one of them. Elsewhere the Lieutenant meets up with the Red King who’s killing more people. He tells her to kill the pretenders. Miek is called by the Bugs and evolves into a bigger bug.

98: Hulk prepares to go into war as the bugs stop him lead by Miek. They refuse to move. Hulk tells them move or let Miek lead them into war. Miek and Hulk start to fight but in the end Korg stops the fight. Hulk takes lead again but the Lieutenant shows up. The bugs try attacking without success. Hulk goes to deal with her himself. The two start a brawl as we learn her origins. Both survive each others most powerful attacks. As a ship crashes in the middle of the soldiers and unleashes spikes that take control of the soldiers who surround Hulk and the Lieutenant.

99: Hulk tells the Lieutenant to stay put but she stabs his foot and is hit away by him. Hulk starts fighting the spikes. But gets bit by one and fights the infection. He wins creating a new creature which Hulk kills. Elsewhere Red King talks to Lieutenant on why she failed. Spikes trap a village but Hulk and crew are there. He gets infected again but Lieutenant frees him and fights alongside him to save the village. Miek and his crew free their queen. The spikes attack them and Hulk goes to help his friends. Winning again. The Lieutenant also helps a crying child but a bomb hits killing the kid in her arms. She joins Hulk’s group willingly as Hulk declares to go after the Red King.

Richard emails


Couple of quick things, then a longer one.

1. Firestar’s first comics appearance was Uncanny X-Men #193 (May 1985). Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends debuted in 1981, so she is definitely in the camp of “other media first, then comics”.

That is quite correct. I knew I didn‘t need to answer with our smart readers.

Cool, thanks Richard.

2. H.E.R.B.I.E. (the annoying little twit) made his first comics appearance in Fantastic Four #209 (August 1979). The Fantastic Four television series debuted in 1978, so it looks like he gets to be in the group as well. As an aside, he was added to the television series in place of the Human Torch because the Human Torch had his rights optioned for a solo movie (that was never made) and was not available for use in the cartoon.

I thought as much. I knew HERBIE had to have appeared in the toon first. After all we’re talking a character they made so kids didn’t imitate Human Torch.

As for the reader’s suggestion last week about a tournament of teams, I foresee a couple of logistical problems that need to be answered:

a. Which incarnation of the characters are being used? A team of Original X-Men members with Jean Grey possessing the Phoenix Force is far more dangerous than the same team with Jean Grey as Marvel Girl. How can we pit a group of inexperienced heroes such as the Issue #1 Fantastic Four against a team of seasoned veterans like the Issue #1 New Avengers? How about characters existing on multiple teams; Issue #1 Avengers Iron Man is certainly no match for Issue #1 Avengers West Coast Iron Man, who is probably behind the curve against Issue #1 New Avengers Iron Man.

Yeah and some of the more powerful characters are on later teams. What I may have to do. This might be more a pain but maybe separate tournaments for each group before the winners move on to a big one.

b. What is the team size? Some teams simply have more members than others (X-Force, Alpha Flight) depending on the point in time. I would propose a limit of no fewer than four and no more than five, but each team should be optimized for best results (for example, don’t use Marrina on an Issue #1 Alpha Flight team while Sasquatch sits on the sideline).

Another good idea. I’ll try to come up with something.

Having said that, I’ll suggest the following teams for the tournament (power and experience levels to be determined):

Uncanny X-Men #1 – (Cyclops, Beast, Iceman, Angel and Jean Grey)
Uncanny X-Men #94 – (Colossus, Storm, Nightcrawler, Thunderbird and Wolverine)
Avengers #1 (Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Wasp and Henry Pym)
X-Factor #75 – (Havok, Polaris, Quicksilver, Multiple Man and Strong Guy)
Alpha Flight #1 – (Guardian, Northstar, Aurora, Puck and Sasquatch)
Champions #1 – (Black Widow, Iceman, Darkstar, Ghost Rider and Hercules)
X-Force #1 – (Cable, Cannonball, Shatterstar, Boom Boom and Warpath)
Fantastic Four #1 – (Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and Thing)
Avengers West Coast #1 – (Hawkeye, Mockingbird, Wonder Man, Tigra and Iron Man)
Excalibur #1 – (Captain Britain, Nightcrawler, Phoenix, Shadowcat and Lockheed)
Guardians of the Galaxy #1 – (Vance Astro, Martinex, Charlie-27, Yondu and Starhawk)
New Avengers #2 – (Captain America, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Cage and Sentry)

Very nice rosters. Thanks for the help.

Just my two cents; could be worth that or could be worthless.
Keep up the good work.

Very cool email. Please do so again

Gordon emails

Hi, just wanted to give an fyi, Firestar was introduced in the cartoon series: Spider-man and his Amazing Friends, which had as the main cast of heroes of Spiderman, Iceman, and Firestar. It ran from 1981-1983. Never saw the show myself, but I heard about it quite a few times. So it beats Harley Quinn by a wide time margin. I would think the earliest cross over of someone from tv to the comics would be the batman series from the 60s (so many random villians in that show) or possibly one of the old Superman shows (I seem to remember kryptonite actually debuted in the tv show). I have the wikipedia link below for reference.

Spidey & Friends

Thanks Gordon. I‘m glad people are helping Daron out.

Whatever, I just wanted some actual numbers. And I meant to comment on the Harley Quinn thing. Someone did elude to her being one of the first “media inspired” characters, but this obviously isn’t the case, even though she is definitely in this group.

Also, while I am here I guess I will ask a question too. I read the spider-man books in the early 90s and I was wondering what some of those guest star mainstays have been up to. What have Rocket Red, Prowler, Cardiac, and Puma been up to lately?

Rocket Red: Isn’t he a DC character? I hope you mean Rocket Racer. Spider-Man: Tangled Web #5 was his last appearance, which seemed to be a continuity error.
Prowler: Read Ms Marvel Civil War tie ins. He’s been in that recently.
Cardiac: Last I saw him was the current Marvel Team-Up series in issue 5. He fights Spidey in the issue.
Puma: I last saw him in Sensation Spider-Man in the Feral series. Him and Black Cat where getting closer.

Thanks guys,


Beadle posted


Your debate topic of “classic team line-up most likely to win in a fight”, basically narrows down to 2 teams IMHO. Of course they couldn’t fight each other, because while I know one of them is technically schizophrenic with Multiple Personality Disorder, fighting himself is tricky even for the Hulk.

But the two teams are as follows:

Avengers as per issue 2 (Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Giant Man, Wasp) – Incredibly powerful team, although Waspy could be a little out of her league power-wise.

Defenders – The Big Four. Really – could anyone other single team take these guys out? Doc Strange, Namor, Hulk and Silver Surfer. You don’t need Nighthawk, Valkyrie, Hellcat etc (but you could throw Hellstorm in for fun). The Defenders should tear any other team new a-holes. The semi-recent story about them as “The Order” might as well have been a Greg Evigan-voiced documentary called “When Defenders Turn Bad”.

But what I did notice is that there are a couple of teams that would suprise. They wouldn’t beat the teams above, but they’d do pretty well.

The new Mighty Avengers line-up for example, while not a classic line-up yet, has some pretty heavy-hitters. Wonder-Man, Ms.Marvel, Sentry, Iron Man, Ares (+ Black Widow & Wasp – Janet really does know the guys to have on her team, doesn’t she?).

In fact another Janet Van Dyne-lead team had some big hitters (Hercules, Namor, the Monica Rambeau Captain Marvel) as well as herself, Cap and Black Knight.

And one team that was completely underrated in terms of potential is…. Generation X.

Humour me for a second here. Husk – Basically has any physical characteristics she wants, depending on what skin she reveals (Hush now Daron! No dirty thoughts! They were kids!). Chamber was an Omega-Level mutant. Penance was basically indestructible. M is the Miss Perfect of the mutant world. Synch could basically “synch” any powers. Mondo was a very powerful shape-changer, and even Jubilee was supposed to have a lot more power than she ever showed. OK, so Skin was never all that powerful, but the rest of the team had the potential to really kick ass with a little experience.

Whaddya think?

Interesting theories Beadle. I must admit you are right there‘s a lot of heavy hitter teams that will be hard to take out. Plus we could get some big surprises as well. Gen X is a very likely one as well. I‘m really thinking of this tournament more and more. I‘ve gotten a few people who want to do this now. Thinking of how to do it right as well. So suggestions are welcome. I like how this is coming up with a debate too.

Charles emails

You missed at least part of an answer to a question last week. There have been two different What Ifs? in which Captain American became President. In the older one, he wins the election, takes off his mask and retires. Peace, prosperity. He is then captured by the Red Skull (duh) and they die in a big fight, I remember it especially because at the memorial service The Thing is crying his eyes out. Anyway, if someone kills Cap, it’s ALWAYS the Red Skull.

That’s the only problem with what ifs sometimes did the same stories with new ways of exploring the ideas.

Cory emails

Greetings True Believers…Cory here…R U fellas ready???

Hey Cory I‘m ready

If I say I’m not, will it really matter?

1- Do you guys think Sue & Reed will split over their stances in C.W.? Reed’s alliance over Johnny’s assault, along with Ben’s defection. I mean for Sue, Johnny was family first WAY before Reed.

I think they will be separated BUT not a divorce. Maybe leading to a new FF for a bit to be reunited later at some time

2- Rumors: I hear that Deathlok is returning! I also hear that Speedball will get assassinated or severly hurt again in Frontline. Is there any possible truth to this? I was just starting to like the lil guy.

Yep Deathlok is already back thanks to a little series called Beyond. It‘s possible Speedball might die in Frontline. But I still have hope he will live.

3- What’s up with the “deceased” character Darkstar? I mean, dizzzamn, she’s been in like almost every group in Marvel?

Real Name: Laynia Sergeievna Petrovna (Krylova)
Former Aliases: Tyomni Zvesda (Russian translation of codename); formerly “Great Beast” (with Vanguard & Ursa Major)
Other Current Aliases: None known
Occupation: Adventurer
Legal Status: Deceased
Identity: Secret
Marital Status: Single
Group Affiliation: X-Corps; formerly Champions of Los Angeles, Winter Guard, Soviet Super Soldiers, K.G.B., Exiles, Siberforce
Base of Operations: Paris, France; formerly Moscow, Russia, former USSR; Los Angeles, California
Place of Birth: Minsk, Russia, former USSR
Place of Death: France
Known Relatives: Nicolai Krylenko (aka Vanguard, brother), Sergi Krylov (aka The Presence, father), Marya Krylova (mother, deceased)
First Appearance: Champions #7
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 125 lbs (xxx kg)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde
Unusual Features: No unusual features
Strength Level: Darkstar possesses the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise
Known Powers:
Darkforce Manipulation: ability to tap and manipulate an intense-black form of extradimensional energy called the Darkforce. This energy, which appears to be related to the extradimensional black gas-like substeance manipulated by Shroud and Cloak, possess mass and form whereas Cloak’s and Shroud’s does not. It may be that it is the same substance and Darkstar simply knows how to manipulate it to greater effect then the other two. Her power seems analogous to that of Blackout.
Darkforce Projection: can project the Darkforce into simple mentally controlled forms such as pincers, rings, columns, spheres, and so on. She can form objects with the density of steel. She can form objects with a maximum volume of approxiametly 750 cubic feet, sufficent to encompass ten human beings comfortably. These objects are solid and well defined while she consiously wills them to be. If she rendered unconciouss, they dissipate. Darkstar can also project a beam of solid force, capable of impacting an object with sufficent power to rupture 3-inch solid hard carbon steel or tip over an average, loaded railroad boxcar (15 tons).
Darkforce Teleportation: Darkstar can also emply the Darkforce to teleport herself up to three others. She does this, in a manner similar to that of Cloak, by entering into the Darkface’s dimension of origin, traversing a distance (which may or may not be the linear correspondent distance in this dimension) and reemerging in Eart’s space. She has so far been able to travel a maximum distance of about ten miles in this way. Because crossing through the interdimensional portal disorients her sense of direction, and the light of the Earth dimension blinds her for several seconds upon reemergance, teleportation is risky. It also takes her several seconds to create a portal into the Darkforce dimension, preventing her from teleporting out of the way of such high velocity danger as a bullet.
Darkforce Flight: Darkstar can utilize the attractive force of the Darkforce dimension to fly. By generating a virtually invisable portal into the dimension in the counter of her body, she balances its attractive force upon her against that of Eart’s gravity, without passing through the portal. She can fly at speeds up to 120 miles per hour, the maximum velocity at which she is still able to breath. She cannot support the weight of anyone other than herself while in flight.
Known Abilities: Darkstar was a fair hand-to-hand combatant (trained by the KGB) and was also fluent in both Russian and English.

4- Also…Paladin… besides him being a a traitor. He seens like he could be a cool anti-hero. Almost Deadpool like. But since he single handedly defeated Captain America and the entire Heroes for Hire team, with the exceptions of Tarantula, and Orka, who weren’t present when the fight took place, with a special gas weapon that affected the nervous system. He then radioed S.H.I.E.L.D. and told them he had Captain America in custody. What is now to become of this?

I have a weird feeling Shang-Chi has a plan. Recall he grabbed Cap and asked if he trusted him. Maybe Shang-Chi will get them out.

5- I’m still curious if we have confirmation on Firestar. When was her first comic appearance and when was the show on? Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (1981), Uncanny X-Men (vol. 1) #193 (1985) (comic debut). There ya go!

Yep. Thanks Cory

6- Well it‘s hard to show Cap as a villain. Everyone knows Cap and trust Cap. Has there ever been any reason in Marvel for anyone to NOT trust Cap? Like C.W.-related.

Hmmmmm let’s see. He’s quit being Cap at least twice and most everyone still trusted him. He’s not really ever turned bad as in evil. So you should always trust Cap

7- Could be a rushed clone but you are right Reed likely would be smarter then to allow it. It could be Tony‘s doing or SHIELD‘s even. Speaking of this clone, who actually designed it? I actually thoult SHIELD created it as a Life Model Decoy, but now I think of Hank Pym. I mean he did creat Ultron, and we all know how that turned out. Iron Man also used a strand of Thor’s hair, I believe, right?

I think it was a combination. Reed, Tony and Hank created it.

8- The main reason for this (again in my opinion) is that while DC has a committee of excellent writers leading the charge on their projects, Marvel seems content to throw “flashy” writers at theirs and tell flashy stories that just aren’t as thought out. That again is just one man’s opinion. So with this said, why hasn’t Marvel ever tried this idea?

Marvel has just as many excellent writers. I mean who are the big names at Marvel that are great writers:
Brubaker: Cap, DD, Uncanny.
Miller: Civil War.
David: Friendly and X-Factor.
Marvel has just as excellent writing in my mind.

While I agree that Mr. David is an amazing writer, he seems much more content in telling off the wall stories or stories dealing with off the wall characters. He’s never been much of “crossover” type of writer, and if my memory serves he’s stood in protest to many crossovers in the past when his titles may have been involved. Brubaker is by far Marvel’s BEST writer, but considering until recently he was a DC guy this isn’t too surprising. Millar is in the same classification as Bendis in my mind”¦ a guy who likes to shock the reader but the meat of the story just isn’t there. Marvel has been more about shock over quality for a long time now. Plus I don’t think some of these guy’s egos would allow them to write by committee as the DC guys are doing.

9- Why isn’t Cap taking any blame for Bill Foster’s death? If I recall in CW 3, Tony was the one who was asking for a peace summit, and Cap initiated the fisticuffs. Sure, they took down the teleporters, that’s just strategy. If they wanted, they could’ve tranquilized everyone, or Iron Man could’ve used his sonics.

Well Cap isn’t fully to blame for it. I mean in reality he knew it was a trap. They already had tried the peace thing in Black Panther and it was turned down. Tony didn’t want peace he wanted to trap and capture. After all these years, sober or drunk, if anyone on the Avenger’s knows Tony Stark, it’s Cap. I’m sure getting to positions like those, you can’t be any good at reading people, analyzing situations, and anticipating problems. Is this what Cap does best? What’s Cap really done wrong in the war? He hasn’t killed and most of all most people in Marvel and around know Cap’s normally always right. How true, what he’s doing is not different from when America fought the Redcoats in the 1700’s. He standing up for democracy.

That‘s exactly my point Cory. Thank you for helping clarify

10- I would consider it like the draft in the real world. Let‘s say you have to register for the army and a draft like old days (not volunteer) would you sign or fight it? That‘s the best I can think of comparisons. How odd that you would use this comparison to make Captain America of all people, a “draft-dodger”. Though I do agree. Like how America was split over ‘Nam.

It just came to mind.

11- For a debating topic, I don’t know if you guys have ever done this, but I think a cool contest or poll would be to take different versions and lineups of all the teams and have them face off in a tournament. So hows that guys? I’m down!

I’m going to do it. I’m all for it. A few like the idea. Just give me a little time to organize it

12- Well being the rookie he tried to fit in and had a hard time at first since most of the X-Men where idols. As he grew into the role and clashed with Wolverine and Storm about Marrow. Which led to him leaving. But wasn’t he Wolverine’s sidekick during this time?

He was for a short bit but after some time he became more independent.

13- He’s not external. They likely would’ve kept him as such if not for the liable lawsuit. The fact that he could be immortal still exist though. What lawsuit? That Highlander stipulation?

Yep the Highlander stipulation. Marvel was likely going to be sued by Highlander franchise

14- Because the misuse of him ever since that little fight. None of the writers have really used him the way they should’ve afterwards.–> So what about other upset fights, like when Marrow “beat” Wolverine? Was she misued?

Or as I stated beforehand. Sam is a truly great character who gets lost in the sea of mediocre characters flooding the pages of the X-Men. Besides Remy, what other “mediocre characters” are out in X-men and which “great” characters who have been lost?

Marrow was definitely misused in X-Men. She had more potential. She never had it used enough.

Just my opinion though

The list of characters who never really hit the forefront is longer than my arm. Angel, Havok, Sunfire, Iceman, Colossus, and many many more. Sure they get props every once in awhile, but it seems the thrust of most “X” stories either have to do with Logan, Scott, Jean, Gambit/Rogue, Storm and few others. The others are simply there to fill in the blanks. I’d love to see them put all the “big names” on one team and let them do their thing and then let some of the more interesting (less written about) characters have their fun.

15- Darkstar poked fun at him for eating a sandwich that would have rather distasteful consequences for “everybody who went out without an umbrella in downtown Beauvais”. No luck on this one yet?

Actually no. It’s like missing an issue or something. I can’t even recall the issue lol

16- (Taken from last week’s column)–> Also you are right there is no wrong or right answer on this one. I think it depends a lot on the character. Someone like say Sue Storm might be more safe then some others. She’s the type of character that if you try to harm her your just going to get more trouble. Besides your answer from last week, are there others that come to mind?

Hmm I can’t recall my answer, but here’s my list:
Kitty Pryde
Those come to mind instantly

17- Can you really even count Deadpool as an Anti-Hero? If not, Daron, what is he?

Deadpool is anti-hero. Heck he’s trying at least

Maybe more recently, but I always sort of saw him as a villain with a slight case of conscience”¦at times.

18- So besides the Avengers you listed last week in my Avengers Protocol, what about those others not listed? Wonder Man, Quicksilver, Hercules, Falcon, Beast, Sersi, Black Knight, Spider-Woman, etc.

Nice list
Wonder Man: Can we just kill him again? Lol Disperse his ionic energy.
Quicksilver: You find a way to slow him down and then knock him out.
Hercules: Well he is mortal again so how about having Ares kill him.
Falcon: He is very human, blow him out of the sky.
Beast: Didn’t I cover him in X-Men?
Sersi: drive her back to insanity and then have Dane kill her.
Black Knight: strip Dane of his weapons and then imprison him in stone.
Spider-Woman: disgrace her. Use the spy thing against her.

19- Ms Marvel: Get Rogue to go after her again. Recently, how has their relationship been, if any?

Well her and Rogue have made up recently. So relationship is better

20- Sounds like a perfect plot. I have less problems with Downey then others. You have someone who can pull off drunk Tony too. But the Famke thing I don‘t like. Sorry. Us comic fans will be like why did Jean leave Scott for Tony. She’s supposed to be playing “Virginia “Pepper” Potts”. I kinda do hate to see one comic charcter play another, especially from the same universe. The Halle Berry motif has nothing to do with this: (Storm/Catwoman). Though Wolverine (H.Jackman) was rumored to play Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid. But that’s comic to video game.

Only time I didn’t mind it was Rebecca Romijn in Punisher and X-Men movies. Two different looks

That’s it for me this week. I had more but will wait till next week. So since Jim, put me in charge, here goes: TOP TEN!!! TOP 10 FAVORITE COSTUMES. Thanks for the oppurtunity to help. Cory out….See ya in 7.

nice one.
1. Wolverine (brown)
2. Spider-Man (black)
3. Captain America (classic)
4. Iron Man (silver centurion)
5. Daredevil (red)
6. Spider-man (classic)
7. Thor (classic)
8. Hawkeye
9. Punisher
10. Captain Mar-Vell (the more recent look)

Civil War update

Civil War: Front Line #7: We see Ben Urich watching Speedball shot while on the phone with Robbie. Congressman Sykes visits Sally Floyd in prison and of course tells her she’s fine in supporting the act but should see the good in it as well. Sally now knows there’s no conspiracy about registration after he gives her a note about her saying he’s playing a trick. She’s allowed free. Osborn Industries Some mystery man is talking to Norman. He works for Iron Man. We don’t find out who he is but he offers Norman more serum as long as Norman aids him. After Speedball is shot he’s taken away in an paramedics and having delusions. His powers go wild and the ambulence crashes into another car. We then go to Wonder Man at the building following up on the Atlanteans but the place is bombed and we see most of it in flashback as Norman Osborn the Green Goblin took him out and destroyed the location.





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